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As Doctor Frankenstein once said, "It's arrive!!!":   F*ck this thing is quick.   Really, REALLY smooth and quick!   Apple ][ is correct. This is no small upgrade.
Benchmarks are the l33t, man!
I'm hearing ya!My phone is the fastest, most powerful one that I leave sitting in my bedside drawer.It's so cool.Speaking of cool, I gotta go. I'm gonna go install a customer ROM from the latest Samsung refrigerator and see if it will make my phone any cooler.Catch you both later on 4chan!
19 megapixels? Pffft!I have more deactivated cores in my phone than that!You know, For my next phone I'm getting the exact model phone you just mentioned. Only I'm getting the one with the slightly faster specs that'll be released the week after that one.
I'm sorry but I, personally, am unable to accept what you've said unless you tell us that you have owned at least five or more Android products, for how long you've been buying them, and how much Google stock you have.(By the way, how many widgets do you have installed? I have 317. I bet you I have more than you and win!)
Ease of use?An iPhone/credit card is considerably easier to whip out and pay with.
And who am I to argue with her.
There's a few questions that your response raises but I'll take the time to verify your claims before responding myself.
I must admit I'm always surprised, after reading your multitude of posts complaining about so many facets of Apple products, that you still consider buying them.What are you? A masochist?😉
You were right. 2300 for my MBA.I'm looking forward to using this thing...
New Posts  All Forums: