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Yeah, sure does I remember the Samsung ads.
What about fast user switching?
So, Samsung gets caught doctoring the numbers (more than once). Following your logic, there could be even more cheating going on by Samsung because we can't see anything the CPU is doing?
"keep drinking you apple juice "   duh, huh huh...me funny, drool.
 Inflated sense of self much?
 No, that's not what was said."This is a case not where we're disputing that the 13 phones contain some elements of Apple's property,He didn't say the jury has decided & we will abide by their decision. He said there is no dispute that these phones contained some elements of Apple's property. I have no idea why you think you can spin that.
You seem to live in a fantasy world & consistently contradict yourself. You consistently talk out of both sides of your ass.   I'm not claiming Rockstar is doing anything wrong (BS disclaimer). They're doing just what an NPE is supposed to do. I would say tho that Tim Cook and Apple are being just as disingenuous and probably more so than Google, Nokia, Microsoft or any of the other big techs when it comes to IP. He complains about NPE's, aka "patent trolls", to the...
"Steve Jobs didn't want iTunes for Windows being released despite that being a huge reason for the amazing success of iPod and iTunes Music Store, and later the iPhone adoption but I didn't really understand why."   Not sure where this nonsense comes from.
He's a CEO. Like you said he could have 3 Samsung devices in front of him if he wanted. (that was your last argument...wasn't it?) So why not use a Samsung device for all those things? I wonder how much a device that holds all of your contacts, meetings, schedule really matters to a CEO (sarcasm)? I wonder why if I was a busy person & could find one device that handled my schedule & other business commitments why It would make sense to have a bunch of different devices...
I think the shape you keep referring to as a stem is a leaf.
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