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Does that mean Robert Preston isn't The Music Man?
Interesting choice. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francisco_%28typeface%29
Combine it with a Roomba.
Obviously, the stupid part of this is the contract requiring merchants not to accept anything else. One would think a merchant would want to take as many forms of payment as they can, for the convenience of the customer.
Since we haven't see a part leak, I'd guess there isn't much to this. Either it doesn't look like anything noteworthy, or it's a new design that's not yet in production where it could leak. A new iMac being announced and not in production yet would be bad news for the holiday quarter and potentially a repeat of the 2012 iMac supply problem.
 The Fifth Amendment protects you from disclosing your knowledge of the code. Cases where the people have been ordered to give up passwords involved data the government already knew about. There's no case I'm aware of where someone's Fifth Amendment rights were overruled to compel them to reveal a code based on the government wanting to fish through unknown data.
 This is a weakness in Touch ID compared to a memorized passcode. You can be compelled to give a fingerprint and other physical evidence. You can't be compelled, under the Fifth Amendment, to give up the contents of your mind to use against yourself in most cases. It's important to recognize a meaningful difference between an encryption key and a physical key:  providing a key from memory is testimony that you control that data. It's possible for an incapacitated person's...
The Fifth Amendment puts the contents of a person's mind "beyond the law". An encrypted data storage device whose key is only within a person's mind is effectively an extension of the person's mind. This is where technology has taken us and there's no going back. Law enforcement is far from helpless. Information must still be decrypted and exist in a physical form when the user is interacting with it. Get court-ordered end-point surveillance of a person when they are...
Apple can do technology, but can it do jewelry? How is the device going to be perceived in value?
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