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I don't see any name calling in his post.
I was wrong. You don't live in the city that you are paying taxes to, that was the angle I was looking at it from. I already said that I got your point.
Yes Richard,I was looking at it from the angle that one is a voluntary purchase & one is a tax taken out of every check for working in a certain city. I also realize that non residents pay state taxes. So, your point is taken.
Liar of the year by who? Politifact? Like I said it doesn't matter what the facts are nothing will change your view. Solyndra was a mistake, but it was not the only loan given to green initiatives & most of them have been successful. Do you think that there has never been Government investment in future technologies? You seem to think the world works in a vacuum. That nothing done in previous administrations affects the present or future administrations. So no one can...
I think it was over a while ago.
I asked you to clarify twice your "one seventh of the economy" statement twice. I recounted everything we talked about, with your responses in a previous post. You haven't said anything of substance.
As usual you post partial responses of mine & give glib little answers.
Yeah, he doesn't get what you are talking about either. Because you make no point. How about you go away or shut up? You probably can't cause this is your life. You're a wind bag. I didn't mention anything about the bill being read until you bought it up, as I said. I gave you an answer by saying I think the bill should be read & gave you a link, to how the quote that you keep referring to that Pelosi made, may have been taken out of context. Since a bill is not voted on...
Yeah, that's what I'm doing. There were postings here from both sides of the discussion that were deleted. Have anything intelligent to say? I sure you agree with all human beings on the planet because you are a special little snowflake (in your mind). Stop putting words in my mouth. I'm sure that's a problem for you with all the voices going on in your head. Here as an example of another poster that had a different point of view than mine: (Howie) Hey, AI! Why did you...
New Posts  All Forums: