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There are plenty of Libertarians here & elsewhere that resort to name calling. Please try to be realistic.
Contractors don't pay union dues. Union members pay there own dues.
Total nonsense.
How does it feel to live your life in theory?
Telecom executive? Why was he chosen to run an auto company? It surely wasn't based on his knowledge of the Auto industry. This is what Job's was referring to about the auto industry. The problem with most of these large corporations is that they are run by place holder CEOs. They have no knowledge or passion for the product they are producing.
Predictable dodge tactic. Something you would expect from a trust fund baby.
Please....you seem to have issues with working class people asking for a better wage. Why concern yourself?
yeah, but God or something.
Did I say there was? 
and how does that jibe with your statement: ("It's a fact, so why not make that absolutely clear?")? Did MLK have political enemies within the FBI? (rhetorical question because we all know the answer to that.) He ran the FBI & was rumored to like to wear women's clothing at parties.
New Posts  All Forums: