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Does anybody else hear Steve Job's voice saying 'International Bozo Machines' whenever they read 'IBM'?
Seriously, I don't think you realise the gravity of the situation. The costs can be astronomical.
When Apple announces iSearch Google will release their first iProduct:iShitMyself.
There's a vacumn of funds available for this area, you reckon?
Right after we give it it's "iPhone Killer" stamp...
An excellent point which I hadn't even considered!
Just for the record, mdriftmeyer used to actually work at Apple.So he doesn't have a real name, just a serial number.
Out of interest, what are your plans for your phones/tablets?
That's still $30,000,000 too much.And my original point still stands. Money does not make the man.
I believe that anybody who claims that a personal computer is easier to use than an iPad probably falls outside the category of the majority of people.But let's not take my word for it. Let's wait and see what the future holds.If I'm incorrect then anybody who doesn't make an iPad has nothing to worry about.
New Posts  All Forums: