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The Union is not the only one at fault here but somehow to you that is the whole issue.
So the right to assemble is Marxists? I Don't care what Russia thinks. Why do you?
Correct & then you went on as usual.SpamSandwich said-"For me, all of this copycat collectivist behavior smacks of something planned by Putin to stoke the flames of a race or class war in the US."
and there were arrests.
Please try.
Do you know what country you live in? People have the right to assemble & yes there were arrests. 
You could always load unprotected MP3s on an iPod. If I remember correctly it was MS that did not allow MP3s on their devices (which is probably a big reason why they failed). DRM was a condition for all music sold on the web at the time. Maybe you should look at the BS that people had to go through to buy music on the web before iTunes. Different songs had different usage rights etc., it was a nightmare for consumers. Amazon only sold unprotected MP3s much later in the...
How is the government forcing anyone to hire anyone?
or Reaganomics.
Why are you so concerned? They take their grievance to a court of law or some other body & have to prove their case. Is there something wrong with that?
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