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That would only confirm if my heartBEATS were in the right places, which would need to be confirmed by a doctor.Dr Dre, that is.
Possibly via Digitimes: Apple, in order to better compete against Android and other companies, will be increasing the release frequency of their iPhone models. The iPhone 7 will be due in October, the iPhone 8 in November, and iPhone 9 will be skipped altogether in order to allow iPhone 10 to ship before the end of this year. As a result of this, warranty and support periods have been shortened accordingly to a standard work week. However, AppleCare and AppleCare Plus...
I don't mind Android. It's the second best mobile operating system ever created by Apple.
Kick. Ass.
Tell me, what is the benefit of giving phones to people who are unable to pay for the items advertised on it?
It will be refreshing to be referred to as iGuinea-pigs rather than iSheep. (I have always wondered why Android fans claim to be the majority but instead they call us sheep. How the f*ck does that work?)
The benchmarks and reviews for this phone will be interesting...
It wasn't Apple's fault.It was a DDoS:Deliberately Don't Order Samsung.
Question 1: How could Apple release a phone of ANY size without Samsung claiming that they just copied what they did?     Question 2: When will Samsung be copying Apple by releasing a large phone so popular that it takes out, not only their own ordering systems, but that of carriers as well?
 Now there's a missed opportunity to take the thing out of her bag when she wasn't looking... You'll never get a job at Gizmodo. (>_<)
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