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The lawsuit wouldn't have anything to do with patents, it would have to do with a member of Apple's BoD using confidential information inappropriately (i.e. to help Google develop android).
Because if they sued Schmidt, it would be paid by Apple's BoD insurance, and would only hurt Apple (higher insurance costs from then on).  They did go after Google, and are continuing to.The people to sue wouldn't be Apple, it would be a class action suit by the shareholders way back then, and I have no idea why that hasn't happened.http://gizmodo.com/5941817/what-really-made-steve-jobs-so-angry-about-google
They took confidential Apple BoD information, because the Google CEO was on the Apple BoD, and used it to create a competing product.  That isn't just stealing, that is a betrayal of Apple shareholders by an Apple director.
At the peak, Nortel actually had a bigger R&D budget ($6 Billion) than Apple currently has.
You are just willfully failing to understand now.
I'll spell it out for you.1.  People get amazon prime for the shipping2.  They get video streaming for free with that3.  Amazon video streaming is therefore popular, and not going away4.  If Apple wants to kill all competitors, it is mandatory to have Amazon video streaming on the AppleTVYour statement "Or, you know, every other conceivable service available on Apple TV. Make Amazon Prime irrelevant." completely ignores this reality.
Most people get Amazon prime for the overnight shipping even without the streaming service, so it won't ever be irrelevant.
The funny thing is that the people who point to the lower 5c sales numbers as being a "bad thing" are usually the same people that thought it was a "bad thing" that the iPhone 4 and 4S outsold the iPhone 5.I wonder what conditions would be required for these people to be happy?
I had some serious problems upgrading my mac pro - I had to do a clean install on a different hard drive and use the migration assistant to move my data and applications over, the upgrade bricked my main install.Things are fine now, except that Mavericks does not seem to work well with my Gefen KVM switch.  If I have the mouse and keyboard plugged into the computer directly everything is fine, but when they go through the KVM the computer loses contact and can't find them...
New Posts  All Forums: