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Please let him answer the question.I would like to know what devices he uses personally.
Have you yourself tried a Chromebook?What devices do you use and own?
When you're an Android-using terrorist and you die, you go to heaven and get the 72 GB version of your handset. Praise be to Android!
Ah!But hold an iWatch half an inch from your eye and you HAVE an Apple TV!And a portable one at that!
 I agree with you. But who are we to judge? 
Here's a little interesting reading: http://fortune.com/2013/08/14/the-curious-case-of-apple-ebook-judge-denise-cote/
 The only one true religion is that of the Cult Of Mac. 
Never, never, NEVER...install or use Chinese software. That includes software from torrent sites, not to mention jailbreaking tools.
This just in!Apple is getting into the shipping business and will be spending BILLIONS on their new product - the iiCaptain.Rumour has it that this magical and revolutionary product category will be launching (see what I did there?) later this year!
New Posts  All Forums: