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Incorrect.Hal did have a face.In fact, more than one.Because he was a two-faced, murderous, son-of-a-bitch.
Well, it's got to be in the air before it isn't in the air, doesn't it?Kudos to author Douglas Adams for the eternally amusing quote "The ship hung in the sky exactly the same way that bricks don't".
Note to Self: If I ever become a criminal I'll need to make sure I document the entire process so that I may be incriminated at a later point.
 Not since the operation, anyway.  
 http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/150159/steve-jobs-wanted-to-build-icar-apple-board-member-says/40 Post 49 I've proved I'm a 'street racer' (). Now you prove you're a cow.
You should have known that geniuses don't go around creating usernames named after dumb farm animals with a title.
You're holding it wrong.
The biggest problem I've always had with Microsoft is their constant failure to be on blimps.
 It is my understanding that the OSX naming roadmap has already been laid out, with contributions split roughly between Ive and Schiller. Ive chose: YosemiteRedwoodHollywoodTahoe Schiller chose: DisneylandAlcatrazSouth Central L.A.SeaworldMy Ass! Close runners up for selection from Ive were: CupertinoVeniceMojaveGolden Gate Schiller decided not to use: Universal StudiosDeath ValleyMountain View
 So does the first, if you look closely enough.
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