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 Shut up you black/white/red/brown/yellow/mauve/mahogany/champagne/hot-pink, etc... bastard! 
I highly recommend everybody boycott all Department of Justice products immediately.   Avoid justice at all costs.
Do you mind not calling us 'whites'?We prefer to be called 'the Mongoloid/Negroid-challenged'.
Fixed that for you.
Is it true you took the username 'Gatorguy' because 'Crocofshit' was already taken?
He meant to say 'steals'.Forgive his slip.
It was mainly a quote, from a source I consider reliable - the Food and Agriculture Organisation's Director-General Jacques Diouf of the United Nations - who has been involved in this type of work for over thirty years, that I provided to question why we have international governments focussing on the legitimate income of companies like Apple when they themselves are quite willing to allow hundreds of people to die of starvation every hour.   It was a statement about the...
Seek and ye shall find...
That last comment was not serious.
Interesting fact:World hunger could be totally eradicated if the United States reduced everyone to 0%.
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