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It's as believable as almost breaking your fingers in order to 'accidently' break your phone.
Sorry.That area leads to an 'Apple defect' as well...
I believe he used to use a Blackberry (which is definitely ironic) but now uses a Motorola Razr X.
From the guy who has a soundproofed apartment and refuses to have a doorman because he's worried about the privacy factor...  
Just remember, though. For an entire year, many of us will have one that is bigger than yours.  
Both case are exactly the same, Ben.
Nine complaints out of ten million phones and you consider this an issue?Apple should be no less ashamed for this than you.You don't see us getting all bent out of shape at you for dragging down the gene pool.
 My only worry about a Steve Jobs film would be it getting 'Sculley-ed'. 
Bale could do Jobs brilliantly. And he could use the same knock knock joke for Steve as he did as Bruce Wayne: "Knock, knock" "Who's there?" "Not your parents"
New Posts  All Forums: