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"%u2026the large "bubble" becomes a strikingly bold feature%u2026" Wow. Seriously? Overstate much? This line alone pretty much tells me AI is being paid to wax eloquent over this little box. Oh, and about that lovingly hand-finished cabinet: "...walnut veneer cabinet is crafted, sanded, lacquered and polished all by hand%u2026" Um, you do know what veneer is, right? It's hard for me to connect the idea of "veneer" with the "high quality carpentry craft" implied in this...
  It's OK. It took Jean Luc Picard awhile to get over the effects of his Borg Assimilation too…  those of us who can successfully auto-translate knew what you meant. Welcome back to the greener side of the tracks. :)
um, my phone locks itself and 'powers off' after two minutes of inactivity with or without the power button. before I get on an airplane, I switch it to 'airplane mode'. Sans hazard! and, if you can't use the power button to shut off the phone, it's BROKEN and needs to be taken in for service. If you get on an airplane knowing that your'e carrying a broken and potentially hazardous piece of electronics equipment, then it's YOUR fault, not the manufacturer's. I once read...
  The new Google TeleChrome? Whichever way you slice it… it just doesn't …   oh, I think I get it now. They plan to integrate telephony into Glass. Oh, the humanity!
  Yes. We've always known this. It will never change. In fact, they are even more doomed than Apple.
I also like the implied potential of recording video from both cameras and microphones simultaneously. For example, for a user-narrated segment, or an interview that you could later edit down, switching between the two camera POV… it would sure make it easy to sync things for continuity.
  I'm not sure I agree with this. It was a "sneak preview" at WWDC (yes, an introduction). But I think they're going to make a bigger deal of its release than that. It's their new "innovation flagship" of the moment…   I think they'll highlight it at an event like this, detailing the specific model increments and pricing, additional features/changes to the announced design, and drum up some additional buzz over it. They want to sell a ton of them, and to make it...
um really. this is a "trolling for ad clicks" FUD-laced article maybe? Because, first of all, referring to this as a "security flaw" is kind of a misnomer. It sort of COULD be a security window, but only IF you are already an administrator, and only IF you've used 'sudo' on the machine before (giving yourself root access), and only IF you have physical or remote access to…. wait, I get it, so these "vulnerable" machines are mostly at risk of their OWNERS "hacking in" and...
  Perhaps even more surprising is that Microsoft isn't on the list at all.    Here's a theory: Maybe M$ secretly owns a bunch of those trolling companies and are partly behind this whole "use non-performing patents as a revenue source" thing.
So, since this is in response to "noise-regulated areas", is this invention somehow akin to Mozart performing the danced part of his opera in silence because "ballet" was forbidden by the King?       Just a thought. Too random? 
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