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I see the 2 other stooges gave you a thumbs up.
Prove you exist.
Because they are nonsensical. If you would have just stopped at your belief that the right person should get the job based on qualifications....fine. You continued an exercise in pseudo-intellectual BS on why human rights do not exist. There is no legal definition for human rights therefore they do not exist. To say that no one upholds human rights or laws aren't passed to protect human rights in MANY countries is just plain nonsense. For some reason you think that there...
Did Apple do something controversial by getting a high score on supporting human rights?
Your posts are exercises in intellectual masturbation.
The history of what you are speaking of is not that simple but of course it is that simple from AT&Ts website:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingsbury_Commitment Also everything I said is related to to your pro-business at all costs arguments. The history of large corporations left unchecked (unregulated) has caused plenty of damage to the economy of this country.
You are confusing deregulation with divestiture. AT&T was still regulated. Infact AT&T was bought by SBC which also took over the baby bells in the midwest, southeast/ west, & pacific bell. The changed the name of the company from SBC to AT&T because of name recognition.
And what does that have to do with what I posted? The break up happened in 1982 (32 years ago). This divestiture was initiated by the filing in 1974. They were broken up by the government. I noticed you had nothing to say about subsidies given to corporations or past history of corporations & financial institutions in this country.
AT&T was broken up by the Government it did not dissolve on it's own.The American people have been subsidizing these companies for years. They made certain promises for these huge subsidies that they have not kept. A lot of people here keep screaming about a free market. There is no such thing, at least not in the purest sense of the concept. Tax dollars go to build a new McDonalds in your neighborhood, Sports stadiums, oil companies. If you believe in a truly FREE market...
Yeah, and you just made a great argument why redistricting should be taken out of the hands of politicians. What happens if laws are passed without one Democratic vote. Will you be outraged?
New Posts  All Forums: