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My computer often loses communication with USB devices, and no hardware changed - the only thing that happened was an upgrade to Mavericks. USB devices -> D-Link hub -> Gefen KVM -> 2008-era Mac Pro.
When is the vote on the Icahn proposal?
Switch to Volvo instead.  Volvo and Audi are the only two luxury car manufacturers to stay away from the touchscreen/mouse horror combination that is taking over the UI of the car.  I drove a Lexus the other day, and I couldn't figure out how to get hot air on my feet, accidentally turned on the navigation system that started talking to me instead.  Touchscreen and mouse is a dangerous thing, it takes your eyes off the road for too long.The Volvo UI is designed to be...
Colorware will probably do recolors of existing macs, like they do now. http://www.colorware.com/categories.aspx I'd like a yellow one, actually
I imagine that it is only a matter of time until the plastic cover on the new Mac Pro is offered by 3rd parties in other colors, and maybe a R2D2 version.  I'm looking forward to a red version, or maybe one machined out of copper billet. What are some other ideas for covers?
Pretty sure his post was a sarcastic jab at stock market analysts, Sheldon.
They just got a new government, and the new government is dredging the great barrier reef out of the way so that they can export more coal.  I think that they were better off with high apple prices, tbh.My father in law donated $300k to get the new government in, which is weird from a US perspective where we are so limited on political donations.   Canada and Australia are more right wing than the US in certain ways.
Probably import duties, shipping, insurance.http://customs.gov.au/site/page5663.aspAlso, Apple probably pays money to buy futures contracts to hedge against currency fluctuations, which has to also be added to the price in Australia. 
They sold it in 2007.
I want to play iPhone 5 Pandora via a outboard D/A converter.  Would it work to output hdmi via the Apple digital AV cable, and then use a device that splits out the hdmi audio onto a spdif cable?   Is there a better way than that?  Some kind of cable that has lightning on one end, and TOSLink and USB on the other end?  Or a USB to spdif converter?
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