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Here then, here is a better source...why don't you give us a history lesson?:http://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?project=Macintosh&story=On_Xerox,_Apple_and_Progress.txt&sortOrder=Sort+by+Date&characters=Bruce+Horn
So give them close to nothing to start with &  they will stick around until you give them less than that?
 Wow. Stop digging, the hole you are in is deep enough.
That looked like more than moderate pressure. His hands were shaking at one point. Also notice the placement of his thumbs on the note.
At last sanity.
Are you playing the victim card?
Probably friends & family.
The creative process isn't always about a "defined" path. Sometimes an idea/concept that will not work sparks an idea or thought that leads to a different path or conclusion. Sometimes different life experiences can lead to a better solution. Look at american music it's a fusion of different cultures. It can be advantageous, to the creative process,  to have a different point of view/perspective or to look at a problem with a different mindset or life experience.
fixed that for you.  
New Posts  All Forums: