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Another technology rammed down consumers' throats whether they want it or not. Just like Thunderbolt, and FireWire.
That may require a good look at that file. If it's not porn or copyrighted (by third parties) material perhaps you could make it available for perusal through e.g. Files over Miles (http://www.filesovermiles.com/) and posting the link here. Up- and download of a 39,5GB file will take a lot of time, though, depending on your connection.
Baseless ridicule is the best you've got? Yeah, that is funny...!
The smartphone wars are heating up! http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/09...ars_rumble_on/
Overpriced is overpriced. A.k.a. 'not worth it'.Because they have no choice: it's integral to the new machines. So people are not buying it because they want to, but only because they have to. I.o.w. Apple is jamming Thunderbolt down people's throats! Like they did FireWire. Fat lot of good that did us!
And vice versa...
Ah so, you like being forced! There's a word for that, I believe.
"Forced"? That makes me an instant opponent.
If Thunderbolt gets off the ground. FireWire and Blu-Ray, among scores of others, come to mind.
Senuti seems specific to iTunes audio and video files. It doesn't look like it can handle the OP's "documents/apps".
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