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If everybody followed your advice how would you know if the update worked?ūüėČ
LOLApple (Movie) is Doomed.
Big fan of installing unknown software modifications from utterly unknown Chinese entities, huh?
 Are you aware if Apple still utilises information submitted through www.apple.com/feedback to address future software updates?
This update does not address, what I consider to be, a fairly serious issue with Photostream.   I turned off the iCloud Photo Library (Beta) because of the inability to stop ONLY videos from uploading.   This was important to me for two reasons:   1). I only have a standard 5 GB account and didn't want to have all that taken up by the occasional casual video that I have a tendency to take from time to time.   2). Every time it uploaded photos and videos it would...
Why the surprise? Android is the second best operating system ever created by Apple so why not recommend Apple's hardware as well?
If they need another girl then maybe Justin Bieber is available?
Something the magazine industry has very little left of when they continue to publish rubbish like this...
The definitive version of hero to zero.
¬†Look at you.¬†Fighting for your right to be sold invasive, unintuitive, badly thought-out products (under the moniker of ‚Äėopenness‚Äô) that are propped up with lies, inaccurate information and false advertising.¬†And not a single point in the article countered.¬†You're not going to cry, are you?¬†
New Posts  All Forums: