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Ronald Reagan's administration illegally sold weapons to the Iranians. Is that who you are talking about?
Let see, why would that happen?
If people that deny climate change are wrong and we follow that path and do nothing what are the consequences? If people that believe something needs to be done about climate change are wrong and we follow that path what are the consequences? Seems your argument (no climate change) has the best chance of having a negative effect on the planet.
Again, answer the question with your infinite knowledge of the Constitution. I'm curious as to who you think is not deserving of its' inherent rights.
I subscribed for years until they went digital. Everything that was in the magazine would eventually wind up on their site (usually within a month). I saw no point continuing my sub. They didn't offer anything extra for subscribers.
That's what Macworld does and has done since its' inception. Macworld has always had this sort of thing for most Apple hardware and services. Have you ever subscribed to the magazine?
Yes. Are you? What does this have to do with the question I asked?
Again...define "our"? What law abiding American citizens are not a part of "our" and therefore not afforded their inherent rights?
How does the government preserve "our freedoms"? Could it be through laws? What definition of "our freedoms" do we adhere to? Who is "our"?
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