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I'm just doing what I can with what I got...
It's a good thing I'm so spectacular in bed to make up for this terrible flaw.
I would suggest that you make use of the forum 'Ignore' feature if you are unable or unwilling to accept another user's opinion.You may also wish to consider that Apple ][ has been here a long time and, despite opinions that differ from some, continues to be allowed to post by the moderators of this site.You may wish to consider why that may be.We may not always agree, but we should always agree to allow freedom of speech.
Of course I don't expect them to provide services for free. But I'm also not going to give them my money for free either. Why should we pay so much when a computer does all the heavy lifting? Twice.I look forward to the competition providing similar convenience and security that will benefit users of any and all services.
Is this a side-effect from having gone mad and getting killed in her last game?
Sorry, but buying something on eBay, paying via PayPal then copping fees for both services has always irritated me.Are you against the idea of more competition for PayPal?Surely that will benefit everybody?
Steady on.He has as much right to express his opinions/views as any of us.
And, if true, thank God. The sooner we find a less greedy replacement for PayPal the better. And while we're at it, somebody step up and bring some more competition to the search and auction arenas as well.
If Apple botches the iWatch launch somebody'll be getting a slap on the wrist...
Passion is not something to be admired?They ain't doing you no harm. Let them live their life however they want to.
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