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Hey relax, fellas! What's this all aboot? Can't we just forget all this and have a nice kraft dinner instead of looking for treasure?
And in related news, Apple has just patented the word "MegaBajillion" which they intend to use in their next quarterly announcement of iPhone sales figures.
Why'd they call the company Xiaomi?   Because 'A Company That Works So Closely With The Chinese Government That They Practically Are The Chinese Government" was too big to print on the exterior of a phone...   From Taiwan recently:   "Taiwan's National Communications Commission found that two models of mainland China-made smart phones were transmitting data to servers overseas "many of which are in China", creating what Taiwanese media described as a 'security risk'."
Hey, be fair!If they want to want to be the foundation then let's put them in the foundation...😉
Interesting.   I installed 8.0.1 when it came out and got a big fat question mark in the dock afterwards which I ended up addressing by re-installing Yosemite. I thought I had just got unlucky and got a corrupted download.   I've also seen some unusual Notes activity, although mainly in the form still seeing Notes on my Mac that I previously deleted on my iOS devices. Nothing too serious.   I must admit that Apple was a bit rough when they first clambered onto this...
If everybody followed your advice how would you know if the update worked?😉
LOLApple (Movie) is Doomed.
Big fan of installing unknown software modifications from utterly unknown Chinese entities, huh?
 Are you aware if Apple still utilises information submitted through www.apple.com/feedback to address future software updates?
This update does not address, what I consider to be, a fairly serious issue with Photostream.   I turned off the iCloud Photo Library (Beta) because of the inability to stop ONLY videos from uploading.   This was important to me for two reasons:   1). I only have a standard 5 GB account and didn't want to have all that taken up by the occasional casual video that I have a tendency to take from time to time.   2). Every time it uploaded photos and videos it would...
New Posts  All Forums: