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If the sensor ever fails to read your finger print there is a workaround that can be implemented using another appendage.   However, this implementation cannot be used by females...  
I don't think too many people have issues with anybody poking fun.It's the claim that one of the most successful cell phone players in the industry saw the dismal sales of one of the least successful then decided to 'copy' them to gain more success that a few people are having an issue with.Next thing we'll hear claims that Chewbacca, an eight foot Wookie, wants to go live on the moon of Endor with two foot Ewoks.That. Does. Not. Make. Sense.
2011:   2006:   2001:   1998:   The Dawn Of Time:   If imitation is the best form of flattery then Nokia doesn't have to worry about Apple imitating their sales figures...
Maybe they shut it down because YOU were using it too often and the overheads were costing Apple too much.You bastard!
As an Apple user located overseas I suspect one of the reasons it was cancelled was because of lack of popularity. Why would something as universal as an app for sending cards be unpopular when hundreds of thousands of cards are sent every day? Because I suspect the cards were all dispatched from one central location in America, which vastly affected delivery times. I used the service twice, three weeks before the cards occasion. On my first try, the card was received...
Interesting to see no 128 GB option. However, I'm sure we'll all live.
Actually, Apple made two prototypes.The Consumer verson:"iEye"...and the Military version:"iEye Captain"
Mmmm...   Apple introduces finger-technology, just as Android introduces broken fingers...  
 Apple is irrelevant in the matter. Let's face it, folks. Sony's track record with anything other than the Playstation has been appalling. Sony is more than welcome to try and convince me otherwise by improving their products but, in the absence of solid reviews, I'm going to make an assumption that it's likely to be like most of their other gear.  If you don't like that, too bad.
New Posts  All Forums: