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Protecting themselves from competition in exactly the same way as Microsoft did when they bundled IE with Windows...
 If you say "bit coin is illegal" without qualification, it is natural to assume you mean "illegal in the US".  So the original statement is misleading.I don't think that Apple is doing this to protect themselves, I think that they are going to buy PayPal eventually and they want to clear out any possible competition to their eventual payment system dominance.   I realize that you don't agree, but I don't think your arguments have any merit.
Ah, illegal in Russia, but so are a lot of things (homosexuality, for example - so Apple blocks the gay dating apps in Russia).   Apple has to follow the laws of each country, they already have infrastructure in place to block things on a per-country basis.Having something be illegal in some other country is not a good reason to block it in the US.
 huh?  Do you have a reference for this?
Its true that it is difficult to launder black market cash inside the US because of deposit limits and reporting, but that does not matter because most black market cash gets deposited in Mexico or Afghanistan.And obviously, now we need to ban small businesses like car washes, because they can be used to launder money just like bitcoin can.  8-)
I wonder if Apple will buy bing from Microsoft.   I'm hoping that the new Microsoft CEO breaks up the company - it would unlock a lot of value for shareholders since the PC market is dying and they have failed to break into mobile.
The notes have serial numbers, but they are still less traceable and accountable than bit coin.   If you care enough, you can figure out who bought what with bitcoin, and most of the time you can't with cash.Any argument that says we should ban bit coins because they are "untraceable" and used for black market transactions can be used even more effectively as an argument to say that we should ban physical cash.   There is a reason that almost all black market transactions...
It wasn't a stupid comment, $100 bills are actually less accountable than bit coin since bit coin isn't really anonymous.   And you must still be out of good arguments.
Yeah, and they should outlaw any other kind of app that uses US dollars also, since 99% of money laundering uses US currency. 
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