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So, you have no idea. Did you subtract the cost of free apps from your equation?
Oh no!
He's right IMO. It is nothing but constructive criticism, an opinion. You're over reacting.
Take a breath.  I agree with him. This seems a bit much asking 3rd parties to package their products to apples specs, really? What differentiates their product from any other product? These companies are not branding themselves to be Apple.
Bernie Sanders
Hmmmm are you saying conservatives never voice their opinion about someone that they don't agree with? What are you doing now? The White House has a point of view no matter who is in office. Did the last guy that lived their have a neutral point of view or is just that a Democrat is in office that suddenly you are outraged?
Didn't she try to make a point about religious freedom? Why is that different? Because she says nothing about abuses that makes her statements credible? When Mr. Cook speaks you don't think that point of view doesn't get to people in those countries? He is a US citizen. Republican politicians have been making comments like Trumps for quite a few years now. Suddenly, because of a Presidential election, the same candidates, that have said nothing, decided to speak out. Rick...
Didn't HP do business in China (and many other suspect countries) when Carly was at the helm?
You're right...We know who you are. We know where you are. We've sent out a team to pick you up. Pack a bag.
Oh no I'm shocked also¡ WTF?
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