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Dude, if he speaks gooder English then he has a responsibility to make things righter.
They signed their agreement on Halloween? Was there a blood sacrifice as well?
Why? Weren't they doomed?
 So you believe that facts are only facts when adjusted to a timeline of your choosing, is that correct? Which is the most successful computer company in the world?  Do you only look at the period from 1990 to 2000 and declare Microsoft the most successful? Or do you look at the section from 2000 to 2014 and decide that Apple was? You may also wish to consider the following: "In Europe, consumers don't have much use for phablets. Research from Kantar ComTech shows that...
Actually there is still a possibility he may be correct - in the long term.This is the first chance that users of Apple's ecosystem have had the opportunity to buy a big phone and many may be doing so initially just because they can, or because they think their requirements need a phone that size, or because they just want an all-in-one device that will allow them to eliminate the additional purchase of a tablet.However, a year or so down the track they may find the size...
Well, of course.That is called product placement and companies like Samsung pay big money for it. However, there's a difference between what is paid for in the films and what is used by the ordinary person in the street.Anyway I'm not saying there are more people using LG than Samsung. I'm saying that, of all of the Korean friends that I know, they have reported that Samsung is nowhere near as popular in their home country as people may think.This article seems to confirm...
 Ironically, most of my Korean friends have mentioned that Samsung is NOT popular in their own country because they got into a position of dominance years ago then let those areas stagnate while also jacking up prices. Supposedly LG is more popular.
 Well there is that small thing called the operating system for a start, which naturally includes all of the bundled software that Apple produces - word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, photo editing, movie editing, podcasts, music creation, Apple Store, educational tools, books, not to mention various games. Then, from February onwards, all apps submitted to the App Store are required to be optimised for 64 bit using iOS 8 SDK. I think that covers things...
I can confirm this.He's been scientifically tested and confirmed to be approximately 43% above average.As an additional plus I've heard he's biodegradable.I shit you not.
Excellent and informative post but a little hard to read.You should whack a paragraph break or two in there.
New Posts  All Forums: