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FYI, it seems that I've fixed my beachball problem by uninstalling Parallels Access following the instructions in this link: http://kb.parallels.com/en/117142
I've got the same problem.  Beachballs everywhere, and it is hard to navigate between apps. Trying to use iMessage requires that I click on the message I want to respond to multiple times, and wait for beachballs to go away, then repeat a few times before I can type.  Really annoying.  I may have to take SolipsismX's advice and try a new install.  
I would sort of like to have a Surface, but only if I could install whatever touch OS Linux comes up with.
No, you can't appeal forever, but this case has become incredibly complex.  In general a party can only appeal after a final judgment.  Here, there were a series of post-trial motions and the judge decided that the jury used the wrong formula for calculating some of the damages.  Hence, where we are now, with a new trial for damages on the horizon.    If you notice, Samsung has informed the judge that if the decision on this issue goes against it, then it will file...
There's no reason why Samsung shouldn't try for another bite at the Apple.  If the judge denies the request then that just gives them another issue for appeal.  And they are clearly going to drag this out as long as possible.  My bet, though, is that the judge doesn't buy it and pushes on with the trial on damages.  The only certainty is that there will be plenty of billable hours for both sides.  
I do! It's good to be the king! Now, back to talking like a politician: bullshit, bullshit, bullshit . . .
LOL!  Nice to start Monday with a laugh.
I really dig that shirt. That's the best a blue screen of death has ever looked.
The Judge's statement that Samsung's tablet is not as cool as Apple's will forever be a part of the official record. I'd use that all over the website. "iPad. Adjudged Cooler Than the Competition."
Much like the MS with the Surface, I'm a day late.  Thumbs up to Suddenly Newton.  One-handed browsing sessions indeed.  
New Posts  All Forums: