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Who here, like me, has remote-accessed from their iDevice to their laptop (which was sitting barely a few yards away) purely because you couldn't be bothered getting up? We, most likely, are prime candidates for the iWatch.
Rumoured. Not rumoured. It's the entering that gets them 'entered'.My username is based on a Japanese sports car that focused on brains over brawn and pretty much dominated it's entire category as a result. It's nickname was Godzilla, as it stomped all over it's competitors, who pretty much never stood a chance.Apple is the technological equivalent.
...bullshitting?I've never understood the philosophy of "Hey, Apple's just seriously entered this category. Let's compete against them!"
You guys totally missed "Bose Bozos".This would never have happened if Steve Jobs were still alive...😉
Don't kid yourself. Xiaomi isn't just collecting 'technical data'. Telco name, IMEI, Address contacts, call logs, SMS's, the list goes on. The user never approves this, like with an Apple device. It's all done silently in the background without your knowledge. And Apple doesn't collect data that goes directly to the servers of a country that doesn't even allow something as basic as freedom of speech and internet censorship. The Taiwanese government have banned use of...
Hey relax, fellas! What's this all aboot? Can't we just forget all this and have a nice kraft dinner instead of looking for treasure?
And in related news, Apple has just patented the word "MegaBajillion" which they intend to use in their next quarterly announcement of iPhone sales figures.
Why'd they call the company Xiaomi?   Because 'A Company That Works So Closely With The Chinese Government That They Practically Are The Chinese Government" was too big to print on the exterior of a phone...   From Taiwan recently:   "Taiwan's National Communications Commission found that two models of mainland China-made smart phones were transmitting data to servers overseas "many of which are in China", creating what Taiwanese media described as a 'security risk'."
Hey, be fair!If they want to want to be the foundation then let's put them in the foundation...😉
Interesting.   I installed 8.0.1 when it came out and got a big fat question mark in the dock afterwards which I ended up addressing by re-installing Yosemite. I thought I had just got unlucky and got a corrupted download.   I've also seen some unusual Notes activity, although mainly in the form still seeing Notes on my Mac that I previously deleted on my iOS devices. Nothing too serious.   I must admit that Apple was a bit rough when they first clambered onto this...
New Posts  All Forums: