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I used MOG before it was shut down, it had better sound quality than Pandora and a better user interface than iTunes radio.
It really is apples to oranges.  Facebook paid a lot, but they paid in overpriced Facebook stock so maybe it balances out.   Apple will be paying cash for a business that will probably pay for itself in just a few years via earnings.
You need to go fact check this - Apple stock was $326 when Cook took over as CEO.
Sound quality is a lot easier to improve than market share or branding is.
Jobs hired Eric Schmidt to the Apple BoD - he made huge hiring mistakes also. 
Yes they do - why do you think that they (and others) bought the Nortel patents?  
Didn't RBC downgrade Apple when they hit $77?  Just because an analyst is bullish doesn't mean they aren't an idiot.
Except for the advertising, Hulu is better than both of those due to more content.   I currently use Amazon prime, cancelled Netflix because the stuff I wanted was never available.
No Hulu for me until it is ad-free
Was slide to unlock invented by Google, or did Eric Schmidt take the invention from an Apple BOD meeting and give it to Google before it was patented? Just because Google had it before the patent was filed does not mean that they invented it.
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