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The silk road stuff really had very little to do with bitcoin - it was a website breaking the law and evading detection using the Tor network, and then the lead guy did some foolish things and got caught.   There was no weakness in either bitcoin or Tor that caused any problems for silk road.The FBI seised 144k coins from silk road, and the total market cap is 14.5 million bitcoins so far mined out of the 21M total, so the FBI owned about 1% of all the current coins.  The...
1.  I wasn't talking about Samsung, which is why I said "some of Apple's competitors" rather than all.   None of those other companies make a profit, so they are going to start losing more money if sales drop.2.  Fair point.3.  Look at the graph of sales, there is no impact at all from the financial crisis.   That trend line was completely intact even as the economy was ravaged.
Actually the opposite is true - bitcoin has periodic crisis where the developers disagree and put different versions out, which puts them up for community vote.Something like this is happening right now, there are two factions of developers with competing versions of the bitcoin software.   The mining community will determine which (Bitcoin Core vs Bitcoin XP) gets mass acceptance.   Once enough miners decide one way or the other, the competing software will be abandoned...
If the value of gold was based on its manufacturing utility, it would be worth very little.   Gold is worth what it is because people think it is worth that much.
In order to allow an increase, a software update would be required - and all the mining nodes in the world would have to agree to that update and start using the software.   The miners have no incentive to do this, since it would destroy trust and therefore destroy all value in the bitcoin economy - every vested interest that is built on top of bitcoin would fight it.You could never get a consensus big enough to implement the change.
 During the 2008 crisis luxury real estate dropped more than middle class real estate.   Also people often stop buying luxury goods because they no longer want to show off wealth.
 Yes - bitcoin will remain safe.  Government issued fiat currency is subject to infinite debasement and bitcoin isn't - bitcoin is really a better store of value even than physical metals since it is more deflationary and you can hide it or transmit it across borders easily.Bitcoin isn't tied to the existence of government at all, just the internet and electrical grid.   If we get to a place where the internet and electrical grid no longer work then I would rather be...
If that happens my bitcoins will be worth more than the Apple stock I lose, not a problem.   8-)
Apple had $13.2B revenue in China out of a total of $49.6 B worldwide last quarter.   It is a significant market, 26.6% of total revenue - but I think that any loss that Apple has due to lower sales in China and worse US/China exchange rates will be balanced out by the following factors: 1.  Apple's competitors will also be hit, and some of them don't have the deep pockets to survive the storm. 2.  Apple manufacturers goods in China, so manufacturing costs should be...
Apple could get a 100% after market jump if FruitBasket was in the Cayman Islands.   Apple US shareholders could be converted to ADR holders, and the US business would be a subsidiary of the parent company (giving the US government no claim at all on worldwide income).  8-)
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