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No one asked you to apologize. How about this....how about you explain why you made a negative comment towards your own comment.
There are also Republicans that oppose this law. 
Why not just admit you made a mistake...if you didn't he's pretty much spot on with his comment.
Hmmmm...I wonder what kind of posts I would find on conservative sites. Should I base my opinion on what a few people entered on a website forum? You seem to be a fairly intelligent person most of the time and I'm pretty sure that you can distinguish between what is noise and what is not. Yet, you always seem to shank it into the weeds.
Aren't hospitals, doctors offices private establishments?
You were questioning the science.
On climate change, to me the debate boils down to this: If the group of people that believe it is not detrimental to the planet are wrong what are the consequences if we do nothing? If the other side of the argument is wrong, climate change is detrimental to the planet, and we take action & move in that direction what are the consequences? In other words is there a net positive or a net negative to to either argument. Seems your belief, if wrong, would be the riskiest way...
So if there is already a federal law, what is the purpose of this law?
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