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Shake it off 
Of course you do, or maybe they are just looking for talent anywhere they can find it.Nursing:http://minoritynurse.com/man-enough-the-20-x-20-choose-nursing-campaign/
What exactly is wrong with pitching a career in tech to girls? In the end the girl/women will make the decision as to which route they will take and what interests them. Do you feel threatened by career day events also? No one is being forced into doing anything. They are offered an option, maybe an option they may not have considered or had a different point of view about. Somehow twisting this into some sort of sexism is just bizarre.
I guess you could say the same thing for Google music.
It could be that Google doesn't have as much negotiating power as Apple and when the record companies say jump Google says how high.
I wonder how many seizures this will cause? 
Of course no partisan nonsense going on there. http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2015/apr/29/rush-limbaugh/rush-limbaugh-says-clinton-foundation-spends-just-/
or Jeb's Super Pac.
Buying gold watches for shelter dogs?  
You can do a file open in Photoshop and open any photo that is in photos. I don't see any difficulty there. Why do you need to open the photo within photos to then open it in PS?
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