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I have hope, the drive is already partitions and I have all the operating systems and apps on one and all my files on the other. I'll wait till I get all the info backed up, just incase, before I reinstall the os, But does this mean I will have to reinstall all my apps?? I'll keep you all informed. Thanks for the help!
Majority of the drive is backed up but there is a few weeks of work that isn't (I back up manually, I'm not that computer savvy) I've run the install disk ad the drive is intact, somehow I've deleted part of the oxs file so it won't startup. Thanks for the help, I'll trans the harddrive to another computer via firewire and reinstall oxs. Would you agree that's the best course of action?
Can someone help! My 06 iMac was playing up when I hooked a seagate external drive the other day. The online registration screen for the product would appear in 3 windows and could not be deleted. I found the files relating to the drive in plugins and deleted the file. Photoshop then froze as i was working on it and I could not close any programs. I reboot the computer and all I got was a black screen with the following message... /etc/master.passwd: No such file...
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