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This.And they still don't.
"Apple's OS X 10.10.2 update fixes Wi-Fi connection issues"   No. No, it does not.   Very, very disappointed.   Ironically, when this issue first reared it's ugly head many, many moons ago I was never affected. Now, at some point during the process of Apple attempting to address it, I am.   I must admit that I'm beginning to get a little concerned about Apple's ability to address this issue involving their own software on their own hardware.
Maybe a Start button will help sales?
eBay SERIOUSLY needs a competitor to step up to the plate.
Whew!That's reassuring to know you can securely boot into your insecure operating system that then requires you to install and update anti-virus software.You've got me convinced. I'm switching to Windows!😉
I know it's an "I" but, of of all of the letters that could have been in front of those two words, having an "I" just makes my brain see it as a "1".What an awesome name.😉
 Laugh at his amusing Chinese name if you will but he's probably...  (Genuine gravestone in the Chinese section at my local cemetery)
If true, I likey!   I've been waiting to update my mind-numbingly sturdy MBA for ages.
And, judging from the State Of The Union speech, probably made that money straight back...
Princess Leia: Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope! Obi Wan: Okay, we better go save the Princess...(struggles for a moment)...how do I get these huge f*cking things off my head!?!
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