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Of course they can be trusted.Trusted to be untrustworthy, that is.😉
Headlines like this make it sound like Samsung is doing Apple a favour. I see it the other way around. I mean, it's not like Samsung's Mobile Division is raking in the cash. Am I right? Am I right? Yuk yuk yuk...
My God! Look at that picture. The new MBA is SO SMALL! That's an impressive feat of engineering.
Here's a scene where Fassbender plays Steve using the Reality Distortion Field:
Here's some news for you then: Apple is unlikely to use sapphire, as it is currently implemented, on an entire phone exterior because, although it is insanely scratch-proof, it also shatters quite easily when dropped.
Apple's 'To Do' list:  
People, chillax*.   The Chinese government is UTTERLY trustworthy.   *The "CH" added to the word "relax" actually comes from the fact that anything with a "CH" in front of it is actually WAY better than anything else. So just chill.
This.And they still don't.
"Apple's OS X 10.10.2 update fixes Wi-Fi connection issues"   No. No, it does not.   Very, very disappointed.   Ironically, when this issue first reared it's ugly head many, many moons ago I was never affected. Now, at some point during the process of Apple attempting to address it, I am.   I must admit that I'm beginning to get a little concerned about Apple's ability to address this issue involving their own software on their own hardware.
Maybe a Start button will help sales?
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