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I hope this fixes the issue with Vladimir Putin.   He's been acting like a real dickhead since the last update.
Significant performance improvements to both overall system performance (approximately 5%) as well as internet access on my MBA 2011.   Quite a few of those little GUI shudders and jerks have disappeared with this update.
 Actually, no. This one was highly accurate. 
If Gatorguy worked for Virgin Galactic...   VIRGIN GALACTIC AN UNQUALIFIED SUCCESS!   A spokesperson for Virgin Galactic today, a Mr Fulloshit Gatorguy, announced the 'unqualified success’ of the Virgin Galactic spaceflight.   “We designed the Virgin Galactic ship to go really, really fast and, as shown today, we achieved that goal admirably” he blurted.   When asked about the pilot that was killed during the flight Mr Gatorguy was quick to point out that there are...
They also unveiled their new logo...  
That depends which Val Kilmer you are referring to.The fat one from a few years ago (Is that Fatman, not Batman?):Or the current elderly one:😉
At least we're still looking at A-List actors. Fassbender rocks but his fee will be huge after X-Men. He's going to need to build more barrels to keep his money in.
Wifi connectivity has been the only issue for me. I'm looking forward to iOS 8 bug fixes more than anything in regards to Yosemite.
Serkis has just come from playing Caesar in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (which I quite enjoyed) so are you saying Woz looks like an ape?😉
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