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Motorola stupidity AGAIN?
A gentleman with facial hair like this is always going to be responsible for inventing some form or other of clip... 
(Thread officially WAY off track)
🐢 Leonardo🐢 Michaelangelo🐢 Raphael or🐢 Donatello?
God save us from analysts reports.My favourite dinosaur is the Velociraptor.😜
And didn't we love him all the more for it?Who could forget his classic line 'I'm afraid I can't do that', when requested to open the pod bay doors, an issue I'm sure Cortana would have if ever asked to open the iPod bay doors...(For those Arthur. C. Clarke fans who wish to be amused, ask Siri to open the pod bay doors)Insanity appears to be the running theme here, with Cortana also having gone insane in the last Halo game. I don't know what positive spin the Microsoft PR...
Does anybody ever get curious if, whenever you give Siri a command, which she executes, which is then followed up by an exclamation from yourself like, 'For f*cks sake!', or 'What the f*ck?', or 'You f*cking moron!' whether that is then secretly submitted back to Apple as negative feedback for the improvement of it?
Incorrect.Hal did have a face.In fact, more than one.Because he was a two-faced, murderous, son-of-a-bitch.
Well, it's got to be in the air before it isn't in the air, doesn't it?Kudos to author Douglas Adams for the eternally amusing quote "The ship hung in the sky exactly the same way that bricks don't".
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