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I'm not worried about it - I'm 42 and once my stocks recover in a year or two I could retire if I wanted. I'm not counting on SS - I'm just arguing with you and franksagent because the two of you seem to be in denial about this whole thing. The main thing that could hurt me out of this situation is the expansion of payroll tax (remove the cap, subject other types of income, etc) - there aren't that many gen-Xers around compared to the number of retiring boomers, and...
Yes, I did. The money I paid in will be used up by people like you, and I will never see it. The reason that I will never see it is that you didn't pay enough payroll taxes to make up for what you will pull out of the plan - your whole generation is basically the recipient of government welfare at my expense. And jimmac - no debt, no mortgage, and credit cards paid off every month, although I don't see what that has to do with SS.
I didn't play a part in getting us here - all I did is throw payroll taxes down a hole. Jimmac - your whole post is off topic. I'm not saying that we are more frugal than boomers, just that we are getting stuck with their restaurant tab. We have a surplus in the SS account - the baby boomers didn't put enough in, so they are going to suck that surplus dry (plus put it way into debt) before I retire. If they had put enough in, then the surplus would have been enough so...
Now I disagree with both of you. Our banking system was destroyed by lack of regulation.
Canada sets US drug prices indirectly, but refusing to pay for R&D and Advertising - admittedly advertising is optional, but R&D isn't, and the American consumer is stuck with the bill.Canada forces drug companies to sell their drugs in Canada, by saying "sell drugs here, for the prices we tell you, or we will make the generics ourselves".The whole system is ripping off Americans, because the companies are based here. If the companies were based in Canada, it would be us...
1. That is not an answer2. I still stand by what I said in that post. Canada is ripping of the drug companies via extortion, forcing US consumers to pay higher prices.
The drug companies are profitable, but nowhere near as profitable as they would be if the OP complaints were valid. Eye drops that probably cost $1 to manufacture, going for $750 - where is all that money going screener? For an extreme example, go look at Genzyme.
No, actuarial math, at this point. Unless they jack up payroll taxes, in which case I still get less money than I put in.
Not me. I have paid in the max since 1993 (when I moved here from Canada), and I expect to receive ZERO after the boomers snort that SS cocaine up their noses. I don't mind the taxes I paid in Canada, because at least I got good medical care there for my money.
So - all that does is change my point from "Canada is forcing drug companies to charge less than R&D cost" to "Canada is forcing drug companies to charge less than R&D + advertising cost". Canada is still forcing the drug companies to sell at less than market rates, via the thread of generic drug manufacture in Canada. Look at the profit margins on the link you posted - way less than you would expect based on the prices that they are charging Americans. Obviously...
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