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Happy Birthday Apple.
Actually, I DID read the article.It's just that my kid pressed the button for making a post on AppleInsider.😉
What SpamSandwich said. Who's up for breaking the high score?
On the back of every Samsung phone, including this one:
Metal phone, huh? Apple says welcome to 2007, Samsung. Seriously.
You're correct.The expression, "Keep your friends close, but give your enemies Chromebooks" is just as relevant today as it has been in the past few years.
One sentence stories seems appropriate considering the New York Times and most news media outlets usually do one minute worth of research per story these days...
I didn't say it because I don't agree with saying it.It was a joke. Steve could f*ck up from time to time just like anybody else.Steve Jobs wasn't Apple and Apple wasn't Steve Jobs. One of the more spectacular things that Steve created before his death was an Apple that could run effectively without him. Four years out, and looking at what they've achieved, I'd say he appears to have successfully done that.In fact, losing Steve has provided them with more flexibility.It...
Agreed. I had to remove then reimport all my Pages documents recently because, after many weeks, I just could not, using any method whatsoever, get TWO MEASLY DOCUMENTS to sync correctly. I just got the eternal 'Updating' progress bar underneath them. I would not term the service reliable enough yet and I believe a reasonable timeframe has expired since it's introduction. This would never have happened if...nah...I'm not going to do that.  
I'd still prefer something smaller and lighter so I'll wait for the next MacBook Air to be released...
New Posts  All Forums: