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 Not doing anything with the wife or girlfriend? Friends forgot to ask you out? Couldn't find a good book, movie, or something to watch on the TV? Thank God for AppleInsider. 
 Every asshat on this site has some bullshit story that they tell themselves and others to justify the reason why they come here day after day and predominantly post negatively about Apple on an Apple related website (the very definition of trolling). Some are 'lovers of all tech', some are 'bringers of truth', and some are very dedicated Apple stockholders who have owned every single Apple product since before the beginning of time. Unfortunately, when you take into...
 That's no confirmation. He just told you that you were a waste of time. That CAN be confirmed. Tell us the interesting story of why an individual with a username DROIDFTW comes to frequently visit an Apple enthusiast website?
Saying a feature came from Android is no defence:   Apple -> Andy Rubin -> Google -> Samsung
iPhone 6: Now with anti-grav dock.
As long as the screws don't line up together, I'm sold on the iWatch.
Motorola stupidity AGAIN?
A gentleman with facial hair like this is always going to be responsible for inventing some form or other of clip... 
(Thread officially WAY off track)
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