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Do you even have a clue as to WTF you are taking about?
Sorry...someone at AI did. I got confused because you took the spokesperson role.
Do we really have that right? There are plenty of cities in the U.S. that charge City taxes to people that work in those cities. They don't get to vote in the city elections.  That is taxation without representation, IMO. The IRS has no real mechanism to collect the tax except for taking it off any return that you may get on your taxes. They cannot put a lien on your property & there are exemptions to not pay the penalty. I don't know if this is fair, but is it fair for...
I didn't say that, but I agree they should read the bill. This isn't an issue that is one side or the other.
You deleted all posts having to do with the discussion. You seem to keep the most inflammatory comments though. You deleted all my comments that were not inflammatory & let comments like this stand: (also now the thread has no context)"Holy F*cking Shit!That damn liar?I think that he truly sucks. The amount of lies and BS that he spewed every single day was unbelievable.Why doesn't Apple just hire the former Iraqi propaganda minister? He was at least more funny to...
No kidding? Shit.
Who give's a shit. Yeah, because that is probably the only kind of people that work at Apple, Liberals./s
Last I checked neither was Jay Carney.
Maybe they should ask Dick Cheney he's an honest guy. /s 
Right (no pun intended) on cue. Pavlov's dog comes to mind.
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