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What's your solution?
If you are talking about the free service those options have moved to the top center of the window, next to the song name that is playing, under the eclipses menu.
Remind us all of how that was funded.
hmmm you changed your post. Why not just respond to my last post? You made two separate statements in the original post. 1. Greece was not part of the allied nations 2. Reparations issue was closed in 1990.
Those countries were the main powers of the Allied nations but not the only nations that made up the allied forces.
Please, look it up.
Are you sure about that? 
I'm not saying anything about the cost to run the app store, you are. You are the one doing the math. So, what are Apple's overhead costs for the app store?
So you are saying there is no cost associated to Apple for hosting free apps?
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