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You do realize when tax breaks are given to business that the consumer makes up the difference, right? Take my state businesses pay very low taxes & no property tax, education funding has been cut, police forces etc., are being downsized, the roads & infrastructure are a decaying mess etc. The solution (from a Republican Governor & legislature) raise taxes. They have decided to raise taxes on citizens by taxing pensions, raising property taxes on the citizens & now trying...
They make more money.
I think that's stainless steel.
The state doesn't decide whether a woman has an abortion or not. They do decide on the death penalty.  Let me see, anyone that did not agree with the war in Iraq was un-American. People from Hollywood or any other place that does not buy into conservative train of thought are not real Americans. A woman can stop a pregnancy from rape by just thinking she can, which releases some sort of hormone in her body to stop that pregnancy. All union members & supporters are of...
Yeah, except conservative business owners have a problem with this law also. Again the victim card (the persecution of Christians)....I'm sorry this sort of nonsense happens on both sides of this argument. The conservative party has brought this level of discourse to an art form. Also, the arrogant assumption that all Christians believe that this is the correct way for this country to move forward & that they are somehow being persecuted is ridiculous. The religious right...
or that they are active politically? Did the Muslim right author this bill? Always so victimized.
BS...I think that was exactly what you wanted implied. Nice spin though.
No one asked you to apologize. How about this....how about you explain why you made a negative comment towards your own comment.
There are also Republicans that oppose this law. 
Why not just admit you made a mistake...if you didn't he's pretty much spot on with his comment.
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