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I did look at inventory, it is part of the the calculation of total assets and total liabilities.  Accounts Payable is absolutely a debt, in that it needs to be paid.   $125 billion is the real net cash that Apple has if they had to pay off all liabilities - actually it would be more like $116B since goodwill and intangible assets are bs. Also, you have a bad attitude with that "learn to read a balance sheet", pretty sure that violates the rules of the site.
If it isn't low enough nobody will take the deal.  Apple would be a lot better off issuing new debt instead of bringing money back at 10%.
Total assets - total liabilities = 125B.   Also, you misunderstood me - I didn't say "net debt", I said "net of debt", i.e. assets minus liabilities.Apple's total debt is 147B - or do you think that Accounts payable is not a debt?
 $125B net of debt
 I used to work at IBM also - IBM doesn't always use its own tools.   At the time I worked there IBM owned ClearCase, but we used some other much worse piece of shit for source code management.
I like Pandora a lot, and what I wanted was a better version of Pandora (more songs, better sound quality). Here is my experience with Apple Music: 1.  "Choose artists for you" When you first start up the service you need to tell it what artists you like.  You can't just tell the program directly, you have to pick from a list.  If you don't like the things on the list you can get it to give you a new list - it took be about half an hour of new lists before I got a bunch...
They never had the cash that Apple has, Apple never had the crappy union sucking the life out the company that GM had.GM made shit products for 40 years before they went bankrupt, it took a long time.
It is very unlikely that they will ever fail.  It is possible, but it would require the company to throw away over 100 billion dollars on useless crap, and I just don't see that happening."Nothing and no one is too big to fail"  - not a particularly useful soundbite unless backed up with deeper thought.   Too big to fail is normally something people talk about with highly leveraged banks, not conservative companies with a couple hundred billion in cash.Give a reasonable...
Apple revenue could go to zero, and they could still keep their R&D going unchanged *forever*.   Apple has so much money that it is impossible for them to fail.  Also, institutional buyers currently own 59.53% of the company.
 I hope that the nano does not go away, athletes who have isolation before competitions can't use the touch or iPhone - the the Nano is very popular in that specific demographic.Also, it is a good way to give children access to music in their room without worrying that they are texting their friends late at night (or being woken up by texts).
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