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 Oh, it's a break! Compound fracture, I'd say...
 You are bang-on-the-money for this. His comprehension of the situation is extremely limited at best. ;)
 ...and people are innocent until proven guilty. Do you mind not interrupting when the adults talk?
 First I would absolutely LOVE for you to explain how you came to compare men who cheat and betray the trust of their partners with people who are gay. I'd REALLY like to know how you came to decide on that comparison...
You mean iBM.Yes. That's a lowercase "i".  
At their first collaborative meeting IBM turned up to the boardroom at 1 Infinite Drive to find welcome pamphlets laid out on the table: "Welcome, IBM. Seriously."
It staggers me that you would compare men betraying the trust of wives, partners and business associates with an individual being gay.Just staggers me.
 LOL. You realise that you just made an assumption about what my answer would be and then chastised me for it? You also seem to think you are able to dictate my opinion. Which recent stories are you referring to about Tim Cook?
   Jobs no longer runs Apple. And the fact that you both had to go back decades to find something even comparable to what I mentioned earlier only bolsters my point. The current Apple management team have hundreds of millions of dollars between them. They fall within that wealthy and influential category that you speak of. They are in the prefect position to misbehave and get away with it. Yet where is the lying?The cheating?The drink driving offences?The drug related...
 I'm sorry but, apart from the fact that you didn't even address the information about Sergey Brin being unable to be trusted, your attempts to convince me that Eric Schmidt are trustworthy have not been successful. Eric Schmidt with his mistress, Kate Bohner, at Burning Man 2007:   (Incidentally, Kate joined a monastery in Thailand after ending her relationship with Eric and became a Buddhist nun. Way to go, Eric.) His wife, who he met after she 'edited' his thesis, also...
New Posts  All Forums: