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Time Machine. Please tell me you regularly backup your Apple CEO's on a regular basis!?!
Isaacson squandered the opportunity of a lifetime with his biography on Jobs.   There are many books that did not have direct access to the man himself that also did not include the last few years just before his death that contain almost identical material to that provided in Isaacson's book. It's title should have actually been "Meh!".   Chrisann Brennan's "The Bite in the Apple" contains more new and interesting stuff in it than any of the rubbish that Isaacson...
 I do realise that I don't have to repeat what is said out loud? 
Wozniak speaks way, way too slowly in this ad.I had to take a breath at the end of it.
This just in:Stock price on GTFO up 80% after Twitter announcement.
Twitter lost me as a user the day they let Justin Bieber on their system.
Nab? So we've gone from anti-poaching to kidnapping?
Of course they can be trusted.Trusted to be untrustworthy, that is.😉
Headlines like this make it sound like Samsung is doing Apple a favour. I see it the other way around. I mean, it's not like Samsung's Mobile Division is raking in the cash. Am I right? Am I right? Yuk yuk yuk...
My God! Look at that picture. The new MBA is SO SMALL! That's an impressive feat of engineering.
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