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 the "discount" you suggested is contained in those gift cards he's talking about. because of the gift cards, he essentially "saved" $50.... see how that works? Effectively the same as a $50 price drop. The end result in some cases was that you paid $50 for a phone on contract (e.g. a 16GB iPhone 5c), and then got a $50 gift card, essentially reducing the out of pocket cost to zero.
 I've been avoiding your incessant rant here, but now I'm getting annoyed by it. So I'm going to engage it instead.  I'm not at all clear by what you mean when you say "profits down 10%" in the last year. Where are you getting this? What are you referring to exactly?  Margins? Annual net earnings total?  You're the first and only person I've seen that is using those words here (or anywhere else I've read). "Profits down 10% the past year".  It seems to me that it's also an...
"She's set to be named a Dame of the British Empire...."   Somehow I couldn't help imagining Humphrey Bogart's voice saying that as I read it. Something about the way he pronounced "dames" I guess! :D 
 I was being mildly facetious about the warehouse thing.... As for the rest...  Apple's "shipments to channel" aren't what we're referring to exclusively when we talk about Apple sales. They differentiate between sales and shipped to channel (channel being 'third party retailers' like Best Buy and Target?). They are very different than their competition in this regard, in part because of how they manage inventory.  Do any of these analyses quoted around here take into...
 oh but they are. Samsung just doesn't report it. They don't subtract "returns" from "the number shipped". Apple sold 51 MILLION phones, with roughly 40 million of those estimated to be the flagship 5s model. Samsung sold 9 million of their S4. 40 sold, vs 9 shipped. If Samsung only shipped 9 million to their warehouses, there aren't many returning yet. Wait until next quarter!
 Of course not. But, as evidenced by yet another record sales quarter, they are still adding NEW customers at a healthy pace (Over $8 billion in China alone). Half the people I know who were introduced to Apple via the iPhone now ALSO own at least one iPad and at least one Mac. A good number of people I know who started on iPhone, ended up buying them for spouse and children as well. One iPhone sale rarely stays one iPhone sale. The halo effect isn't only on the personal...
 Sorry to say it, but... Apple would quickly become a sad ghost of its former self with someone like you in charge of it.... Apple already enjoys better than ***Thirty Seven Percent*** NET MARGINS on Profit!!!!! What is it that you think they need to realize that they don't? How much MORE do you need from them? FFS man!
Every two to four years, most of those customers will be hitting their upgrade cycle. If Apple continues to make great, competitive products, then they'll be selling through at a brisk pace indefinitely. And there's clearly plenty of up market yet to win over. And to compete for. And every day, more people in developing countries are earning enough to afford them.   I just did a round of upgrades last November/December. Replaced my iPhone 3GS with a 5s, my iPad (1st gen)...
 More CEO-Bell!  >:D
Meh. Seeing it "in action" just reminds me why I don't wear a watch anymore. For years now actually. Nothing there I can't do equally (or more) conveniently with my iPhone + Siri... It'll have to be something really special to convince me to wear some clunky thing on my wrist again. This certainly isn't there yet for me.
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