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For years Anand Chandrasekher has been reported as having a chip on his shoulders. Shame it appears to be a 32 bit one.
In other words, when shipped.
 Apple to sue Google over copyright infringement of reality distortion field.
Looking at the image below, can anybody tell me if the focus is on the devices that Samsung proudly claims are so innovative, or whether it's on the little egotistical twit up on stage?     That's right.   There is only one correct answer.
His assessment is accurate and is shared by many others.This judge has given many people the impression that the case had already been decided before it had begun.Trying to reduce busy schedules or not, that is a bad impression to give, not only for the trial, but for your reputation of being able to remain impartial.I look forward to seeing the results of the appeal.
I'd love to but you claimed I was an unreliable witness with distorted perception, and the case was closed in post 74. (See what I meant about perception issues?) However, you are more than welcome to appeal... Or are you?
You have demonstrated incredibly poor perception issues and, arguing on a technicality, are attempting to convince us that a situation involving a company, who has a long and distinguished history of revolutionising and improving industries for consumers and the general public, should let things go and not appeal, as is their legal right. I proudly announce my pro-Apple stance, and request your remarks be stricken from the record. Thank you, your honor. Case...
Incorrect.Her comments (which are considered to be her opinion) demonstrated bias before ALL of the evidence had been presented to her, therefore making them 'an opinion based on incomplete information'.Apple has the option to appeal, and they will do so.
Did I mention anything about voluntarily appealing or choosing not to appeal?
I hate to break this to you, sunshine, but letting it go means not appealing.You know that, right?Nobody here considers Apple in the the light that you claim but they do an awful lot of good and change, not only industries, but the world for the better so, when they cop unwarranted criticism, they'll usually be defended.You do realise all the benefits they've given us over the years? The mouse, the GUI, the personal computer, the music player, the mobile phone, the tablet,...
New Posts  All Forums: