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Pandora is $36/year  -- edit, never mind - looks like they raised their prices
I had iTunes radio cut out also, but it was because I had a flaky internet connection.  I think that Pandora keeps trying and iTunes gives up too easily.
A lot of Pandora users probably bought a year subscription, and have to wait for it to expire.   Pandora is better if you have a bunch of people sharing an account that have different iTunes libraries, iTunes radio is better (slightly cheaper, better sound quality) otherwise.
I think that the key is that most good programmers start very young - but not because somebody "turned them into a programmer", but because they were interested at that age without somebody else telling them to be.So if you want a bunch of black programmers, provide programming instruction to everybody at age 12 and watch to see who keeps going on their own independently.
Almost all the programmers I have met that I would hire with my own money (as opposed to my employer's money) started very early.
It also isn't enough for them to join the tech industry - most good programmers start at age 12, the one that start in college are the ones doing it because it is easy money.   African Americans probably need a cultural change that gets age 12 kids to start programming if they want to generate a bunch of good programmers - and before somebody says that they can't afford that, microcontroller kits are very cheap.
You can probably still install it with bootcamp, I was able to install XP after they dropped support.  You just reboot the computer from CD after bootcamp makes the partition for you.
Seems like a no-brainer at a $1.91 Billion market cap, porting all those games over to iPhone/iPad/?AppleTV? would give them a huge boost.
I have run out of skips with iTunes match - also, you don't get ads but you still get mandatory channels at the top of the list which are kind of ad-like.
Because the iTunes Match subscribers are the paying subscribers of radio maybe?
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