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If anybody here ever goes to a sports game and sees a SINGLE cheerleader cheering from the side instead of a squad, now you know how Gatorguy feels...
This would make my weekend hobby of hunting army special ops. teams in the South American jungle considerably easier.
You're right. Apple are very lucky:Rapist: I'm going to rape you. But you get to choose front or rear. What'll it be?Victim: Um...can I choose neither?Rapist: Sorry. It's gotta be one or the other. So which will it be?Victim: Um...front, I guess.Rapist: It's your lucky day. Front it is.Victim: Yay! Hooray for justice!
It's 23 million owed.Not $2300.­čśë
Tim Cook has been quoted as apologising and saying that he doesn't have anything smaller than a twenty-five million dollar note on him.   Is somebody able to provide change for him?
Today, three hours after updating:  
Hell, yes!Go here:https://www.apple.com/feedback/Select your device, fill out the form, and select the 'Bug Report' option.Apple likely doesn't read the AppleInsider forums in regards to bugs but I can guarantee you that they'll hear about your problem here.
 Confirmed as an issue able to be replicated. Have you submitted a bug report to Apple yet?
I hope this fixes the issue with Vladimir Putin.   He's been acting like a real dickhead since the last update.
Significant performance improvements to both overall system performance (approximately 5%) as well as internet access on my MBA 2011.   Quite a few of those little GUI shudders and jerks have disappeared with this update.
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