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Maybe but this post doesn't demonstrate any sort of intelligence does it? Nope. None whatsoever.
  The 'high gloss' reflection as well… doesn't feel very Apple-esque at all, does it. 3rd party concept renderings… psh.   So glad they aren't on the design team at Apple!   My old 3GS has a 'plastic shell', and still looks great. Surely Apple, if they really are planning a 'cheap phone', would make it at least that nice looking.
  "Queen's English" spelling, more accurately, I think.
  Except for the text of the ad that says the ASUS "has a bigger touchscreen" when it clearly doesn't? And why reference You Tube? Microsoft has all the egregious nonsense right on their own website:   http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/compare#t1=asus-vivotab-smart    
  I got a sudden mental image of a Microsoft tablet driving a monster truck.
    What a load of crap. Full disclosure please. Do you work for either Microsoft, Samsung, or one of their partner, affiliate or PR companies?
Does "cheap" really have to equal butt-ugly? I will be forced to declare Apple doomed if they actually go with that 'rendered' set of colors, not to mention the clunky look of that design...
  When have they ever really? In computing, although occasionally putting out some of the best personal computers in the world, they've remained something of an underdog PC maker throughout their history.       Yes, Apple is doomed.       The "next great revolution in personal computing"? I really REALLY don't think so.   I say this because I've been embracing those "next great things" as they've come along for some decades now. I also like to think I know them when I see...
  Maybe there's an easy way to summarize and clarify everything Luykx said (it was kind of dancing around the point)... Try this:   Luykx thinks that Apple, although not breaking the law itself, is violating the SPIRIT of the law. Easy peasy.     Although, that sort of puts him in alignment with the excuse given for holding the hearings at all. "We don't know what's going on, but it seems like Apple is acting against the SPIRIT of the law which we think needs to...
  First of all, Apple is a "multinational" company, not "international". By virtue of being "Multinational" things get very complex very quickly from a taxation point of view.   Apple has already said it is both WILLING to bring foreign earnings to the U.S., AND to pay tax when transferred. What they are "avoiding" is a 35% tax levy on those funds (already very heavy, since they can't write anything off against them AND they've already paid taxes to other countries...
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