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 You're basing your argument ON A DEVICE YOU HAVEN'T EVEN USED. Get back to us when you're ready to stop talking theoretically.
 It's a fact that it's your opinion. However, I have used a few digital crowns from the time that you're referring to. I have also used the version that Apple has on the Apple Watch. I believe what Apple has achieved, with the use of modern technology, is considerably more impressive than what I remember on the older watches. To compare the two of them, especially if you haven't actually used one of them, is like comparing old MP3 players with iPods, dumb phones with the...
That's a pretty strong statement. I think you're massively oversimplifying what Apple has achieved.Have you actually used the digital crown yourself?
 Did the watchmakers that you are referring to create DIGITAL crowns for use on an electronic device which can be coded to perform a variety of tasks by those that made it?
It's referring to a new ERA with the digital crown. Not a new digital crown.The piece even references the previous crowns that he mentions.
Where in the article did it claim that it was new?
You must have been one of those 'the iPad is just a big iPhone' types. It is not just a knob.Quite frankly, during presentations of the watch I didn't give it a second thought. However, after using an Apple Watch in store I can quite easily say that the one thing that made the strongest impression on me was the digital crown. It works, quite literally, like magic.It is easily as impressive as the click wheel on the iPod, especially so on a device of this size.
Tim Cook may be gay but there will be no further Randy behaviour at Apple. Is it my imagination or has Apple released another product recently called iQuit?
Judging by how poorly YouTube works on ANY iOS device, I thought Google already HAD discontinued support! Their app writing team should hang their heads in shame.
Wanna see an ironic photo?
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