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The bill was passed by an elected Congress & signed into law by an elected President. The people knew full well where the President stood on the healthcare issue.There is nothing illegal or conspiratorial going on as you seem to want to allude to. The bill was worked on for over a year & the Republican Party was invited on a regular basis to be a part of that process. They chose fear mongering as usual. The American people overwhelmingly reelected the President after the...
Looks like Wall Street wants to make money off of Apple again. Then when Apple does not meet their imaginary expectations they can downgrade the stock & play this game all over again.
Just because there is a process by which the law or anything works does not mean that it's purpose is to slow progress.
Actually no, they are supposed to be co-equal branches & Congress writes the laws, Their purpose is not to slow down Government. Article I of the Constitution states "all legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives. Congress passes Bills, the President signs them into law or vetoes the bill.
Have you ever been injured? If so why not lay down & bleed out or wait for you inevitable death? If people walked by you on the sidewalk your hope is that they just pass by & let you die because you are not a special little snowflake. All these living things you speak about all have the need to survive.
Just tried to call them as I see them, after all don't most of these people consistently whine about political correctness? Sometimes reason or facts are just don't get through. So, why not speak a language they understand? It's almost McCarthyism at this point. We all know how that went.
Sorry if I misunderstood....but how does anyone garner that from this statement. "So Apple did this without a government initiative?" Who are you asking this question to? 
Who makes this political every time the President's name is mentioned?
Then I guess you agree with the President & the majority of the country about the Government shut down on raising the debt ceiling? Which is paying the bills the government has already accrued.
Except the blocking has gone down at an unprecedented level ( on just about everything) including a record number of Filibusters. Isn't it congresses' responsibility to write bills or at least negotiate a compromise? Including aid to veterans, relief on student loans, pay as you go ( an idea that Republicans proposed the President Agreed, Republicans killed the idea. The Republican party cannot even vote for it's own ideas or initiatives. They are a party with no vision...
New Posts  All Forums: