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Hysterical picture. Just hysterical!Well. Bloody. Done.
Rumour has it even Larry and Sergey can't stand this guy. I can't say I blame them...
Having a twelve inch penis and following the instructions in the above link fully addressed this issue for me. However, you will need to run through the process of setting up TouchID again and you will be on 8.0.0. Thanks, SpamSandwich!
Tried it. Didn't work.Trying now with 8.0.0.
Kim Vorrath runs the iOS program at Apple and plays an integral part in each iOS update.
I think this 8.0.1 update is superb. I've never had a phone so secure and private.
Apple's new catchphrase: "It just worked." 😎
So anybody here having a real bad day? No. I didn't think so.
Confirmed. No TouchID. No service. Do not install.
Ferrari also appear to have some 'manufacturing' issues:     Glad I didn't buy this model.   And, if I did, I'd take it back to the dealer in the morning.
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