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The official improvement figure from Apple was 50%. It seems faster than that.It's not quite instantaneous but your home screen is coming up well before you expect it.
Please note that when AppleInsider uses the term 'POP' they ARE NOT referring to the recently copyrighted term 'POP' (or 'PEEK')Β for the iPhone 6s. Β 
πŸ‘Deleted.Done.And I've now got my refund.
My 64GB Space Grey 6 Plus has arrived! I've already been to a bar to celebrate with some friends (πŸ˜€) had it stolen out of my bag (😭) had it found by someone (πŸ˜€) had that someone try and wipe it (😭) who then had a change of heart and returned it (πŸ˜€) to Gizmodo (😭) who've reviewed as mind-blowingly awesome (πŸ˜€) but who then (EVENTUALLY) returned it to Apple (😭) but it's only just re-arrived NOW at my place after Apple sent it to back to me! (πŸ˜€) All in the space of...
I think you missed his point about Musk's 'point'.πŸ˜‚
Naughty, naughty! πŸ˜‰If this car rumour is true it'll be amusing to see Apple's selling point.2007: Why aren't you staring at this incredible touch-screen?2010: Why aren't you staring at this incredibly larger screen?2015: Why aren't you staring at this incredibly smaller screen?2020: Why aren't you staring at this incredible heads-up display?
I notice you didn't deny that.So, if you don't own any Apple products why spend so much time here?Looking for ideas for Google's next big money-maker?πŸ˜‰
Interesting use of the words 'Apple users' and 'They' as opposed to 'we'.I can't help but be curious about why someone who doesn't own Apple products would spend so much time posting 12,000 posts on an Apple enthusiast website...
When Larry and Sergey read this story they're going to have a f*cking heart attack.
Air Force One is not actually one plane. It's actually just a callsign that, technically, can be applied to any aircraft used by the President and his staff.Β And currently there are two of them, hence the article mentioning the 'twin' aircraft.
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