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The industry's collective pile of waste is growing by about 2,200 tons a year; experts say some of the pools in the United States contain four times the amount of spent fuel that they were designed to handle.
Hmmmmm....what do they do with all that nuclear waste.
Sure...why not?
More time to celebrate your bloated sense of self importance 
Triple dog dare reported
Wouldn't total deregulation be the equivalent of business writing it's own rules (probably worse because there would be NO opposition to unfair/destructive practices)? So you're against regulations for business yet, it bothers you when businesses write bills that are pretty much a precursor to what they would do without regulations?
When your discount is up the price will go up considerably.
Cheap is a relative term. There are also other costs to consider in that equation other than labor. That was the point of the original post made by Pastor_Mac.
Cheap labor comes at a high price. Like you stated, the price is too high.
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