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Not me. I have paid in the max since 1993 (when I moved here from Canada), and I expect to receive ZERO after the boomers snort that SS cocaine up their noses. I don't mind the taxes I paid in Canada, because at least I got good medical care there for my money.
So - all that does is change my point from "Canada is forcing drug companies to charge less than R&D cost" to "Canada is forcing drug companies to charge less than R&D + advertising cost". Canada is still forcing the drug companies to sell at less than market rates, via the thread of generic drug manufacture in Canada. Look at the profit margins on the link you posted - way less than you would expect based on the prices that they are charging Americans. Obviously...
And that counteracts my point (that baby boomers paid less to social security than they are taking out) in what way exactly?
No, everything you just posted looks like it was wrong.http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/ProgData/taxRates.htmlThe boomers may not have been congressmen, but they were voters. And they paid a very light tax in the first half of their working lives (6-7% total, compared to 15% now, and 25%? in the future). And the gross national debt comment is totally off topic, which is normal for you (baffle them with bs - the normal MO for your posts).
This is different, this is a math problem (pay less in taxes, pull more money out than you put in, etc). When it is a math problem, there is a lot less room to argue that one side is subjectively wrong.There is absolutely no doubt that the baby boomer generation destroyed our social safety blanket by failing to put enough money into the funds via payroll taxes. Really, this isn't a problem with the baby boomers, per say. It is a problem with the combination of Democracy...
Canada is shafting drug companies (and by proxy, Canada is shafting the American drug consumer) by regulating the price of drugs so low that the drug companies are losing money if you include the R&D cost. Drug prices being regulated is a bad idea, because it puts back pressure on R&D costs, resulting in fewer new drugs.If drug prices were regulated down to Canada's levels, there would be no money left for R&D of future drugs (and no incentive to invest in R&D either). ...
That ad is fantastic... Better than most of Apple's ads even. And making it a viral video will probably get them better exposure than they would have received from putting it on TV.
Maybe you are running out of memory, and the system is swapping virtual memory? What kind of laptop do you have? and with how much memory?
Its not that we hate the baby boomers - its just that we are tired of paying their way. Baby boomers are kind of like Quebec - a giant tax dollar vacuum cleaner. Every penny I pay into medicare and social security is a direct subsidy of the boomer generation, and I will never see that money back. The reason that I will never see that money back is that the boomer generation paid the bare minimum in payroll taxes to support their outnumbered parents (i.e. they will pull...
What isn't? We are all just biological space heaters in the grand scheme of things. We are mobile factories that aid in the decomposition of organic matter, with heat byproducts.
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