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Maybe you can explain his comment.
What is the measure of success?Never mind. Done.
Like I said a snowflake is not the same thing as an avalanche. Every President deals with some of this. How many bills has Congress passed since the R's took control of the house? When has the debt ceiling (paying for money spent) ever been disputed in such a manner? How many filibusters have the R's initiated? How did the Dems "paralyze" the government under Bush on a consistent basis?
When is a question a conclusion? It can be a leading question. How about this...I take back my questions, we start clean & not go down to crazy town again? Why don't you answer for him since you feel the need to defend something?
Except I did not come to any conclusions...just asked questions but, it seems you have. I personally think there needs to be a balance. Maybe you should wait for an answer?
Maybe you haven't been paying attention. A snowflake is not the same as an avalanche because they both contain snow.
Agreed, but anyone paying attention knows that to say the obstruction has been equal on both sides is nonsense.
Explain needless Government. FDA, CDC, FEMA? Infrastructure? Do you live in this country?
Hurray! The same party that drove the car into the ditch & put us on a path of perpetual war is in charge again! What I find amazing is how many working people in this country vote against their own self interests. We already know how this going to play out. Blame everything on the President, hold kangaroo court-like investigations and hearings ad nauseum and not accomplish a damn thing for the people of this country just like the last 4 years. Constantly pound the drums...
Please grow up you consistently use mass generalizations for people & belief systems.
New Posts  All Forums: