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Brazilian Governement: "Nobody can keep a secret!" Apple: "Hey, tell us something we DON'T know!"
Try not to look forward to the dark side.There is much hate, anger, and suffering there.
Well, duh.Of course I had.
 If the LG Prada is so similar to the iPhone where are all the rave reviews, the incredible sales figures, and why is LG not in the position that Apple is in now?
 The lootering will be better in a month or so anyway.
Well, I don't know about you guys but I'm going to out rioting and looting in the streets to show my displeasure...
And yet so little was achieved.Does that mean management was the problem?(>_
LOLI like the blurb on the Goophone:"New Goophone i6, Forward thin, light designGoophone has always been forward thinking . With new design, this new Goophone i6 you have never seen it. Goophone i6 is super slim body, Because of the better processor and flash, so Goophone i6 feels solid and smooth operating experience by your hand."Yeah, guys, forwarding thinking all the way and a class act all round...
I'd take your offer...It's just that I made an agreement with somebody else not to.
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