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LOL! Here go the fireworks again...
That's common with Apple.They regularly under-promise and over-deliver.
It has to be said - I like what you said, what I said, what you said about what I said, and that's why I said what I said about what you said.When all's said and done, that's a lot to be said.
You can always use it as a "media server". Or a doorstop.Now I have to go and check the benchmarks for a mid 2011 MBA to see how bad it is...
That would be mine then...😄
I agree with you in many regards and thank you for taking the time to respond.I am familiar with China's history and have spent much time there. My girlfriend, soon-to-be wife, is also Chinese.I love China, Hong Kong, and many of the surrounding Asian countries.I never said I believe democracy to be the answer and was very clear in expressing that it is the government's behavior that I disliked, not the people.But the recent spate of incidents: invasions into Vietnamese...
I'm reading reports of a 68% increase in performance of the iPad Air 2 over the iPad Air over at 9 to 5 Mac.That's insane.
Don't forget to come back and complain about it afterwards...
Chinese people are not the problem. Their government is.You should see the underhanded sh*t going down in Hong Kong these days that barely makes the western news services.Any government that disallows something as simple as freedom of speech knows it doesn't have the best interests of the people at heart.Hopefully, one day things will change.
You ever wonder why that may be?The Chinese are a great people so they deserve a great government that will allow them to communicate and act freely within their own country so that one day they can proudly take their place on the world stage.Unfortunately, they do not currently have this.One day they will rise up and make their country truly great.
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