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"Google takes on apple tv with android tv connected entertainment platform again" Fixed that for you.
Right at that moment they were looking at the first protester disturbance - a woman.
The in-keynote protests were interesting: people yelling and shouting over the presenters before being ejected. I've never seen that before. They also had quite a few technical failures during their demonstrations, at least five that I recall. I always feel for people whenever those happen. Did anybody pick up Eric Schmidt being introduced but it wasn't him? What happened there? This presentation seemed awfully similar after watching Apple keynotes: UI animations, 64...
Edison would be proud. Google are well on their way to 10,000.
Since we're all politically correct here, I fixed that for you.
North Korea: Leading the way in energy efficiency:
Any onsite-only backup is open to failure by theft, fire, or Sharknado.
Dropbox, I believe it is your move...
LOL.   Advertisement at the bottom of this very page:     Ironic, much?
I totally believe you, Googleguy!Thanks for bringing me, a humble fool unable to think for himself, the plain and utter truth.Now, please, tell me more about this awesome company Google, as this is why I have decided to come to a website called AppleInsider that focuses on Apple news...
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