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The definitive version of hero to zero.
 Look at you. Fighting for your right to be sold invasive, unintuitive, badly thought-out products (under the moniker of ‘openness’) that are propped up with lies, inaccurate information and false advertising. And not a single point in the article countered. You're not going to cry, are you? 
How cute! Mark Zuckerberg offering his experienced opinion on how to price and sell successful hardware. Oops. I mean, how to sell hardware. Oops. I mean, how to sell. (I got it right eventually)
In that Devil's Tower screenshot where's the giant spaceship? Not ANOTHER Apple maps mistake!
Infinite Improbability Drive.Anybody who recognises this reference has a Heart of Gold.Either that, or they just worked it out using an Atomic Vector Plotter.
Since converting from Windows in 2010, I must say that I've loved every version of OS X except one:   I'd be lion if I didn't admit to having a few technical issues with that one...
Antitrust? How quickly we have forgotten the words Napster and Kazaa...
Excellent. Now let's get that Yosemite wifi solution and next iOS 8 update/bugfix out to us, boys. Thankee kindly.
 Fixed that for you.
 As a comparison, the medical industry still can't (officially) cure the common cold but I don't see anybody rushing to shut it down. I hope you haven't garnered that opinion by watching that foolishness called 'the news'. Don't do that. Not only is it biased, censored, and incredibly inaccurate, but it depicts a depressing situation that doesn't actually exist in the real world. Things are better than you realise.
New Posts  All Forums: