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I'm trying to understand....what is the point you are trying to make?
You do know how voting works in Congress don't you?
Frank Luntz is not a reputable source. I'm not saying your are wrong but, you can't discount the same reasoning on the other side.
And what? I thought I was replying to you or are you everyone now?
Except the Supreme Court said you're wrong.
That's not what you said. This is:"I'd never say racism played no part, because racism certainly played a part in getting him elected. People actually voted for him because of his skin color."
I'm not disputing the list you are.
Of course no one voted for Romney because he was white.
I'm not asking for a guesstimate. How accurate is a guesstimate?
...and you could say that people voted for Romney because he is white.
New Posts  All Forums: