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That ad is fantastic... Better than most of Apple's ads even. And making it a viral video will probably get them better exposure than they would have received from putting it on TV.
Maybe you are running out of memory, and the system is swapping virtual memory? What kind of laptop do you have? and with how much memory?
Its not that we hate the baby boomers - its just that we are tired of paying their way. Baby boomers are kind of like Quebec - a giant tax dollar vacuum cleaner. Every penny I pay into medicare and social security is a direct subsidy of the boomer generation, and I will never see that money back. The reason that I will never see that money back is that the boomer generation paid the bare minimum in payroll taxes to support their outnumbered parents (i.e. they will pull...
What isn't? We are all just biological space heaters in the grand scheme of things. We are mobile factories that aid in the decomposition of organic matter, with heat byproducts.
If you have counter arguments, please list them - my post listed the actual situation. I am Canadian, and planning on moving back at some point, BTW - the medical system is better in Canada, and the drugs are cheaper . That isn't my reason for moving back, drugs are an insignificant cost for me, but it is a bonus.What I said is true, and all the politicians know it - so any time you see a Democratic politician saying anything about importing drugs for less money, you...
There are two "costs" when developing drugs: 1. Sunk R&D cost 2. Manufacturing cost Canada dictates that drug companies sell drugs for a loss overall. The companies are making more than manufacturing cost, but less than total cost including R&D - the American consumers have to pay for R&D in other words. The Canadian government also tells the drug companies that if they don't sell drugs at below total cost, then Canadian companies will start making generic versions of...
Georgia attacked first, at the request of the US, and with our weapons.
Are you insane? this is a mathematical formula, not something subjective you can argue about. And I am also Canadian. I have lived in Canada, and also in the US - my taxes were much higher in Canada, but they lowered them after I left because too many people were leaving. When I lived there my tax rate was 60%, now it would be much less.Edit - oops, I thought you were arguing with me, now I am not sure.
I'm an idiot because I think that 35% (US top tax bracket) is higher than 29% (Canadian top tax bracket)?Here is the data again, so you can read it this time.Canada: http://www.taxtips.ca/taxrates/canada.htmUS: http://www.moneychimp.com/features/tax_brackets.htmUS Federal tax rates are higher than Canadian tax rates, particularly for rich people.
Canadian taxes are slightly lower than US taxes, at least at the federal level, and at least in the highest tax bracket. Your friend probably left Canada before they lowered taxes.http://www.taxtips.ca/taxrates/canada.htm
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