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You don't think that the extra cost from the ISPs to businesses will be passed on to the consumer?
These are easily checkable facts. There is no spin here.
Aside from competition.
Don't you understand the free market is God therefore infallible. Corporations will  always do the right thing when money is involved. /s
I figured you would cop out. Because any news source that disagrees with your distorted world view is the boogeyman.
Do you have a problem with what the President is proposing? How is what he is proposing anti-consumer?
Ted Cruz is nuts.
no problem
Okay? Not sure what you are talking about. Gatoguys post: You must have been asleep the last two years of the Bush presidency when the Dems paralyzed the government while belittling the Chief Exec at every opportunity. As you can see little has changed and there are no clean hands. One side is as bad as the other.
It is pretty clear what Gatoguy said. Slurpy said things that were specific to the conversation.
New Posts  All Forums: