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LOL!You old softie!
I understand how you feel.However, nostalgia ain't what it used to be.You've forgotten waiting three minutes for a single image to download.And God help you if that web page had MULTIPLE images. That was a coffee break there and then.And web page design designed to address those technical limitations, like Geo(ugh!)cities.And getting knocked offline every time that family member did try to get through.Still, it beat having a floppy disk.Personally, I try not to look back....
Interesting fact: approximately two million people are still using AOL's dial-up services. Yeah. I know it's got nothing to do with the thread topic. But doesn't that just blow you away! My condolences to them all.
Or serial ports.How else would you print stuff and use the mouse?
Like ''im. Don't like 'im.But you still read 'im, right?And personal preference doesn't mean he's wrong.That's all I have left to say about write and wrong.
You make it sound like we are only ever able to consider information from one source or the other.Are we not able to consider information from a number of sources, evaluate it, then make an informed decision?I'd say both Daniel and Gruber have both been right more often than they have not.If you continue to read them, you should consider Daniel's articles as a wonderful opportunity. If they are incorrect then you've been presented with the chance to 'set the record...
What I want to know is when Apple will STOP innovating?This constant innovation in software and hardware is getting b o r i n g !
It was sarcasm.With a dollop of satire on top for flavour.
I disagree.Apple has received considerable negative press over the past few years.Tell me if you haven't heard this before:No Steve, no Apple!Cook is a glorified administrator!Product 'X' is a major flop!Competitor's Product 'Y' is a major success!Apple stifle competition using the legal system!iProducts kill and oppress people!Apple lack innovation and have lost their mojo!Apple? Sell, sell, sell!!!Articles were regularly regurgitated from one news sounding board to...
New Posts  All Forums: