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Aren't big, chunky watches "in" right now? On the other hand, if they can't make to two days on battery, gaining a few hours isn't a practical benefit because you still need to charge every night. I guess it's safe to say the case won't get thinner than the diameter of the crown.
I'd guess everybody involved had to take a pay cut when investors heard this film that was expected to star Christian Bale was instead going to star Michael Fassbender. They're both fine actors but Bale was more bankable at the time.
It's worth it until it's not. Apple has enough confidence in their encryption that if Russia wants to spy on the data they'll have to make a demand, and Apple can decide what to do at that time: comply, compromise, or pull out, and Russia will be the one that risks looking unreasonable.
Except they had to recall all of them because the electronics were too fragile. There are virtually no surviving, working P1s. The P2 was the first based on a single chip and mass produced, and its stainless steel and 18 kt gold models were priced very similarly to the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition adjusted for inflation. A gold-filled option is something Apple could consider for customers who would pay for more than the Apple Watch but not the Edition.
The Apple Watch's ancient spiritual ancestor, the Pulsar LED watches from the 1970s, were offered in stainless steel, 14 kt gold-filled, and 18 kt solid gold. Apple hasn't done that middle tier. A gold-filled Apple Watch would probably be under $3,000. (Gold-filled means there is measurable gold weight on top of the base metal, unlike gold plating which is just enough to give it color.)
Apple is entitled to recover the profits they would have made if Samsung had not created the opportunity to buy non-Apple phones that satisfied demand for features Apple invented.
 I've heard this as well, and also that the battery in a refurbished device is new. If refurbished electronics pass the same visual and electronic tests as new, there is no meaningful difference. Reliability should be the same as new, and the exterior parts are new. The phrase equivalent to new has to mean not new or it's a meaningless phrase. If people agreed to that phrase then they have to accept a reasonable definition of it:  that Apple can make something that is not...
Take Hollywood's average monthly revenue, divide it by the number of people on Earth who can afford a set-top box, and make that the monthly fee to be able to watch anything and everything that exists on demand. Why is this so hard to put together?
Technology is a global marketplace and all governments need to be considered just another security threat. If there's a backdoor for the U.S., they'll share it with "allies" like Saudi Arabia. China will hack their way through it. Your friend is someone else's foe, your foe is someone else's friend. The only level playing field is one where encryption actually works, and works well, for everybody. There WILL be "warrant-proof" zones, because that's what happens when...
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