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I'm not surprised by this. When I first heard of this feature I turned it off immediately. This is the third 'connection-related' feature that I've seen Apple implement badly recently. The other two were were iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive. The services themselves are fine but utterly choke an Internet connection when active and are uploading recorded videos or large files. Some type of intelligent throttling should have occurred. Or Apple should have included an...
Photo of Michael Bromwich hard at work at Apple Headquarters: It is unsure whether Apple will use salt or burn him off on his last day of work.
 George Bodenheimer attended the first Disney board meeting in Orlando, Florida, just after the company had bought Pixar and spotted Apple CEO Steve Jobs in a hallway. It seemed like a good time to introduce himself. “I am George Bodenheimer,” he said to Jobs. “I run ESPN.” Jobs just looked at him and said nothing other than “Your phone is the dumbest fucking idea I have ever heard,” then turned and walked away. This story cracks me up. Mind spoken and no apologies later.
Gatorguy says that Google loves you and only has your best interests at heart.   They are not, in any way, shape, or form, motivated by this thing that has always generated profit for them.     Stay away from those other search engines. Use Google. You don't have to worry about anything.   And you don't want to disobey Gatorguy, do you?
Welcome to the 21st century.   On the left we have fire, on the right - the wheel.   And just up ahead you should be able to catch a glimpse of a sim-free handset...
Fixed that for you.
Talk all you want about Steve's focus, Mr Ive, but you too have created something beautiful in the past...
It's a good thing we've got such a conscientious company working so hard for our self-interest instead of their own, huh?Whoops! You made another mistake in Google's favour again. That was a bit unfortunate. And a coincidence.Yay! Just in the nick of time, eh?
@freshmaker "The company has been pushing its supercookies on users to track everything you ever do on a phone -- every email, every page you visit, everything you click. By doing that, they were able to build a data-rich dossier and sell it to marketers." If you're comfortable with all of that information being tied to a uniquely identifiable profile linked to your account in the hands of marketers that are guaranteed not to abuse that information at some point in the...
This would never have happened if Steve (Ballmer) was still alive.
New Posts  All Forums: