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What about doctors?
What the hell are you talking about? You can't do anything you want. That's why laws are written.  What if a doctor decides to not treat a patient because he/she doesn't want to treat Christians? It's his/her personal choice? You people make absolutely no sense. Try thinking beyond the obvious. This bill was cloaked in religious freedom. In fact the governor probably vetoed the bill because of the pressure FROM BUSINESSES (I guess they don't like freedom.) Specific...
When was the part in the Bible that you cling to written? You seem to pick & choose.
 Maybe they shouldn't serve Christians.
This is just ignorant.
Then take it back. I assume it is still under warranty.
Now this is just getting stupid & seems more like a protect my argument at all costs situation.
So why can't a developer do simple math & factor that into their price? In other words charge what they want to make after the 30% fee. Part of selling a product is to also figure out what your profit margin needs to be.
All spyware. I'd rather have them cut me a check. Who owns the content that is uploaded to YouTube & what rights to they have? "Who else provides anywhere near this level of services, even for a subscription charge?" Apple. iTunes, Safari, Mail, iBooks, iPhoto, Garageband, iMovie, Calendar, Address book, Font Book, Photo Booth, iMessage, Maps, iCloud & iCloud services, Reminders, iOS & a free OS upgrade for Macs last time around.Come to think of it you could add Microsoft...
New Posts  All Forums: