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I've always suspected that the circumstance of Microsoft winning the free use of most of Apple's Macintosh patents in Windows (something that resulted from Apple accidentally granting an overly broad license in the early days and then regretting it) has created a climate of expectations that makes it much harder for people to accept that Apple's more recent patents should be exclusive to Apple. Apple wanted very much to avoid a repeat of Mac vs. Windows with iOS vs....
 Whether science has determined that one way or another, the point remains that one is no more likely to "switch teams" than switch religions. A lot of employment law is about basic fairness.
 Sexual orientation and gender identity are not "personal choices in lifestyle" they are immutable characteristics. At least they are closer to being immutable than religion, which the law does not allow you to discriminate against.
  There are actually multiple, inconsistent standards at work. As for the FCC, they only regulate indecency on broadcast stations before 10 p.m. After that, as far as the government is concerned NBC could do anything HBO can do. NBC and its affiliates, however, have their own standards based on what they think viewers and advertisers find acceptable: more permissive than what's allowed before 10 p.m., but not a lot more permissive. Basic cable content is not regulated by...
 On the contrary, telecommunication firms' willing and ongoing complicity with the human rights violations committed by government agencies frees everyone to treat them with the same lack of moral or legal consideration.
It's very telling whose side AppleInsider is on, by their uncritical, un-ironic use of the word "abuse" in this context. There is 100% agreement, literally very human being on the planet, that carriers should not charge extra for tethering. I am saying that anyone who does not agree is not human, but potentially human if they change their mind to the right side of this issue.
This was supposed to be the year of the iMat. http://i.imgur.com/9Tdbgrq.jpg
It's very hard to fairly enforce a law that's narrower than "don't touch your phone". On the other hand, why should I be penalized because my music player and GPS is in my phone rather than being built into my car? Consider narrow anti-texting laws in states that allow hands-on phone calls while driving. Someone could have a smartphone plugged into the car stereo and be choosing a song, or even writing a shopping list or looking at their calendar, and look like they're...
All of the "advice" Apple gets has a short-term stock market gain as the goal.
Maybe I'm just getting old, but 30 years doesn't seem like a very long time to keep a time capsule buried. And they had wanted to open it after just 17 years?
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