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 As a comparison, the medical industry still can't (officially) cure the common cold but I don't see anybody rushing to shut it down. I hope you haven't garnered that opinion by watching that foolishness called 'the news'. Don't do that. Not only is it biased, censored, and incredibly inaccurate, but it depicts a depressing situation that doesn't actually exist in the real world. Things are better than you realise.
 You may have a short memory and forgotten that, although not new, the term 'app' was barely used by the general public until after the introduction of the relevant app store on the iPhone. Before then, if you installed anything on a computer-related device, then you were installing 'software', 'programs', or, if you were really geeky, 'applications'. The term 'app' was barely used, especially among the public, hence Apple's attempt at protecting their association with the...
I like the packaging for the Chromecast. Extremely classy and good quality. In fact, it reminds of some other brand's packaging...anyway...Apple had better watch out. Once Google figures out how to 'innovate' from the front instead of from behind Apple are... Apple are... Shit. What's that bad word that happens to Apple? I'll be doomed if I can remember the damn thing...
 Don't forget this year to give to the poor...sorry...I meant, Android users.
I agree.I'm also not particularly impressed by him. Never have been.However, like you said, he is wearing an awful lot of hats right now.And don't forget he can't even remember that stupid secret handshake that allows staff to move freely within Apple. If there's ever been a warning sign of trouble then there it is.
The fact that certain sections of the educational industry seem unable to recognise either on-screen, virtual keyboards or Apple's external ones is almost as concerning as IDC thinking we still believe a single thing that they say...
Fixed that for you.😉
You mean like the Crab People?Those guys have provided no end of hassle when it comes to unreleased products.
You know why both of these products have the word "Air" in their name, don't you?What do you see when you stand and look at a product that doesn't exist?That's right.Air.😉
 Well, console yourself with the fact that, like all governments, they've worked exceedingly hard for your hard-earned money. Oh, wait...
New Posts  All Forums: