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So your solution....do nothing.
He left the choice up to the people that disagreed with him. Not even close to the same. As far as all the time comment...when were the other times?
Including the Republican business leaders that disapproved of this law as it was written. Go Carly! /s
Wasn't that pretty much her previous career also?
 Way to set yourself up for inevitable questions about your corporate policies during your tenure and your almost certain expedient demise in an election.
I can't help it if you do not make any sense. You do that all on your own.
You made the ridiculous statement. Since you obviously don't, that would mean that anything you have to say on the subject would be irrelevant (according to you).
Do you have direct experience in government?
When did I say that things were fair? When did I say that the tax code is just fine as it is?
Sorry for being a skeptic...since nothing works quite as planned. Also this does not eliminate the state taxes, state sales taxes, property taxes. The comments section is not exactly a credible source of information. This also about the middle class where most people reside. Who Really Pays?With the prebate program in effect, those earning less than $15,000 per year would see their share of the federal tax burden drop from -0.7 percent to -6.3 percent. Of course, if the...
New Posts  All Forums: