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How is the government forcing anyone to hire anyone?
or Reaganomics.
Why are you so concerned? They take their grievance to a court of law or some other body & have to prove their case. Is there something wrong with that?
Wrong. The iPod allowed DRM free music from the start. Not sure what you based your opinion on back then but you were obviously mistaken.
Please check the history on this topic. You're FOS. Do you think music is now DRM free because of Amazon?
As an operating business do you ask some of those questions upfront before a purchase? If somehow I have made a purchase under false pretenses (i.e. the business did not know I was a Libertarian & they don't serve Libertarians) do I have to take what I purchased back to said business or be charged some sort of penalty when found out? You're posts are great comic relief & not based in reality.
I see the 2 other stooges gave you a thumbs up.
Prove you exist.
Because they are nonsensical. If you would have just stopped at your belief that the right person should get the job based on qualifications....fine. You continued an exercise in pseudo-intellectual BS on why human rights do not exist. There is no legal definition for human rights therefore they do not exist. To say that no one upholds human rights or laws aren't passed to protect human rights in MANY countries is just plain nonsense. For some reason you think that there...
Did Apple do something controversial by getting a high score on supporting human rights?
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