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Not really, we seem to be able to authenticate multiple iTunes accounts per device. So for apps we all use, I buy them and everybody uses my login for that one thing. Kind of a little cumbersome but it works ok.
We have separate iTunes accounts, read my post again more carefully. With pandora we all pay once, with iTunes Match we have to pay 5 times or else have one shared iTunes library.
Does not work for me, because my daughters and I have different iTunes libraries, but share a pandora account.   iTunes match means that everybody but one person loses their music.
That isn't how Amazon works - they will drive Roku out of business by pricing their box at zero margin, and Roku will lose money at that price point because Amazon will have greater clout with manufacturers and eventually higher volume.But they are no threat to AppleTV at all.
They could compete - I think that they made a mistake not supporting Amazon Prime, Roku would be a lot less popular if they had done it, and Amazon probably wouldn't have bothered with their own box.I don't see the point of supporting Netflix and not supporting Amazon Prime - block both if you are worried about cannibalizing iTunes, or allow both, but don't just allow one of them.
Yawn - they are not competing with Apple, but with Roku.   People buy the AppleTV to steam iTunes and/or Netflix, they buy the Roku to stream Netflix and/or Amazon prime.   The overlap of a new Amazon box will mainly be with the Roku.
Domestic corporate taxes are the basis for our lack (-ish) of corruption in income taxes.   What happens is that corporations need deductions, so that they have to accurately report all of the wages that they pay out (since otherwise they would have to pay tax on that wage money paid out).  Because of corporate taxes, the government gets accurate data on W-2s, and there is almost no income tax fraud.  Similarly, companies have to report the money that they pay to other...
 Sounds like a great idea, and we should withdraw all our troops from Europe also.All Apple needs to do is move its headquarters offshore, trade all its public shares for ADRs, and make "Apple US" a subsidiary of "Apple World".  The current US tax policy will end up causing most companies to do stuff like this eventually.
Why does the US deserve a cut?  The overseas money is from foreign people buying things made by other foreign people on foreign soil.The only other country with a tax like this is Estonia, the US just needs to stop trying to tax foreign profits.
You realize he is up a billion dollars or so on his Apple investment...
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