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And the other 26% are just plain wrong!(>_
No, I meant lie.And add "be boring" to that statement.Your constant need to defend Google speaks volumes.Obviously, you believe they need to be defended which, in itself, is quite interesting.Nothing you post here changes the fact that Google is a one-trick pony that has failed to successfully monetise the majority of their many, badly thought out and implemented ideas.It's a shame, really.
Let him lie.It may just be all he has left in life.(>_
Little do most people know. Apple isn't about to produce iPhones. They're about to print money.
 Where, oh where can I find this utopia? What's that? The future, you say?
Beautiful quote.Although now, thanks to Die Hard, I don't know if you're quoting Alexander the Great or Hans Gruber.
Brazilian Governement: "Nobody can keep a secret!" Apple: "Hey, tell us something we DON'T know!"
Try not to look forward to the dark side.There is much hate, anger, and suffering there.
Well, duh.Of course I had.
 If the LG Prada is so similar to the iPhone where are all the rave reviews, the incredible sales figures, and why is LG not in the position that Apple is in now?
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