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 LOL Is the picture below one of the most famous cases of identity theft?  I mean, Leonardo didn't actually paint this woman from scratch, did he? It also makes you question: did Google steal search?  
 Although I don't understand your reluctance to 'stir the pot' as you mentioned, three things is a very small data selection of the thousands of points made in his articles. He's like any other writer. Sometimes he's right. And sometimes he's wrong. But I'm willing to bet he's been right a hell of a lot more times than he's been wrong. Based on the information in his articles that I am aware of, he's generally quite accurate. And most of the criticisms of him have been...
 I don't recall seeing too many of his critics disprove the many, many points he's made in his articles. Hell, I haven't seen too many of them even try.
 The underlying idea is that you can't do great design by copying something. Take something and make it your own. Put so much of yourself into it that it’s then yours. That is the dividing line between copying and stealing. Einstein said "The key to originality is hiding your sources”. The idea is that there are no truly original thoughts and thus there is no truly original creation, everyone is influenced by the world around them. Most inventions improve the...
 Many would consider Sol to be a major contributor to this forum, myself included. His responses are generally well-informed, well thought out, and he is able to respond to posters without being offensive. However, if you do manage to elicit an offensive response from him it's probably because you've posted something really, REALLY idiotic. For the umpteenth time. Kind of like you just did.
 Don't be coy. You seem to have been intelligent enough to have noticed that Steve Jobs has admitted publicly to theft. What did he steal? If you're clever enough to have spotted his admission surely you must know what he's talking about?
I agree with Sol here.Do you truly believe that Steve Jobs admitted to theft in a public interview?What exactly was he admitting to stealing?When was he charged?
...and get ready for the iPad Air Plus!
New Posts  All Forums: