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  I think one error in your thinking may be the assumption of them continuing an 8GB version. That part doesn't make a lot of sense to me. As "entry level", at going prices, 16GB is probably the new bottom regardless of which model is carrying it…
  Something tells me we will never hear from this one again. Except to sow further 'negative seeds of doubt' Samsung style...   That, or just a bad day at the office? :P
  Not to mention the Apple and iPhone logos in ALL the leaks so far have consistently been black. This shows the logos in silver or white.
  I think they'll differentiate using storage size. e.g. 32 / 64GB in the 5, 16GB only in the 5C.    I still think we're expecting too much if we think there will be 45 models of the new "low cost" iPhone 5C: 5 colors x 3 sizes x 3 carriers (adding TDD-LTE) = 45.   Unless it's replacing the 4's and the 5 completely, and filling in as both the low and mid-range phones, leaving only the 5S at the high end.
I don't think this is right. I think the 4S is going away. We're moving to all 4" screens, all Lightning connectors. Here's my speculation to offset his: - iPhone 5S at the high end, in 3 colors and sizes (32GB, 64GB, 128GB), adds TDD-LTE bands for China. - Current iPhone 5 stays 'as-is' in the mid-range with 2 colors, 2 sizes (32GB and 64GB), dropping the 16GB variant. - iPhone 5C at the low-end, 5 colors, 1 size @16GB, same specs as iPhone 5 otherwise. I'm going...
I had a thought about the "iPhone 5C". I'm going to guess that if it is indeed the new multi-colored plastic iPhone that is expected, it will be the cheapest model, and come in one storage size, most likely 16GB? (possibly 32GB?) I thought of that for this reason: If it's being released in at least 5 colors (as seems to be the case based on earlier rumors), then let's imagine for a moment the logistical nightmare of 3 'sizes' (16gb, 32gb, 64gb) times five colors, times...
So the 5C really is the "C is for China Mobile" phone then? TDD-LTE sure suggests that.   I guess it could also be for the India market. Culturally, the color set of those cases would be received more favorably I expect. So it does make sense.   Also in China, the 'champagne' aka 'gold' casing would easily become the "elite" badge of 5S owners.   But if that's all Apple is set to build this quarter, it indicates a long backlog season ahead. I'm ready to drop...
Sounds like so much 'shooting in the dark' to me. Hey, maybe you'll actually hit something, come out looking like a stud. Or not.
Tacky. Like "Sheiks and gold chains and large gold Rolexes" tacky%u2026 Well, it IS an upscale market I guess%u2026 someone somewhere wants GOLD. I'm betting it's for the 'new sheiks', you know, the Chinese market perhaps? They're big on gold-colored stuff over there. Perhaps it's one of the requirements for getting China Mobile onboard. We say jump to a tacky tune and you win the brass ring! Would Apple stoop so low? Let's hope NOT.
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