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Yeah - I think that the /usr/bin directory is only writable by "system".   I ended up putting it in /usr/local/bin instead.   Thanks!
With the sudo command I get "Operation not permitted", and when I drag the file over it refuses (with a big circle with a slash through it).
Trying to follow the instructions here: https://github.com/SmingHub/Sming/wiki/MacOS-Quickstart And even as the root user I can't seem to be able to write to /usr/bin:   sh-3.2# whoami root sh-3.2# ls -alF build/spiffy -rwxr-xr-x+ 1 admin  staff  97780 Oct 23 07:51 build/spiffy* sh-3.2# cp build/spiffy /usr/bin cp: /usr/bin/spiffy: Operation not permitted Any ideas about how I could get around this?
 Was Beats better than MOG?  I liked MOG a lot better than Apple Music, and went back to Pandora when Beats bought MOG. 
Those cases kind of make the apple watch look like the new swatch.
Software patents aren't "people inventing ideas", they are "people pretending to be the first to invent ideas, or inventing obvious and trivial ideas, and then using that BS as a weapon to halt innovation in weaker, smaller companies".
 In order to justify a patent, the public interest has to be served.   The reason that we have patents in the first place is that the guaranteed monopoly on inventions (and the possibility of profit) is an incentive to invent.  That incentive causes more innovation, and that innovation is good for the public.Software patents are bad for the public interest - they are almost always obvious and trivial, they stifle innovation, they are used by large companies to bully...
 Zero, how is that relevant?   I support non-software patents, like drugs or better mousetraps.
 I've been a programmer for 30 years, Mr angry, and never seen any software that deserved a patent.
I hope it destroys the patent system - get rid of all software patents, they are stupid.
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