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Its pretty clear why the sales decline is happening, since more than half of buyers are new to the iPad.   People don't upgrade iPads much - the old ones are fine. I have an iPad 2, and see no reason to get a newer one.
Samsung could offer Apple the opportunity to put iAds on their Tizen phones, that would probably be worth as much as the settlements.
I'm sure that somebody will come up with a wallet that auto downloads the transaction data to TurboTax.   Once that happens it is more of a headache for the IRS than us.
I hope it is a thumb ring with an inductive charging tray.
The PC market is dying, I think that buying a $3B company that will pay for itself in just a few short years is a better bet.  Also, "shutting windows out" would be a bad move after they just brought Microsoft Office to the iPad.
 HD600s are $380 on Amazon, and Grado SR125s are $150.  I have owned both, and they are quite good - the HD580 was the top of the line model for a long time for Sennheiser, and there are some on Amazon for $190. I don't think I would buy the HD800s - I have dropped my HD600s probably 20 times when they snag on the arm of my chair, really expensive headphones are a bad idea I think.
I used MOG before it was shut down, it had better sound quality than Pandora and a better user interface than iTunes radio.
It really is apples to oranges.  Facebook paid a lot, but they paid in overpriced Facebook stock so maybe it balances out.   Apple will be paying cash for a business that will probably pay for itself in just a few years via earnings.
You need to go fact check this - Apple stock was $326 when Cook took over as CEO.
Sound quality is a lot easier to improve than market share or branding is.
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