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There are a few of those in the bible.
Are you marching for all those things? If you aren't why not?Who's religious views should he be marching for?
Don't you have to pay a membership fee to be part of the NRA?
There may be actual citizens in those countries that do.
Some have not subscribed to the streaming service. They may still listen to Beats 1.
I think I'll wait to later. Same issue. Maybe the desktop version of iTunes (12.2) isn't ready for download. Odd.
So how do you make this experiment happen?
This conversation was based on Spams comment. I thought that was what you referring to when you made your comment. What was your hypothesis? Was it the same as Spams (to split the country up into ideological zones)? Please clarify.
Why could I imagine that? We already have those divisions. They may not be forced geographical divisions but they exist politically. The country would be divided into three separate countries, why would that resolve anything. The country would cease to exist. Cons, as you call them, already know that taxes go to infrastructure. If they don't then they shouldn't be in office or quite frankly they aren't qualified to paint the shit house door on a tuna boat. They never had...
Obviously I was commenting on your statement, not all Libertarian points of view. Are you the spokesperson now for all Libertarians? Please tell me how exactly the split up of the country would work (who gets what and why?). Also, you forgot the Independents, etc. I doubt that Libertarians make up a third of the country or even a third of the Republican Party. Splitting up the country into separate countries based on ideology is of course a mainstream point of view¡ 
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