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 Let me re-emphasize. Apple finally allowed to re-introduce push services in Germany after 19 months of litigation that did not allow German users to receive push emails. Not a good time to attempt to emphasise Google's services in this region.
 Considering how much these 'highly paid executives' are costing their companies it makes you wonder how their companies can continue to afford keeping such unprofitable advice, doesn't it?
 Because short-term investors, not perceptive enough to even see Apple's current share potential, having the ability to choose the current CEO makes no sense at all. Want Apple to keep innovating? Remove potential stockholder stupidity now. Support Apple going private.
 Not so. And in a much shorter period of time that you may realise. Where EXACTLY may I be getting my information from? ;)
 Don't we all? But isn't this the same guy we're talking about here?  ;)
"Apple to subsidize U.S. Government."   Oh, how I'd pay to see that headline...
Tide. Turning. Google. Ouch. (Not. Interested. Gatorguy)
 Although I'll admit that Apple does appear to be experiencing a bit of a learning curve when it comes to their online services I'll also admit that they appear to be learning at an exponential rate and have improved dramatically in the last twelve months or so. Give them time. They'll get it right eventually.
iOS7 problem?   Rubbish.   iMessages on the Mac OS Mountain Lion and Mavericks is experiencing the same issue.   I've also noticed both my iOS7 iPad 4 and iPhone 5 experiencing issues syncing reminders, notes, email, etc...   This appears to be yet another Apple iCloud issue.
This version of dinner with Steve Jobs instead of Tim Cook: Icahn: I believe that the Apple board should listen more to what the shareholders want. Steve Jobs: F*ck off. Icahn: Okay, what should we have for dessert?
New Posts  All Forums: