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Gatorguy just posted 11 posts out of this thread's total of 108. Over ten percent of this topic's content. You can almost smell the desperation, can't you?
Who cares about specs? What about that name! Google blew me away when they finally revealed "L" to be "Lollipop". Nobody is as innovative as them.
"Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Stay out of sight on the rooftops or The Joker will kill those hostages..."
A better comparison would have been your posts.They're free, but we sure as f*ck don't care for them.How do we go about arranging for them to be deleted?
Man, I'm shattered about what's happened to GT Advanced. Yuk. Yuk. Yuk.
And it's about time that Apple stopped paying the legal amount of tax that it was required to!
Will Apple be taking into consideration BadUSB in regards to any computers produced in the near or far future?
LOLThat was considerably more funny than mine!(By the way, your app looks extremely impressive)
 You mean it needs a digitiser for lower sales? Hear, hear for analogue! 
Wei to go, China.
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