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Predictable dodge tactic. Something you would expect from a trust fund baby.
Please....you seem to have issues with working class people asking for a better wage. Why concern yourself?
yeah, but God or something.
Did I say there was? 
and how does that jibe with your statement: ("It's a fact, so why not make that absolutely clear?")? Did MLK have political enemies within the FBI? (rhetorical question because we all know the answer to that.) He ran the FBI & was rumored to like to wear women's clothing at parties.
...I am the catcher in the rye.
Jesse Helms Blah. Blah, Blah....a clear advocate for African Americans. /sBecause it is not clear. There is nothing that says he was a communist, not even the linked article says he was a communist.
Nope. Hysterical maybe.
   ...and he's fun at parties also!! Merry Christmas & don't forget to take your anti-pshycotic pills. 
ALSO!!!! Foxconn also gives room and board. Yeah, just like the company stores in grapes of wrath!  People love to go to work & then go home to the top bunk at work!I think you forgot the sarcasm tag. People need to work...long lines don't mean anything. It just means people need a job to support their family.Also most people get overtime for anything over 40 hours in the U.S. has nothing to do with the union (labor laws). You must have been paid on salary on your banking...
New Posts  All Forums: