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 It's a considerable waste of time on his behalf but I suspect it may be all he has. Did you know he had the gall to call ME a troll the other day? How the f*ck does an Apple enthusiast on a Apple website qualify as a troll from somebody who, by his own admission, doesn't own an iPhone, iPad, or Mac? He's f*cking deluded.
So much raw computing power. Obviously somebody needed this so that they could run The Matrix on it.
Thank you for answering my queries.What do you mean by "Do you have an example to the opposite?"You are not able to think of a single criticism that you have against the Chinese government? Surely there must be something they've done that you have not agreed with?Which country are you currently located in? (I myself am currently located in Australia)I ask this because you have mentioned that you believe western media to be biased (which I agree with) but I am curious as to...
I am unsure why you believe myself and others to be immature when all that has occurred is that you have been asked questions and given an opportunity to explain the Chinese government's point of view.You didn't appear to directly answer any of the three questions in my previous post.Are you able to provide an answer?Also, are you currently located within China now?
Do you believe the Chinese government when they refute any accusations against them?Have they ever been accused of anything and made a full admission?What are accurate criticisms against the Chinese government that you yourself have?
I'm sorry. I'm not sure I understood your reply.You're saying that the missing important information from this article is that the Chinese government refuted this claim against them?Is that correct?
Tzeshan, this relates to a discussion we had earlier. What are your thoughts on this?
Very quick.Approximately a 10% increase in overall speed over iOS 8.1 on the iPad Air 1.Keep in mind I am, for the moment, still running an 802.11n router so speeds could be considerably quicker still.I have also, so far, opened up six tabs and flicked backwards and forwards between them with no refreshing whatsoever.That increase in speed can be felt right across the entire operating system even when opening stuff like Mail, Notes, Reminders, Calender, iBooks,...
Having used the iPad Air 2 for an hour or so now (you're all looking particularly snappy!) I can honestly say it's worth upgrading to even from the Air.Keep in mind that I sell every previous device on eBay immediately after I receive the new one:1. Purchase new iPad $AUD9992. Sell old iPad $AUD7503. Price difference $AUD250 (approximately)I use the exact same method with my iPhone and the price differences are about the same.It costs me around $AUD250-300 per year to own...
 You never know. Apple mentioned that they're combining features from both iPhoto and Aperture into Photos. You may end up with what you need yet.
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