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Android: combining the software on the phones of ALMOST EVERY OTHER COMPANY IN THE WORLD, comparing it with a SINGLE COMPANY, coming up with a higher number, and somehow thinking that's 'winning'.   And they thought Jobs had reality distortion...
Apple CarPlay: There Is No Substitute.
 The precautions may be the same but the comparison was not.
 See post #4 if you're trying to compare this single piece of malware against the toxic hellstew that you've rationally decided to use...
Sydney?   But...but...but...that's in Australia!   Next thing you know we'll be getting Apple Pay and the Apple News app...
"A piece of recently-identified iOS malware, known as Android, is not a major threat despite its ability to attack both jailbroken and factory stock devices." Fixed that for you.
I'm curious as to what will be happening to the iPad Air this year. It'd look real cool with one of those Apple Pencils...
Agreed.This would never have happened if Steve Jobs was still alive.(Seriously, people? We've got opinions on how long people should pay their respects for now?)
Bill Gates looming over the cast on that screen behind them would have made this more realistic for me. 😉
When you see this project, and everything else that Apple is currently working on, can you imagine how insanely busy the average day would be for Tim Cook?
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