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That's pretty clever marketing when you think about it.(Is it just me or is anybody else occasionally looking at images of the iPhone 6 just to remind yourself of what a beautiful phone will soon be yours?)
Apple should double the size of their phones next year so they sell twice as many again...
Next please: iGovernment.
You know what they say:"You're doomed if you do, and doomed if you don't".
"Following news that payments company Square recently gathered another $100 in funding..." A whole $100? These astronomical figures blow me away.
Environmental impact, you reckon?That's a lot of dead trees there...
And then this kind of thing will happen next week... A Sea of iPhone 5s's at a FedEx Shipping Facility last year. (Can you find Wally?)
No. Chance. Whatsoever.
After two considerably painful hours I have just managed to place an order for:   iPhone 6 64 GB White x1 iPhone 6 64 GB Black x1   ...via the Apple store www.apple.com.au and was successful.   Both were two separate orders and appeared to suddenly go through very quickly, so hopefully there may have been an issue that has been/or is being addressed?   Or maybe many of us are getting disillusioned?   Can't say I blame you guys.   This process desperately needs...
U2 Charity Red and Carbon Fiber.
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