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I hope it is a thumb ring with an inductive charging tray.
The PC market is dying, I think that buying a $3B company that will pay for itself in just a few short years is a better bet.  Also, "shutting windows out" would be a bad move after they just brought Microsoft Office to the iPad.
 HD600s are $380 on Amazon, and Grado SR125s are $150.  I have owned both, and they are quite good - the HD580 was the top of the line model for a long time for Sennheiser, and there are some on Amazon for $190. I don't think I would buy the HD800s - I have dropped my HD600s probably 20 times when they snag on the arm of my chair, really expensive headphones are a bad idea I think.
I used MOG before it was shut down, it had better sound quality than Pandora and a better user interface than iTunes radio.
It really is apples to oranges.  Facebook paid a lot, but they paid in overpriced Facebook stock so maybe it balances out.   Apple will be paying cash for a business that will probably pay for itself in just a few years via earnings.
You need to go fact check this - Apple stock was $326 when Cook took over as CEO.
Sound quality is a lot easier to improve than market share or branding is.
Jobs hired Eric Schmidt to the Apple BoD - he made huge hiring mistakes also. 
Yes they do - why do you think that they (and others) bought the Nortel patents?  
Didn't RBC downgrade Apple when they hit $77?  Just because an analyst is bullish doesn't mean they aren't an idiot.
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