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In order to maintain profit margins, the selling prices of iPhones in the UK will go up as a result of the tax.  Where do you think that the 25% comes from?
He probably said the same thing about Tesla.
Aperture 2.1.4 is what I was using, and it is being replaced by Apple Photos next year I understand.   What is my cheapest option for accessing my Aperture library while I wait for the replacement?
I made a mockup using the life-size printout from ai - unless you are a very small person the regular iPhone 6 is pretty easy to use one handed.   Once I tried out the two sizes, the iPhone 5 seemed too small (but I am 6'3" with fairly large hands).
Is there any way to turn off some of the icons on the AppleTV?  It is getting too messy with stuff that I will never use.
Better to find an adjusted market cap based on [market cap - liquid assets + liabilities] and use that to compute an adjusted P/E ratio.For example, Apple market cap [602B] -                      June 28 current assets [68B] -                      June 28 long term investments [126.7B] +                     June 28 total liabilities [101B] = 508.3BSo adjusted price per share is 508.3B/5.99B = 84.86Adjusted trailing P/E = 84.86/5.96 = 14.24 
The 2009 era macbook pro has stood the test of time, and doesn't have any soldier issues like some of the new models.   Anytime I need a new laptop I get one of the 17" 2009 models from Amazon for $600 to $800 - no app I run has a noticeable speed difference.
Its pretty clear why the sales decline is happening, since more than half of buyers are new to the iPad.   People don't upgrade iPads much - the old ones are fine. I have an iPad 2, and see no reason to get a newer one.
Samsung could offer Apple the opportunity to put iAds on their Tizen phones, that would probably be worth as much as the settlements.
I'm sure that somebody will come up with a wallet that auto downloads the transaction data to TurboTax.   Once that happens it is more of a headache for the IRS than us.
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