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In his case, not at all.Gatorguy isn't here just to muse. His posting history confirms that.
I believe the answer to be the longetivity of the device and that it's considerably too early to decide how an entire category of device is faring based on a brief six month period.To be more accurate we need to wait longer.
 When you post on a public forum you aren't just musing. With Google's failure in the tablet arena he's trying to deny the validity of the category.
 X platform is better than Y platform because X is better at fulfilling my idiosyncratic needs, which I have stupidly generalised as being everyone's needs Fixed that for you.
 Your statement begs the question what would the majority of people, who have jobs, families, hobbies, and interests prefer: 1. An inexpensive, easy-to-use tablet backed up with superb customer service and assistance.2. A more expensive, complicated computer with a learning curve and no customer service.
We'll have to see how things develop develop develop develop.
In a world where Kanye West has a net worth of a $100,000,000 I wouldn't place too much importance on judging the true worth of a person by their bank balance.And how will the world look back on the legacy of Steve Ballmer in twenty years?
He can't dream about it now.Because he has nightmares instead.
As a general rule, no.There are far too many of us on this planet with completely different cultures, backgrounds, and educations, none of which reflects on us as individuals. I believe that focussing on the message rather than the method of delivery is more important.Regardless of that, you weren't correcting grammar to educate. You were attempting to use it as a weapon.And unfortunately, your weapon turned out to be two sided.
New Posts  All Forums: