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Don't be silly!As if they're going to leave me alone to go and hassle you!
Interesting fact: World hunger could be totally eradicated if the United States ALONE were to reduce it's yearly defence budget by 5%.
 These, like Pazazu's posts, are apparently the same...         
 Not correct.      
Ouch!I know a guy who used to run a video store (remember those?) who bought one of the first Pentium PC's (running at something like 75Mhz) for the bargain basement price of $15,000.Still, at least it was "lightning fast!".(Look at any computer advertisement over the past thirty years and you'll see they're almost all advertised as being this)
I agree with jkichline.Here's an interesting article about Apple, the soon-to-be-first supercompany:http://www.torusoft.com/blog/how-to-recognize-a-super-company
Why are they called shares when we have to pay money to get them?
Are you crazy?An Apple keynote is so much more than that.I sit huddled lying in bed next to my girlfriend at 3.00 am in the morning, trying not to wake her as I sometimes genuinely laugh out loud at the jokes from Phil, Craig, and others, amaze at the reveals, and feel horrible for those who sometimes have their demos go wrong (poor Anki Cars).Since discovering Apple a few years ago, that special 'Christmas Eve' feeling comes a few times a year to our household.And was...
 Most of them with the Apple logo on them...
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