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You made the ridiculous statement. Since you obviously don't, that would mean that anything you have to say on the subject would be irrelevant (according to you).
Do you have direct experience in government?
When did I say that things were fair? When did I say that the tax code is just fine as it is?
Sorry for being a skeptic...since nothing works quite as planned. Also this does not eliminate the state taxes, state sales taxes, property taxes. The comments section is not exactly a credible source of information. This also about the middle class where most people reside. Who Really Pays?With the prebate program in effect, those earning less than $15,000 per year would see their share of the federal tax burden drop from -0.7 percent to -6.3 percent. Of course, if the...
Pros & cons of the FairTax:http://www.moneycrashers.com/fair-tax-act-explained-pros-cons/ The cons seem to out way the pros for most....of course the wealthy benefit the most.
Did you read his post? It made no sense.
Consumers create jobs. Of course, everyone that works for you doesn't contribute to the success of your company. You wouldn't have employees if you did not need them. Not only to do the job you are paying them for but also their ideas and expertise.
If they don't pay taxes (your statement) How can they raise prices because of higher taxes? If the cost of taxes are passed on to the consumer than isn't that essentially the same thing as not paying taxes?
I didn't mean what I said as some kind of slam. I thanked you for clarifying your statement. You seem to have taken it that way. I pay taxes...so wtf are you talking about? I did not say anything remotely close to that. I believe if they are a necessary evil than everyone should share in the responsibility.
So you are not against taxes. What you have issues with is the way that money is spent. Thanks for the clarification.
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