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U2 Charity Red and Carbon Fiber.
 I'll bleed in six colours before I recant! Alternatively, black, white, silver, champagne, and these*:   *Wood panelling as an additional option.
Bring on the awesome 5c color palette for Macs!!! (Yeah. That was sarcasm)
You know, Apple had me actually considering getting a 6 Plus...
I'd like to see an advertisement where the CEO of a phone company gets arrested in the middle if a keynote and goes to jail. Or where a couple of technicians discuss their clever implementation of some software that increases their product's benchmarking figures. Or an ad where technical support staff offer to replace a customer's phone that caught on fire only if he signs paperwork saying he won't tell anybody what happened ("It doesn't take a genius to fill out a...
Obviously somebody's bribe hasn't been cleared by the bank yet...
Well, despite the high number of posts generated by you about a problem that hasn't been confirmed to exist, on a device that hasn't been finalised, I AM glad to hear that you have lived such a fortunate, trouble-free life so as to consider having to charge something once a day as a PAIN.Oh, the humanity!
If you hate devices that require regular top-ups then you must HATE your car.
That any rumoured shortcomings will be addressed in future versions.But this thing will still sell like hot cakes.
New Posts  All Forums: