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Exactly! It'll be *hilarious*. And potentially slightly schizophrenic, lol.
Those benchmark scores are pretty impressive indeed, given the relatively lower clock speed of the A8X. On the flip side, the K1 is running the 32-bit version of the benchmark, using the old instruction set with less registers, etc. The real comparison will be in 64-bit.The fun will start when fanboys are gonna call foul because Apple decided to splurge on a third core. /grabbing popcorn
Given that the S4 (and S5) only have H.265 decoders, but no encoder, and Qualcomm's first chip with an H.265 encoder won't be out until next year (Snapdragon 810) it is quite the achievement that the A8 has both decoder and encoder. The only other mobile chip sporting an H.265 encoder that I am aware of is from Mediatek (MT6595), but I don't know if there is a phone with it out yet, so potentially another first from Apple. Good job, APple-Semi!   ;)
Haha, same here, good catch!Compare the address bar text in the same view with "Darken Colors" on/off:
  I disagree. Using the color to subdivide groups in to subgroups of different functionality is not meaningless, and ties together similar tasks. This makes navigating the options a lot quicker - at least for me. The color scale is a different matter, hopefully they'll consult some Photoshop palettes before they push out the GM.  
The use of colors to highlight clusters of related function is excellent, brilliant evolution of the design language. If the rest of the updates are as functional and aesthetically pleasing, this is going to be a great release from a UI perspective.  
Haha, this sounds like next year, Strategy Analytics will have another new non-iPad rubric: Legal Pads. Hundreds of millions of them will diminish apple pad marketshare to a rounding error!
 iPhone 5: $649 unlocked, Galaxy S4 unlocked: $800. How is Apple charging a premium price here?
In a way a bad thing may be a good thing, at least in this case.   I doubt anyone buys an iPhone because of Passbook, but everyone with an iPhone will appreciate it more once the market fully catches on, which requires a lot of usage in the first place. As much as I think Samsung is run by shady hypercompetitive scumbags, the fact that the other big smartphone maker helps getting something with Passbook function into everyone's hand who doesn't own an iPhone will...
Battery life?
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