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Not only do I realise but I don't give a damn.And Samsung wins?Only a fool would be proud of the fact that Samsung cares nothing for customers, clients, morals, or principles.
Sony?Ah, that would be the Sony that Samsung f*cked over in TV manufacturing just they did with Apple in the mobile industry.Thank you for bringing up that point.
Is it true that Samsung phones get software updates about as often as their chargers?
This could be amusing if Apple has agreed to sell his activity trackers just as they're about to release a watch that has this function plus many more. Steve reaches out from beyond the grave and gives Scully the FU one last time by publicly humiliating and bankrupting him.
I have the African-American iPhone and, let me tell you, iOS7 looks a treat on it.
Tizen: The two birds with one stone for Apple!
If you find descriptions of your behaviour to be offensive then maybe that may be a sign to cease the offensive behaviour. There are a number of individuals on this forum who's comments are...uneducated. There are also a number of individuals who's comments are downright misleading. Not to mention financed. Get your facts straight, and you'll never be mistaken for either.
  ...despite the fact that Apple had to do nothing about replacing any of these non-genuine chargers for individuals who feel obliged to save a dollar and answer their phones after just stepping out of the shower, covered in water, while having it plugged into a lethal, electrical power source.   Let me sum it up for you:   Apple did nothing wrong here and STILL offered to address the issue.   Good customer service, yes?
  Then today's just another day of learning for you!     (When will you be learning to get a sense of humour? You're kind of boring without one.)   Wanna get all upset about the Playstation again?   I brought the tissues!     (Sorry! They're Mac ones, not Playstation ones!)
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