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Who are you?
Yeah, they can in several ways...one is called voting.
Are you part of that 50%? What country are you talking about...fantasyland?
Yup, though I changed my keyboard shortcut to control space because it interfered with the zoom tool shortcut in Adobe's products.
HA! Pretty much what I do. Mac philosophy 101.
See Mystigo's tip. Command-Doubleclick the file in Spotlight opens it in the Finder.
Yup, it's pretty much the same as searching in the finder. The command double-click the item tip by Mystigo works great also. The path to the file can easily be found at the top or bottom of the Finder after the Spotlight search. I use both methods. It all depends on the situation & what works at that moment.
Your welcome. Whatever works for you. The top hit function is based on the stacking order of Spotlight in system preferences. So is the order of searches in the Finder. 
Highlight the file in Spotlight (on the left side) scroll down to the bottom of spotlight & double click show in Finder. Change the order of what is searched in the Spotlight system preferences by dragging them into the order that is relevant to you. By the way the Finder search seems to be based on the same order as your system preferences.
Can't you just click on the nested folder on the right side of spotlight?
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