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You can do a file open in Photoshop and open any photo that is in photos. I don't see any difficulty there. Why do you need to open the photo within photos to then open it in PS?
 No, I don't work for the Obama administration. No public assistance. Not a member of any political organization. What about you? Not someone like yourself who takes every opportunity to somehow bring up your anti-government rants in plenty of threads that have nothing to do with politics, talk about bizarre. I suppose anyone that calls you on your BS is somehow taking a defensive, bizarre position. Like I said before, I don't think you can think past your ideology. Which...
Yup, they're all socialists. /sEven though they (and everyone else) have payed into these programs for all of their working lives. Imagine that expecting (entitled to) a return for something that you invested in for you whole working life. 
Yeah, that's what happened. The administration didn't do any manipulating to sell the country on that war. No, plenty of people did not catch on especially on the right. They still haven't. They also committed an act of treason by outing a CIA operative. The list of f***k ups is quite extensive and expensive in blood and treasure. Remember soldiers getting electrocuted in the shower from faulty, labor? etc., etc,  etc.
Do you work for this guy? You seem to base plenty of your opinions on this guy views. Do you pay him for his transcripts? Maybe the rest of us should pick up the check when the uninsured go to ER for the flu. Union Buddies...do you mean people that get their healthcare from an employer? Are you insured?http://www.factcheck.org/2014/04/skyrocketing-premiums/
Or pay zero in corporate taxes because they are special and a gift to society.
You do realize that you don't have to buy your insurance on the exchange. You can still deal directly with insurance companies and buy your own plan.
Do you have healthcare insurance? If so, is it private insurance?
Doesn't tipping increase your food cost? Math 101Average Waitress salaries with tips:http://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/waiter-and-waitress/salary
New Posts  All Forums: