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As a general rule, no.There are far too many of us on this planet with completely different cultures, backgrounds, and educations, none of which reflects on us as individuals. I believe that focussing on the message rather than the method of delivery is more important.Regardless of that, you weren't correcting grammar to educate. You were attempting to use it as a weapon.And unfortunately, your weapon turned out to be two sided.
...and fucked.
You also have numerous spelling and grammatical errors in your posts, not to mention all of the editing that you've done.Did you know the guy who wrote Hitler's speeches for him was also a grammar Nazi?
What this article totally fails to take into consideration is that pretty much all of the positive things that are happening to Apple, not to mention the negatives things that are happening to Microsoft, Google, and everybody else, will be utterly negated in the near future - when Microsoft brings back the Start Button!
I'm glad you're impressed. I'm actually you from the future who's come back in time to warn you: stop wasting time singing the praises of Google and regularly attempting to depict Apple negatively in an Apple-related forum. Not only was it counter productive but it created a subconscious connection between Google and irritating, pointless behaviour and was not the impression I was hoping to make.Oh, and since I'm back here, can you do me a favour?Get all our money out of...
Sorry, not interested.As Steve Jobs once said, "People who work for Google make pretty schmidty friends".
You may claim to be no friend of Samsung but you were, and continue to be, even less of a friend of Apple.Now would be an appropriate time to remember the ancient saying:"The enemy of mine enemy is mine friend...until, of course, he begin to taketh my lunch money and causeth me to weep for lost advertising revenue."
You must have skipped right over his next sentence where he actually mentions seeing post 7.
Women need to get involved too.Parenting is not a single sex responsibility.
 Amazon thanks you for the compliment about being god-like.
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