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  It does a bit, doesn't it?   That's okay.   Don't Panic.
I believe it begins in 1985, when Steve left Apple.Doom, it appears, is an exceedingly lengthy process.
In the future, when our kids get out of their Apple beds in the morning, eat breakfast from their Apple Food Preparers, stay at home and study using their 'Definitely The Absolutely Newest' iPads (seeing as schools have, for the most part, closed), log onto their Apple Communication Devices to do their job (while speaking Mandarin), then drive across to visit grandma and grandma (Yeah, you!) in their Apple cars, they're going to say:   "You're shitting me! Apple only...
MORE abbreviation!BC - Before ChristAD - Apple Doomed
Here we go. One step closer to the iOS Shake Weight...
I'm sorry, darling.You lost me at hello based on your inanely boring and bias posting history.If you'd like to be taken seriously in any way possible around here you may wish to offer something other than the common drivel that you've regularly spouted for quite a while now.Still, at least you can claim having Google Glasses before anybody else, and you didn't need to pay for them...
Now, a question's gotta be asked over the initiation of this in the first place: Motorola's legal advisors: What were they thinking! Or if the advice came from Google's legal advisors: What the F@CK were they thinking!!!
"In another scene showing off the S Beam file transfer protocol, a young woman snaps a pic and immediately shares it with her friend.
"The Korean company posted market growth of 0.7 percent, from 21 percent to 20.7 percent" Eh? They need to run a spellchecker on their numbers.
"You're storing it wrong!"
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