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 Can one avoid these registration requirements by flying an armed drone and getting the NRA to lobby against registration?
The most dangerous crimes usually involve conspiracy. They should physically surveil people who have raised enough suspicision and get the information they need by making a deal with the little guy to squeal on the big guy. Consider that in the past a lot of this digital evidence wouldn't even have existed. It would have been private conversations that took place in person or by courier or some other means that it would not even be possible to know about unless you were...
When someone has a bad idea before a tragic event, and the tragic event makes them say their same idea louder, the bad idea doesn't become a good idea, and they're not reacting to the event, they're exploiting it.
At the shareholder's meeting last year, when a rep from a conservative think tank tried to get Tim Cook to pledge to only do things that are profitable, he very angrily told them, "If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock." Cook has a lot of capital, not just in the financial sense. As long as Apple is the most profitable company in the world, most investors are not going to care how he does it. For now, it's a fact that companies...
Pirates of Silicon Valley is still the best. The two posthumous dramas don't cover much that happened beyond the time period Pirates cover.
For users willing to pay for it, there are companies making mechanical keyboards with Mac-specific layouts. Here's a Bluetooth one, though it looks almost as retro as it feels: http://matias.ca/laptoppro/mac/
 "Get tools and resources to transform your mobile workforce with enterprise-class iOS and Mac apps, distributed seamlessly and securely within your organization. Join the Apple Developer Enterprise program for $299 per year and get everything you need to start distributing proprietary in-house apps to your employees."https://developer.apple.com/programs/enterprise/ And by the way the filmmakers could use that program to legitimately install fake apps on the prop iPhone...
The judge called this program of collecting phone records "effective surveillance of terrorist threats". The only true word in that phrase is surveillance.
Apple branded Apple Watch accessories would be part of the number as well.
The implication that law enforcement can't function, never has functioned, and shouldn't be expected to function without violating constitutional rights and individual liberty is one I reject. I think even expressing jokingly that abuse is to be expected is destructive to people's determination to protect their rights. Outrage fatigue has to be countered. Official abuse is an outrage the first time it happens, and it's an outrage the millionth time it happens.
New Posts  All Forums: