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If Apple is successful, then it won't be the only way to make a payment, but it will be the most convent way to make a payment, which will result in a monopoly  (just like Amazon prime is going to result in a monopoly).You just want that to happen, is all.
They have removed every bit coin app, though.http://techcrunch.com/2013/12/09/how-does-apple-really-feel-about-bitcoin/I think that the iBooks thing was BS, and Amazon is an abusive monopoly.   Here the shoe is on the other foot - Apple is abusing its market power in an attempt to corner a position in payments.This is no different that the stuff Microsoft used to do.  For all of you arguing that Apple's actions are not anticompetitive, try to imagine somebody using the...
Woz has brain damage from an airplane crash.
I used to work at IBM, I don't share your sentiments.  IBM is a huge filter where good and bad people join, and then the good people leave ...   Anyone there 12 years is a lost cause for the most part.
I'd imagine that the iOS number includes revenue for Google on iOS - but all the same I would be worried if I were Google.   The PC and Laptop markets are dying, and the hardware vendors for iOS and Android could easily capture all of the advertising revenue leaving nothing left for Google.
How much does this re-solder job typically cost?
I have an MacbookPro8,3 with no problems, but it is a late 2011 model - crossing my fingers.   Did the late 2011 model have a different GPU setup and/or better soldering?
So the issues are restricted to the MacbookPro  8,1  8,2 and  8,3 models right?  
My computer often loses communication with USB devices, and no hardware changed - the only thing that happened was an upgrade to Mavericks. USB devices -> D-Link hub -> Gefen KVM -> 2008-era Mac Pro.
When is the vote on the Icahn proposal?
New Posts  All Forums: