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I'll?Are you, in any way, shape, or form associated with Samsung?
I wonder...   When you take into consideration the low profit margins on their phones, lost business with Apple, marketing fees ($14 billion plus for 2013), legal fees, money owed to Apple for said legal action, exactly how much did Samsung's Mobile division make in the last year or so?   It's a good thing their product portfolio is diversified.   At least, with Apple eating into their high-end handsets and Xiaomi about to eat into the low-end, the future is looking...
He did some wonderful work.Especially with all the fjords.
Haven't recent benchmarks confirmed that as 1.4 Ghz and 1 GB RAM?However, holding this in my hand right now, can I just say that ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THOSE SPECS MATTER.This thing is beautiful.Samsung. Are. Fucked.
This is probably why:  I can now finally tell everybody that I have one that's 4.7 inches long. Please note that my company, GTR Pty Ltd has applied for, and received, a patent for the gesture 'where a user attempts to turn his phone on or off using the old Sleep/Wake button instead of using the new position on an iPhone 6/6 Plus'. Infringers will be pursued aggressively.
My advice would be, just like it's not a good idea to go drive your car into a fence, don't drop it.
Here in sunny Australia, with bouncing kangaroos that roam the city streets of Sydney, everything was 'you beaut, mate'. On four devices (two iPad's, two 5s's) everything was fine as foreplay and smooth as sex. I was done, dusted, and back out throwing shrimps on the BBQ within two hours.
Tim Cook has just announced that Apple will be hiring Smaug the Dragon to guard their enormous cash pile after the launch of the extremely popular iPhone 6.
Beautiful. But why is Iceland full of green while Greenland is full of ice? Whoever's running this planet has a lot to answer for...
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