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 Where some see the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 I only see the J. K. Shin Compensation device... 
Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action.
She saying "Thanks for giving me some sorely needed publicity after the severe damage that was done to my career after the Spider-man debacle. Free dinner and dessert on me!"
Who says I'm outraged?What gave you the impression that I'm not aware of the fact that half the headlines are exaggerations and the other half lies?Where did you get that idea?When you refer to yourself in writing why do you use CAPITAL LETTERS?How did you get to know me so well by sitting and reading and typing stuff on the internet?Why do you find that hilarious?So. Many. Mysteries.(If anybody can see what I just did give me a thumbs up to signal that you recognised what...
I believe you may have misinterpreted my post.I wasn't saying that all of the major sites were reporting this. I was saying that all of the sites that were reporting it were reporting that Apple had been hacked when this had not been confirmed.
I highly doubt that Samsung, a company with such high levels of integrity, would stoop to such a lowly tactic.I mean when you're as originally innovative as they are, with products that practically sell themselves without any need for excessive marketing budgets, are totally honest with customers regarding your products benchmarking capabilities, are above slagging off the competition AS WELL as the competition's customers, have no trace of criminal history, and have very...
They do have a point.And let's face it, anarchy has generally worked out well for anybody who's ever tried it in the past./s
This reaks of a public smear a week before the latest iPhone release. It staggers me that ALL of the major news sites are reporting this as an iCloud hack in their headlines before briefly mentioning deep within the articles that this information has not been verified. What the f*ck has happened to reporting these days?
Sad to hear of him going. Happy to hear where he went. Apple accepts ALS (Anand Lai Shimpi) again.
And a few days after the iWatch announcement Samsung will announce the iWatchU2.
New Posts  All Forums: