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Here's a story some of you may not heard: "Regis McKenna, Apple’s original marketing guru, met the 22-year-old Jobs when he drove up to his house on a motorcycle and talked about how he wanted to build Apple into a global brand. McKenna sat in on Apple executive meetings from 1983 to 1987, and the two men remained close throughout the years. “In 1998 my wife and I bought five iMacs as Christmas gifts for our grandchildren. We watched them open their presents, and when...
Tim Cook wanted Steve to have his organ inside him?   Well, I guess that's a DEFINITE confirmation that he's gay...   (Joke! Joke!)
So, don't install any software ever?😉
You just described software in general.Don't install 8.3 then as it'd be better to wait for the bug fixes for 8.3 in 8.4.
LOLThat was funny, bro!
Totally agree.I'm loving the silky smoothness of 8.2 so much that I don't want to step off the porch back into the bug-infested wilderness of Beta territory.
Agreed. Seriously didn't enjoy getting my dock cut off by Apple.
I'm sorry, Daniel, but a regular thumbs up to your article is not just gonna cut it this time:  
The Journey is the Reward is an EXCELLENT book. So many interesting details!
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