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Of course the MBA is a 'niche' product. What's wrong with that? Will its sales justify the cost of R&D and marketing is a better question.
Well, the November 1st update was significant.
Educate yourself.Now, why they charged $20, and not $5 (or $.01), I can't say. \
Can't happen. The ram is soldered and afaik it will only accept a single platter 1.8" drive.
Got into AAPL a little late, eh?
Apple sells roughly 1.25 million portables a quarter - 125,000 units of MBA a quarter would represent 10%, anyone think Apple's sales goals are somewhere in there? Has any publication spoken about expected sales numbers?
You can already access remote disks via OS X. Are the dimensions of the trackpads the same? Is there a technical difference between the two to accept 3 points of input as with the 'swipe' gesture? I wouldn't put it past Apple not releasing it in a software update just to keep it Air specific.
Was it ever released? I remember hearing about it followed by a mountain of delays. I do know the current Vaio TZ's support ReadyBoost, with a smaller SSD and larger HDD for roughly the same price of the Air with just an SSD.
It's not even a new feature for Apple. It's just a shared remote disk. The sales figures will be interesting - I'm beginning to think this product is so niche I'm the only guy it makes sense for!
Problem solved.My 12" iBook hasn't had ethernet since ought-three when Mrs. serrano tripped on the cable - I bought a $20 wireless router and It's never been an issue since... how many folks plug into ethernet with their laptops at home or on the road? There's only a couple hotels I've been in in the last two years that had only ethernet and no wireless... and for those I had my trusty usb-ethernet adapter.
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