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HBO doesn't show "porn" with actual graphic sex acts on screen because there might still be a prosecutor in some backwoods county somewhere that would prosecute the local cable company for obscenity.
Tim Cook is liberal, Carly Fiorina is conservative; therefore fairness requires that Fiorina must be afforded the same respect Tim Cook is. It does not matter how stupid and regressive Republican policies and politicians often are; we have a two-party system, red states and blue states, and whatever Republicans put forward as their best must be graded on a curve to be equally regarded as the best that Democrats have to offer. Any discussion of Fiorina's flaws as HP CEO...
In October liability for fraudulent card-swipe-with-signature transactions shifts from banks to merchants who have not upgraded. Some won't change till then.
Unfortunately this is not a sure thing because LGBT persons are not among the "protected classes" listed in federal anti-discrimination law. The most obvious hypocrisy in these state "religious freedom" laws is that under federal law, businesses open to the public may not discriminate against employees or customers of different religions. The idea that people's "religious freedom" is violated by being forced to deal with gays is ludicrous when, for example, a business...
The Isaacson book will be retitled Unbecoming Steve Jobs. Collect the two-part set!
What are the limits? Could an app do text to Braille with this?
Siri gets offended if you say Cortana.
 From what I've read of Snowden, he probably was more likely to support Republicans back when he first joined the military and the intelligence community, but after he was in, it was the Bush administration's practices that disillusioned him. He said he did not vote for Obama, he voted for a third party, but he believed Obama's promises to correct Bush abuses, enough that Snowden waited to disclose the NSA's secrets until Obama had proved to be a disappointment, not only...
This whole case has always been upside-down. Let's prosecute Apple for violating antitrust laws in a way that increased competition!
A car would be a gigantic leap into a strange new industry, but the iPod and iPhone were steps of that kind. The product category of personal computers that Apple was founded on is now a minority of its revenue. Apple is much bigger now and can take bigger steps. Becoming a car company would be very hard, but Apple has more cash than it took for the U.S. to put men on the moon. Is there a question whether Apple could be more successful than, say, John DeLorean? DeLorean's...
New Posts  All Forums: