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This just in!Apple is getting into the shipping business and will be spending BILLIONS on their new product - the iiCaptain.Rumour has it that this magical and revolutionary product category will be launching (see what I did there?) later this year!
Does anybody else hear Steve Job's voice saying 'International Bozo Machines' whenever they read 'IBM'?
Seriously, I don't think you realise the gravity of the situation. The costs can be astronomical.
When Apple announces iSearch Google will release their first iProduct:iShitMyself.
There's a vacumn of funds available for this area, you reckon?
Right after we give it it's "iPhone Killer" stamp...
An excellent point which I hadn't even considered!
Just for the record, mdriftmeyer used to actually work at Apple.So he doesn't have a real name, just a serial number.
Out of interest, what are your plans for your phones/tablets?
That's still $30,000,000 too much.And my original point still stands. Money does not make the man.
New Posts  All Forums: