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And without China. What would that number have been with that tiny little country included...
 If you're attempting to convince anybody here that Samsung is a pure and innocent organisation then you're doing a terrible job. The situation in India is not just the case of "an Indian court" as you claimed. It's a case involving India's SUPREME COURT, a court that would not issue an arrest warrant without justification. Your post also fails to take into consideration the multitude of other times that Samsung has been caught engaging in similar behaviour. Samsung are...
Then you will be ignored.Then flipped over.Then challenged.Then flipped over again.Then challenged AND ignored.And then ignored then challenged.Until you can take no more challenging and ignoring and are thrown away, on the side of the road, like an old wedding dress.😉
Samsung is a single company (regardless of divisions) run by a single family with a proven history of criminal activity.Who says this?Well, apart from the results of the most basic of searches, Samsung's former chief legal counsel for one:http://www.theverge.com/2012/11/30/3709688/samsung-25-years-lee-kun-heeWhat happened with Apple is not unique. Samsung did the exact same thing to Sony over a decade ago. And they have done it to many other companies as well. Partner....
As I mentioned earlier, reliability and trustworthiness are two different things.And I think your thinking regarding robotics is a little too short term.Even Korea is heavily investing in this technology:http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-09-11/south-koreas-robotics-ambitions-beware-japanThe only downside I see is when the robots rise up and kill us.But seeing as the net income per person will have dropped maybe we could consider that a good thing?
Reliability and trustworthiness are two very, very different things.Robotics has the ability to level the playing field in regards to countries that take advantage of cheap labour.Like it or not, robotics are coming. Foxconn is already implementing robot technology and there is no reason why the USA and other countries should not as well.And don't worry about Samsung employees losing their jobs. They can become Apple employees. Or robot technicians. Whatever they prefer.😉
Apple robots would be preferable.Hardware has never been Google's strong point.Plus, production performance would be enhanced if the robots weren't collecting information, sending it to Google, getting infected, and not being supported after short periods of time.😉
Samsung are not reliable because they cannot be trusted. They have demonstrated that a number of times with a number of different companies.And the USA should not prostitute itself to another country just because they supply employment and investment.Employment and investment would be better if it came from within.An investment in robotics by the United States will bring more jobs, income, and power back to it and reduce the need to rely on other countries.
I'll?Are you, in any way, shape, or form associated with Samsung?
I wonder...   When you take into consideration the low profit margins on their phones, lost business with Apple, marketing fees ($14 billion plus for 2013), legal fees, money owed to Apple for said legal action, exactly how much did Samsung's Mobile division make in the last year or so?   It's a good thing their product portfolio is diversified.   At least, with Apple eating into their high-end handsets and Xiaomi about to eat into the low-end, the future is looking...
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