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Yes I agree. That doesn't change the logic used in her statement.
I don't think that this is Apple's issue alone & are trying to do the right thing but, couldn't you say the same for business to business transactions? If Apple believes in the ethical treatment of labor (& have stated that there are issues of concern) by your logic they should stop all money (business transactions) with companies that don't live up to that standard.
Always the victim.
You're assuming that probable cause is a high bar which I find amusing.
Some people just can't handle facts. He may have been a moderate Republican but he was a Republican. I think the only reason he ran as an Independent was the association with G.W. Again, you are FOS.
Bloomberg was a Republican turned independent. You're FOS as usual.
Yeah, I thought that is what we were talking about Rand Paul's comment about taxation (on cigarettes).
From the same link...you left this critical part out also.Passage of the executive order (by Kennedy) forestalled the legislative Rhodes-Johnson Union Recognition bill, which would have given more power to federal employee unions, possibly creating a union shop arrangement.Executive Order 10988 was effectively replaced by President Richard Nixon's Executive Order 11491 in 1969. Richard Nixon a bleeding heart east coast liberal...
Okay? This isn't some great back market, organized crime ring...this is one guy selling loose cigarettes. This isn't some new phenomenon. This kind of thing has been going on forever. The fact that he may have just been trying to make extra money to make ends meet may be the actual factor. Why not just slap the guy with a citation & tell him if he disagrees he can fight it in court? Why are we wasting resources for this petty shit? How many officers were involved?
Was the prosecutor in the big evil union? There were public service unions before Kennedy. You never seem to pontificate about working conditions & treatment of working people before unions.
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