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Guys,   Let's try not to focus on the unimportant aspects of this story (activations) and focus on the important ones.   Like how Google named their next operating system 'Kitkat' after having pussy on their mind.     (http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/08/29/6-months-after-andy-rubins-exit-another-top-executive-leaves-googles-android-team)   Sorry, Sorry.   I didn't mean to mention the fact that Hugo Barra, Vice President Of Product Management, wasn't happy...
LOL Apple releases the iPhone 5C...in China only. The C was for China.
Why is Google messing around buying a smart watch maker when they should be getting into the clothing industry. How else are Android users going to get pockets that they can finally fit their phones into?
I'm holding out for the 1DS.
If so, Parallells is about about to make a sh!tload of cash...
Ballmer's retiring next year?   I thought he stopped working in 2000!
Secrecy. Doubled down. Yeeaaaahhhh...
Considering purchases of cheap Android tablets as the loss of a sale to Apple is like comparing the downloading of a movie torrent as the loss of a sale to movie-makers. There was NEVER going to be a serious injection of cash...
Gatorguy says you can trust Google.Now who's been drinking the Gatorade?
You truly are desperate to attempt to prop up Google in any thread you get the chance.Which gives the impression that you think they need propping up.You fail to mention that Apple users now have the ability to decide on, install, and use both mapping applications, something which is a vast improvement over the neglect we previously suffered when Google was the only option.I have a good memory.And when it comes to mapping applications, Google can get lost.
New Posts  All Forums: