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Less security and a more friendly face at Apple? Pffft! Like it matters to me! I learned the 'secret handshake' from watching over and over Apple's last keynote.
LOLThat was actually a pretty witty response...
 Neither are 9,999,991 people. 
 Don't count Dropbox out of the game. Just you wait until they release mobile devices, desktop machines, and all relevant software required for both. < Cough. Cough. >
When you take the time to do it right, why change?Reminds me of the saying:"Of course I don't look busy - I did it right the first time."😉
It begins:   eatsansose-ghazi-gate
Ordered. IPad Air 2 Space Grey 64 GB Wifi 40% more snappiness.
Another reason for the quiet could be that many of those 'unruly' Chinese individuals are down in Hong Kong getting paid to protest against Hong Kong residents who want something as crazy as to freely elect their own government representatives...
 Oh, GREAT job, Daniel! SUPERB job! I'm giving you a standing ovation here. ​Anytime you get these fools (and it's always the same old usernames, isn't it?) raging and frothing and spraying spittle like they have here you know that you've performed admirably! And they have the gall to mention hatred and bitterness! Look at the content of those posts:  SirLance99 has posted the funniest of pictures that would be better applied to the regular drivel that this group spits out...
Gatorguy just posted 11 posts out of this thread's total of 108. Over ten percent of this topic's content. You can almost smell the desperation, can't you?
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