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Should get interesting. The problem with Rubin may be that he was working at Apple , in the same dept (I think) when they were working on data detectors.
The first iPhone came to market in 2007. They started working on it in 2003-2004? If Google's claims are relevant why not put Rubin on the stand? Why not bring this up in earlier proceedings? Sounds & smells like BS. A Hail Mary pass. Also, the patent does matter. Does the name Alexander Graham Bell sound familiar?
So the farther I hold the tablet away from my face the lower end the tablet is?(Joking)
zzzzzzzzz...predictable. Here you go...just what you wanted.http://mvctest.com/the-steve-jobs-research-quote-should-rest-in-peace/
This may help you:http://mvctest.com/the-steve-jobs-research-quote-should-rest-in-peace/
No, my example is a concrete example. It actually happened. You're just making stuff up. How is it tinfoil hat time when what I stated was fact. Here's what you are saying...someone broke into my house. I know who broke into my house. They were caught. So why don't I just have them over for dinner! Because if I don't people will think i'm paranoid? While I am at it I think I will suddenly think that everyone wants to break into my house. ?!? You make absolutely no sense....
How do you know Android doesn't collect data? Does Samsung have it's own data collection policy & what makes Google a trustworthy company as I sad one of these 2 companies subverted users privacy settings to collect data & track user browsing habits on software they did not own...it wasn't Apple. Why would I trust any privacy policy from a company that would do what I just mentioned.
"Not every patent owned by Samsung, or Moto or Nokia is standard essential. In fact I'd make a guess that most are not and some claims are likely infringed by an Apple product, just as Apple says some competitors products infringe on Apple patents. Of course claiming and proving are not one in the same as they have all discovered when asserting them."This is part of your conversation also.Any reasonable person would be led to believe that was part of what you were saying....
Which ones?
"Can you cite any court cases where Apple was found to violate a Samsung patent? (And I don't mean the ones where they were sued for refusing to pay Samsung extortionary rates for Standard Essential Patents, when they were supposed to charge fair and nondiscriminatory prices for those.)" This was your response: Does it matter? As far as I know Apple has still not paid a penny to license the patents yet still ships iPhones making use of them. I would guess then that you...
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