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Well, f*ck me!!!
This one's going to be nasty. Apple is dead guilty of this, as are many others.
 And not a single word of condemnation from you guys against the company/individuals modifying Wikipedia to mislead others, a perversion of one of the very principles that made the internet so great: the open, accurate, sharing of information. It says a lot about your characters.
And in other news, Tim Cook's personal secretary advises Tim will be unavailable for the entire day as he currently in his office rolling on the floor laughing.     White Flag raised: Resistance was futile.
2010 - Ballmer says Windows will shame iPad: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/06/03/ballmer_ozzie_d8/ 2014 - Microsoft raises the white flag and now gives us NO reason to buy a Windows tablet. Hooray for the consumption only iPad!
Was it just my wallet that screamed in fear or did everybody's do the same thing?
After leaping into the Risky Business...     of the wearable computer market in an attempt to be the Top Gun...     Google instead finds instead they have a Hangover...     and are definitely feeling the Blues.     Is it time to forget about it...     Before things get really dirty?  
Fact: they confirmed this product is made from individual bits and that, for some reason, waves of water tend to crash around the outside of it.
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