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LOLI like the blurb on the Goophone:"New Goophone i6, Forward thin, light designGoophone has always been forward thinking . With new design, this new Goophone i6 you have never seen it. Goophone i6 is super slim body, Because of the better processor and flash, so Goophone i6 feels solid and smooth operating experience by your hand."Yeah, guys, forwarding thinking all the way and a class act all round...
I'd take your offer...It's just that I made an agreement with somebody else not to.
Another unfortunate detail to emerge this week is that 100% of Apple mice are white.Tim is looking to address the situation promptly...
The only reason why the average person buys a Samsung phone:  
Unless, of course, only the exterior appearance was copied.Your post, however, is a superb copy of the Chewbacca Defense.It. Does. Not. Make. Sense.
There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.
 And it gives the word 'mob' a bad name.
 From the book 'Cocktail' by Heywood Gould: “So load the guy up. Give him love, give him hope, give him a future, then take it all away from him; do a job on him”
So long, Robin. You will be missed. Thanks for naming the Nano.
This guy has stopped more people from getting ahead than anybody.
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