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This role should be piss-easy for Rogen.
I'd be proud to be happy too if I had achieved as much as Tim.
Ditto.Does that restaurant scene infuriate you to this day?Which one of those bastards was the driver!
I'll give you a clue.It's not Optimus Prime and their name starts with 'X'.
I think you guys may be a bit surprised by what happens to Apple in the future.The Force is strong with this one.Do not forget that Apple was a company that expected to lose it's leader many years ago, a leader who thought and acted differently than most, and one who had the opportunity to set about ensuring that the entire company documented and implemented procedures to ensure that it's core values were maintained, regardless of the people that came and went.There are...
Hey Samsung, What's that coming up behind you? (Anybody who recognises what truck in a movie this is will automatically give away how old they are!)
GTAT, or just plain GTA?
 I like it. It makes him sound very worldly. He lives everywhere.
Most definingly!
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