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I'd still prefer something smaller and lighter so I'll wait for the next MacBook Air to be released...
Ah, but at least Gil got everybody on that boat with the hole in it rowing in the right direction...😉
I've read so many Steve Job's biographies that I'm starting to think it all happened to me.And I'll never forgive Sculley for throwing me out of my own company...
High-velocity ingests? Weren't they outlawed by the Geneva Convention?
I've finished it, so now it's time to wreck it for everybody else:He dies at the end.😉I'm hearing this book has been so popular that a sequel has been planned: The Return (Again) of Steve Jobs.
Almost finished it. (Advantages of living in Australia and, hence, your future, time-wise)
http://gizmodo.com/5926598/the-amazing-contents-of-steve-wozniaks-travel-backpackI must admit though.He does understand that technology can definitely improve a person's quality of life.
Hey, look!Swan Lake without real swans and a lake:Madame Butterfly but she's not really in Japan:Shakespeare without swords!Whaddya know! Everything DOES have to be authentic and exact to be successful!I'm surprised that nobody hasn't complained that they guy playing Steve Jobs ISN'T ACTUALLY STEVE JOBS!😉
I don't know about that.Wozniak seems to have learned the importance of focus.See the contents of his backpack for proof.😉
So, by information provided in your own post, HP wasn't savvy enough to realise the PC would be revolutionary while Jobs did and you CRITICIZE him?That makes sense.
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