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Nevermind. I thought you had used the word in an earlier post that didn't line up with the actual meaning of the word.
That goes both ways."I am anti-abortion (not for religious reasons, I am not religious.) But this issue is not really that big of a deal, as it is mostly liberals that are being aborted, so I am ok with that."Remarks like his is probably why you get so much flak. It's not about being politically correct. It's human nature to attack when being attacked. I have never read a post of yours that attacks conservatism or calls them names. I could be wrong. Who doesn't believe in...
procreate |ˈprōkrēˌāt| verb [ no obj. ](of people or animals) produce young; reproduce: species that procreate by copulation.
That's your argument with him, not with me. It's a quality product. I think that's why most people buy it. Making a computer choice political seems odd to me.
So you have things that you agree with & disagree with from both parties? Your independent? Name some, just for the hell of it.
You are not all conservatives.
No, I don't. I could care less what you purchase & why.
"You're right about that, but it sometimes bothers me when people suggest that civil rights and/or environmental sustainability are "liberal" issues when that's not necessarily the case."   ​You are correct when it comes to the American people...but not in Congress.
Who gives a shit.
Okay. Then don't use contraception. I'll never have a hysterectomy, but the insurance I have probably covers that in some fashion.
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