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This update Recently Deleted my Recently Added folder. I think it got Camera Rolled. 😉 Also, I have it on good authority from the moderators of this site that the first person to use the phrase "snappier" in this thread will be banned. EDIT: I think I just got myself banned...
WARNING - This update turned me into a newt.
I'm looking forward to clicking on the microscopic Start button to check the time. What brand of anti-virus software will this be running? (digitalclips just pipped me by a few seconds! They say that great minds think alike. And apparently our minds, as well)
I totally agree with you.I wasn't supporting his trashing of anybody. I just found that individual response funny.I didn't mean to offend anyone who was already in the process of either being offended, offending somebody, or considering being offensive to somebody who had not been offended.😉
Less security and a more friendly face at Apple? Pffft! Like it matters to me! I learned the 'secret handshake' from watching over and over Apple's last keynote.
LOLThat was actually a pretty witty response...
 Neither are 9,999,991 people. 
 Don't count Dropbox out of the game. Just you wait until they release mobile devices, desktop machines, and all relevant software required for both. < Cough. Cough. >
When you take the time to do it right, why change?Reminds me of the saying:"Of course I don't look busy - I did it right the first time."😉
It begins:   eatsansose-ghazi-gate
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