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What a total nonsensical statement. Stop may have been the wrong word. How do you enforce what the constitution states without laws? Also, the constitution is a living document which is the reason it can be amended & cases go to the Supreme Court (different interpretations). You're arguments make absolutely no sense in the real world.
What special rights have been created? How do you stop discriminatory behavior without laws?
What does your ideology let you propose as a solution to these sort of actions?
The industry's collective pile of waste is growing by about 2,200 tons a year; experts say some of the pools in the United States contain four times the amount of spent fuel that they were designed to handle.
Hmmmmm....what do they do with all that nuclear waste.
Sure...why not?
More time to celebrate your bloated sense of self importance 
Triple dog dare reported
Wouldn't total deregulation be the equivalent of business writing it's own rules (probably worse because there would be NO opposition to unfair/destructive practices)? So you're against regulations for business yet, it bothers you when businesses write bills that are pretty much a precursor to what they would do without regulations?
New Posts  All Forums: