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I believe that anybody who claims that a personal computer is easier to use than an iPad probably falls outside the category of the majority of people.But let's not take my word for it. Let's wait and see what the future holds.If I'm incorrect then anybody who doesn't make an iPad has nothing to worry about.
That's depressing.And here I am, brain the size of a planet...
 But I never claimed that it represented everyone.
 You're assuming that I'm assuming that everyone has Win 8.
 It may. Or it may not. However, my personal belief is that it is considerably too early to confirm.
 Using a device that was considerably more complex than they required.
 That is your opinion. Quite frankly I find his posts boring and bias and I am not alone in that regard. If you wish to continue this off-topic discussion please feel free to do so in private.
 Then allow me to elaborate. Apple's devices are so well made, and their software supported for so long, that users are quite happy to retain the device for long periods of times, hence putting off the need to update on a yearly basis. That is my belief.
In his case, not at all.Gatorguy isn't here just to muse. His posting history confirms that.
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