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They are going from bad to worse. Europe is having all of the same problems as the USA, plus a couple trillion in bad loans to the former soviet republics.
Does Dell even make Xeon 5500 series machines yet? They have some quad core xeon based systems, but the tech specs don't mention which series of Xeon is being used.
Don't worry, your currency will crater along with your economy, making the exchange rate better. 8)
They are probably limited in GPU choice because they wanted to be an early adopter of DisplayPort. There just aren't that many displayport cards - a month ago I could only find one $1000 ATI card when I googled it. Does that $149 HD4870 card include displayPort?
The apple webpage says that you can have two monitors on one card, one with dvi and one with displayport. Eight monitors max with four cards.It looks like Nehalem is 50% to 100% faster than harpertown when matched clock for clock.http://forum.xcpus.com/intel/14750-n...pec-tests.html
How many firewire busses does the new Mac Pro have? It should just slow down one of the busses, right?
But according to the ratings on the apple store, the DisplayPort to DVI converters suck mightily. I don't really follow graphic card revisions and what not - but I found this:http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/P...D_4830/26.html Am I right in assuming that the new 4870 graphics card is a 15% faster card than the 8800gt I have in my 6 month old mac pro? When they update the 30" monitor to displayPort, I may upgrade - but it seems like kind of a blah upgrade, for what will...
Well, yours could be ruined as well, if this recession ends up bad enough and the surplus gets inflated to nothing.1. It was a joke2. If it were not a joke, it would not have been a fallacy, since the tax rates were the same for all baby boomers, and those tax rates were not high enough to pay for the boomers collective money-sucking inhalation power.
So Obama must suck then. God damn him and his whole generation for not paying enough taxes and wrecking our social safety net!
New Posts  All Forums: