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And, judging from the State Of The Union speech, probably made that money straight back...
Princess Leia: Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope! Obi Wan: Okay, we better go save the Princess...(struggles for a moment)...how do I get these huge f*cking things off my head!?!
How do you find their spellcheckers?
They should have called it the iPhone Sex instead of the iPhone Six.   Because it's really fucked Samsung.
 I did. Corrected.
New Starts   In a break with tradition I would like to make it clear that the following speech will not end with me disappearing with a flash and a bang and reappearing with gold and jewels.   Which is a bit of a bummer, for me, really.   However, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank some of the more regular posters on the forum for providing many hours of education and entertainment with their posts, thoughts, and online representations of their...
You know, I heard about this from this one guy's wive's cousin, twice removed, who saw a tweet about it on Twitter, from some guy who posted about it on Facebook after watching it in a YouTube clip. So it's obviously pretty serious.
I'm just thinking about watching.Not one of those clever dicks that knows all of the things that he intends to watch or has watched stuff in a snide and derogatory fashion.Just thinking about having a long, hard stare.
Another excellent article that I look forward to re-reading in Daniel's future book exposing Apple myths: Apple - The Haunted Empire Strikes Back. .
New Posts  All Forums: