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 The only one true religion is that of the Cult Of Mac. 
Never, never, NEVER...install or use Chinese software. That includes software from torrent sites, not to mention jailbreaking tools.
This just in!Apple is getting into the shipping business and will be spending BILLIONS on their new product - the iiCaptain.Rumour has it that this magical and revolutionary product category will be launching (see what I did there?) later this year!
Does anybody else hear Steve Job's voice saying 'International Bozo Machines' whenever they read 'IBM'?
Seriously, I don't think you realise the gravity of the situation. The costs can be astronomical.
When Apple announces iSearch Google will release their first iProduct:iShitMyself.
There's a vacumn of funds available for this area, you reckon?
Right after we give it it's "iPhone Killer" stamp...
An excellent point which I hadn't even considered!
Just for the record, mdriftmeyer used to actually work at Apple.So he doesn't have a real name, just a serial number.
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