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iOS 8.3:"Addresses an issue where a username created on AppleInsider is correctly displayed as 'bslawyer' instead of 'brlawyer'."
Twenty Goddamn posts and still nobody has stated the obvious. Looks like it's up to me: No wonder he's HAPPY.
You could say the same about another electronic device that launched with it's own shortcomings such as no copy and paste, 3G connection, App Store and it was a couple of hundred dollars overpriced.Yet how is the iPhone going these days?
And they said Samsung couldn't make money in mobile! 😉
 Man, I don't know about you guys but I like an ultralight laptop because I'm a lazy bastard who likes to move his computer easily about the house while it's still plugged in to the power socket in whatever room it's in. I don't give a bugger about battery life. (Happy Birthday Apple)
Happy Birthday Apple.
Happy Birthday Apple.
Actually, I DID read the article.It's just that my kid pressed the button for making a post on AppleInsider.😉
What SpamSandwich said. Who's up for breaking the high score?
On the back of every Samsung phone, including this one:
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