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You're either suggesting that decades to life in supermax prison is a just punishment for principled civil disobedience or you're willfully ignoring the substance of my comment. It is not a matter of belief or patriotism in Snowden's ability to get a fair trail, it is a legal certainty that he cannot. According to experts who have written about it, the laws Snowden is charged under do not allow a defense other than trying to prove that the criminal act did not occur....
If iOS starts supporting a stylus officially, Apple should bring back its Newton handwriting recognition technology as an alternative to covering a large portion of the screen with a keyboard. As the few people who were still using Newton in 1998 will never stop telling anyone who'll listen, it was finally working really well just before Jobs killed it.
It's  disingenuous to portray his being in Russia as political hypocrisy. He's in Russia because the U.S. cancelled his passport after he'd landed at the Moscow airport, which made it impossible for him to choose to be anywhere else. His choices are Russia or U.S. prison. It would serve no purpose to stand trial in the U.S. because laws he's charged under won't allow him to present a defense based on why he did it. Anything he'd want to say in court to justify his actions...
No, no, no. Where there should be Apple Pay is on the parking meter. And once it has your payment information it should indefinitely buy you more time until you move your car, so you just pay the rent for the space as long as you're there and never get a ticket.
Does that mean Robert Preston isn't The Music Man?
Interesting choice. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francisco_%28typeface%29
Combine it with a Roomba.
Obviously, the stupid part of this is the contract requiring merchants not to accept anything else. One would think a merchant would want to take as many forms of payment as they can, for the convenience of the customer.
Since we haven't see a part leak, I'd guess there isn't much to this. Either it doesn't look like anything noteworthy, or it's a new design that's not yet in production where it could leak. A new iMac being announced and not in production yet would be bad news for the holiday quarter and potentially a repeat of the 2012 iMac supply problem.
New Posts  All Forums: