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The funny thing is that the people who point to the lower 5c sales numbers as being a "bad thing" are usually the same people that thought it was a "bad thing" that the iPhone 4 and 4S outsold the iPhone 5.I wonder what conditions would be required for these people to be happy?
I had some serious problems upgrading my mac pro - I had to do a clean install on a different hard drive and use the migration assistant to move my data and applications over, the upgrade bricked my main install.Things are fine now, except that Mavericks does not seem to work well with my Gefen KVM switch.  If I have the mouse and keyboard plugged into the computer directly everything is fine, but when they go through the KVM the computer loses contact and can't find them...
I'm going to buy one of the new Mac Pros this Christmas, but the storage is way too low to fit my iTunes library.  What are the best storage expansions (thunderbolt 2?) that would pair well with a Mac Pro and will be out by Christmas?
The raid array is internal, and it is my boot disk so I need access to it.   I can't boot in safe mode, can't switch boot disks, and when I boot in target mode the other computer can't mount the raid array either, just the other two non-raid internal disks. Right now my plan is to copy a boot image to a non-raid disk in my computer, and pull the raid disks out to force the computer to boot from the non-raid disk.  Once that works I will plug the raid disks back in and see...
It this a known problem?  On boot I get the gray screen with the apple and the spinner, combined with a flat progress bar on the bottom. The progress bar gets about 25% of the way done, and then the machine powers itself off.  Cmd-R does not work to put the computer into recovery mode, but target mode seems to work, and I'll get my data off the computer that way. Computer is a 2008 Mac Pro with a 2-disk raid array.
How do you figure that?  If the 5c is a bad seller, then they will sell a lot more 4s and 5s phones.   It isn't like people will go "I don't like the 5c, so I will buy a Samsung".Apple will have over $50 earnings per share next year no matter how well the 5c does.
The gold version reminds me of Accuphase audio gear, which is very popular in Japan but not as much in the US. I bet they sell a ton of gold iPhones in Japan and China.
June 2013:  "We are in no hurry, the iPhone is no longer the God of all smartphones.  I don't think it is indispensable for us to sell the iPhone." -- DoCoMo That was a pretty quick and dramatic turnaround of opinion.
This looks more like a development picture than a manufacturing picture. 
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