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 http://fortune.com/2013/02/17/the-best-and-worst-apple-analysts-nine-quarter-edition/http://fortune.com/2015/04/28/best-and-worst-apple-analysts-blockbuster-q2-edition/Katy is one of the worst Apple analysts of all time, total idiot - I'm pretty sure that she was bearish when Apple hit bottom in the spring of 2009.   Ming must be new because he/she isn't on the list from 2013 or 2015 either. 
Isn't the early 2011 model the one with solder problems?   I'd get rid of it and buy a MC024LL/A instead - that was the last 17" with good solder connections.
 The 17" is probably never coming back.   I liked it too, but they only sold 50k of them per year.
Since high school, when the beautiful cool kids were mean to the nerds.   8-)
Based on what I have read, it definitely does duplicate your library and use extra space.
Is there a way to merge two Photos libraries?   I have two now, one from Aperture and one from iPhoto and I want to put them into the same library.
Why do you like the stainless vs aluminum?   I think that aluminum is nicer looking and also much lighter.   I was kind of expecting aluminum to be the mid-price point version instead of stainless.
Having a bad business stay alive is way worse than having one die.   Free markets provide the fastest growing economies that we know of, and business failures are part of that.  What system are you thinking of that is better?I'm not sure why, but healthcare is special - I agree with you that the NHS is better than the US system.   I think it has to do with the moment of purchase, where the consumer is willing to do anything and has really limited information in the US.  ...
John Roth was worse, way worse.
More than 100% of the price difference US vs UK is VAT and import duties, so blame your government.  Once you subtract out all taxes Apple products are slightly cheaper in the UK than the US.
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