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  Why are you posting here when you still haven't found those droids!
Why does Apple always have to resort to litigation to achieve their nefarious ways?   Oh.   Google's homepage right now:       (Yes, it's frikkin' joke!)
It was actually the Samsung Board of Directors that have been pressuring Tim to innovate. They desperately need their next new, 'innovative' idea, as you can only make a phone screen so big before it becomes a failing tablet...
Nelson, for matters of transparency, I HAVE to ask your age...
Seems snappier.
No problem.My bubble is just fine.Are you familiar with the term "Win-Win"?I've noticed a consistent character trait that many of the naysayers display on this site.1. They're pessimistic.2. They have poor perception skills
  Tallest Skil is correct.   Perception is not your strong point, is it?
You know what I love about Gatorguy and KDarling?   Their posts on this site don't change a damn thing in the real world. And they know it.   Send it to the President, boys.   The veto has been enacted and, regardless of how you try to spin and deceive, Samsung has failed. Yet again.   But keep supporting them.   The failure suits you both.  
Not only do I realise but I don't give a damn.And Samsung wins?Only a fool would be proud of the fact that Samsung cares nothing for customers, clients, morals, or principles.
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