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El Capitan is here! cellent!
If this information is correct why is not a single one of Apple's rather desperate competitors pumping out equivalent quality phones and undercutting them? The answer is because there is a lot more to making ANY PRODUCT than material costs. This information is as inaccurate and useless as anything else an analyst has given us.
Most Google devices are usually face down in a drawer somewhere...😉
Amazing! It sends your data off to twice as many third parties - both Google AND the Chinese government! Now that's a technological advancement!
The deal will not involve returning any of Samsung's customers 😆.
Apple is Boomed™
Here's a list of Foxconn's current clients: AcerAmazonAppleBlackberryCiscoDellGoogleHewlett PackardHuaweiMicrosoftMotorolaInFocusNintendoNokiaSonyToshibaXiaomiVizio You appear to be correct. This very, very obviously appears to be a problem that only Apple needs to address. Good on you for only calling them out. I look forward to seeing the result of an American company telling the Chinese how to do business in China.
 It's my understanding that Apple is currently in the process of arranging this...once they get the tiny, proprietary connectors for the store sorted. 
"Nobody made this film to get rich!" - Aaron Sorkin Sorkin was paid two million to draft this film plus will receive three million in deferred. Non-opportunist, my ass.
The official improvement figure from Apple was 50%. It seems faster than that.It's not quite instantaneous but your home screen is coming up well before you expect it.
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