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The key phrase there is "in the US".Speaking, from Australian point of view, we rarely see first, and sometimes not at all, some of the more clever implementations that you see in the US.We have small product ranges, items are generally more expensive (even digital items that require no delivery), and when it comes to physical stores the opening hours border on ridiculous.It's surprising when you think about it. It's not complicated.Let the consumer buy what they want,...
I know what you mean.I was pretty upset when they didn't include NFC in the new Mac Pro.What IS going on at Apple!
Interesting.   As the great Phillip J. Fry once said:   "Shut up and take my iPad!".   How DO they fit on this wonderful stuff in such a tiny (and getting tinier) package?  
Or even it's 'average' talent.You know that old myth about how we were only supposedly using 10% of our brain? Although believed to be false now, I wouldn't be surprised if that figure was accurate for most organisations anywhere in the world...
 Oldman is insane. That's the good insane. Not the bad insane. A few years ago I read an article that pointed out that, in all of the films that he had made, Gary Oldman had always done the accents of his characters flawlessly and that he had never, not once, used the same accent in any movie twice. At the time it was accurate. However, since then I've noticed that he has used the same accent once or twice.  However, if you listen to his native accent on YouTube you've...
I totally agree with your Wild West comment.I couldn't have phrased it better myself.
Time will tell, I guess.
Sorkin writes a pretty mean script. The Social Network was excellent.I would expect this film to be considerably better than other previous attempts about Mr Jobs.
I have the impression that wifi has never been Apple's strong point and it's been like that for years.   I've had more problems with wifi on Apple devices than I have had with any other area.   I'd love to know the reason behind that.
It's been interesting to see Facebook struggling to come up with the 'next big thing' after redefining social networking.   You hear about the incredibly long hours the multitude of staff devote their lives to and, when you see something like this, you can't help but think, "What the hell are you guys doing with that time? Surely that can't be everything you came up with?".   It will be interesting to see Facebook's situation in ten years time.
New Posts  All Forums: