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It isn't good messaging policy - because the criteria they use to pick companies to hassle has nothing to do with the environment.  Eventually everyone will realize that they are crooks and this policy will backfire.They are not an organization that protects the environment, they are an organization that shakes down people for money.
Greenpeace stands for BS - they were hassling Apple when Apple was much greener than anybody else a few years ago just because it was good publicity and could help them drum of donations.
This is the first quarter where the iPhone 5S and the iPads are selling without any manufacturing constraint, and where we get real data about iPhones in China.  According to yahoo, analyst estimates are 43.55B revenue and 10.13/share earnings.
no, Tizen is an open source project
Pandora is $36/year  -- edit, never mind - looks like they raised their prices
I had iTunes radio cut out also, but it was because I had a flaky internet connection.  I think that Pandora keeps trying and iTunes gives up too easily.
A lot of Pandora users probably bought a year subscription, and have to wait for it to expire.   Pandora is better if you have a bunch of people sharing an account that have different iTunes libraries, iTunes radio is better (slightly cheaper, better sound quality) otherwise.
I think that the key is that most good programmers start very young - but not because somebody "turned them into a programmer", but because they were interested at that age without somebody else telling them to be.So if you want a bunch of black programmers, provide programming instruction to everybody at age 12 and watch to see who keeps going on their own independently.
Almost all the programmers I have met that I would hire with my own money (as opposed to my employer's money) started very early.
It also isn't enough for them to join the tech industry - most good programmers start at age 12, the one that start in college are the ones doing it because it is easy money.   African Americans probably need a cultural change that gets age 12 kids to start programming if they want to generate a bunch of good programmers - and before somebody says that they can't afford that, microcontroller kits are very cheap.
New Posts  All Forums: