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 Richie Rich is dead? Dude, where was your spoiler warning???
"We measure in nano-meters...but we build in meters"
And there ain't nothing better looking than old tattoos.Thank God for making the right choice, huh?
It was just a little dark humour.
That word 'he just used' was in the original article itself and, despite the fact that he himself mentioned it was stupid, you didn't let that stop you from exercising your right to be a politically correct jerk - while still referring to people as 'non-whites'.How hypocritical are you?
Apple Watch won't read dark skin: Racismgate
Update: It is suspected that the suspects arrested may have given false names in order to protect their true identities. Police have issued photos and requested assistance in identifying them: "Katherine Stump": "Alexander Nejat": Any citizens who may be able to assist police with their inquiries are urged to contact them immediately.
Ditto here.8.2 and 8.3 are the most polished, refined and stable versions I recall having on any iOS device ever.
An even better comparison would be Google without advertising revenue...
This is not the way I heard it. I heard Apple deliberately delayed their Red Cross donations in order to help the Nepal earthquake recovery...
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