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They also unveiled their new logo...  
That depends which Val Kilmer you are referring to.The fat one from a few years ago (Is that Fatman, not Batman?):Or the current elderly one:😉
At least we're still looking at A-List actors. Fassbender rocks but his fee will be huge after X-Men. He's going to need to build more barrels to keep his money in.
Wifi connectivity has been the only issue for me. I'm looking forward to iOS 8 bug fixes more than anything in regards to Yosemite.
Serkis has just come from playing Caesar in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (which I quite enjoyed) so are you saying Woz looks like an ape?😉
Fixed that for you.
There's always the incredibly innovative, Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi.He bares an incredible likeness to Jobs and I hear Wozniak is very impressed by him.I don't know if he can act but, if he can't, he can just copy what the othe actors are doing.
Microsoft continuing it's ad assault...
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