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Ah, but at least Gil got everybody on that boat with the hole in it rowing in the right direction...😉
I've read so many Steve Job's biographies that I'm starting to think it all happened to me.And I'll never forgive Sculley for throwing me out of my own company...
High-velocity ingests? Weren't they outlawed by the Geneva Convention?
I've finished it, so now it's time to wreck it for everybody else:He dies at the end.😉I'm hearing this book has been so popular that a sequel has been planned: The Return (Again) of Steve Jobs.
Almost finished it. (Advantages of living in Australia and, hence, your future, time-wise)
http://gizmodo.com/5926598/the-amazing-contents-of-steve-wozniaks-travel-backpackI must admit though.He does understand that technology can definitely improve a person's quality of life.
Hey, look!Swan Lake without real swans and a lake:Madame Butterfly but she's not really in Japan:Shakespeare without swords!Whaddya know! Everything DOES have to be authentic and exact to be successful!I'm surprised that nobody hasn't complained that they guy playing Steve Jobs ISN'T ACTUALLY STEVE JOBS!😉
I don't know about that.Wozniak seems to have learned the importance of focus.See the contents of his backpack for proof.😉
So, by information provided in your own post, HP wasn't savvy enough to realise the PC would be revolutionary while Jobs did and you CRITICIZE him?That makes sense.
This.In a big, BIG way.
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