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While similar bills have been introduced in several conservative states that have been court-ordered to embrace marriage equality, only one state has signed such a bill into law: Mississippi.
I don't think any political party has the market cornered on spirituality.
interesting, that's one of the theories. There are a few. http://www.gotquestions.org/camel-eye-needle.html
So don't sleep with someone from the same sex.
Google corporate beliefs. If beliefs were only held by individuals how do you explain organized religion?
Does Apple or any major corporation discriminate in hiring/sales practices on the basis of sexual orientation?
Apple is legally bound to not discriminate due to sexual orientation. So Tim's comments are in line with corporate beliefs and American Law. Also, he is a citizen of this country and the planet so he is entitled to his first amendment rights and his opinion. If religious people do not want to do business with Apple on the grounds that Apple employs and sells it's products to gay people than they have the right to do so. If that is there belief than they probably wouldn't...
What a total nonsensical statement. Stop may have been the wrong word. How do you enforce what the constitution states without laws? Also, the constitution is a living document which is the reason it can be amended & cases go to the Supreme Court (different interpretations). You're arguments make absolutely no sense in the real world.
What special rights have been created? How do you stop discriminatory behavior without laws?
What does your ideology let you propose as a solution to these sort of actions?
New Posts  All Forums: