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Cut back your mousing/tracking by 75%. Starting tomorrow. Cold turkey. If you don't your wrist problem will become chronic, if it isn't already, and could well develop into a serious, chronically painful disability. Take up badminton or table tennis. I'm serious. Your wrist has had to deal with just one kind of stress for far too long. The other muscles and sinews need exercise too to balance it.
And you are 'millions of people', right?
Could be. That sounds like a resounding endorsement. Quite absolute too. You must have underlying research data to back it up, right? What was the delta for instance? Is there a standard deviation? Can't it be compensated for?Naaah, not a fanboy! You? Naaah!
Sure will! Betas are for nerds.
I don't like difficult.
Shame your advice doesn't jive with all the problems people report, eh?
Ah, you noticed that too, eh? Well, it's hard to miss of course.
Relax: most people don't know the difference and demonstrate their ignorance every day.
It shows you that they are all the same, and that it in fact is organized crime.
New Posts  All Forums: