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  I like the cut of your jib.  
    Buy another unit!   It'll increases their units shipped figures.
And those who are standing higher will look down at the previous layers of sediment and say:   "It was natural evolution. Stop being a bully in court.".  
  This is an extremely helpful post for those affected by this issue.   However, I did manage to streamline the resolution process a bit.
Gatorguy jumps in to defend Google!I don't recall too many of these posts for Apple!
These are some pretty brave admissions from some people on the forums.
I agree. There's been no evidence, that I am aware of, of Apple knowingly engaging in the kind of rubbish that Samsung has been caught practicing.
  Actually, this is quite common amongst a number of companies, usually within the United States, not just this site.   Even Apple snuck a reference in at the end of their keynote: To be released in THE FALL.   Do you have any idea how irritating it is to have to work out when the seasons begin and end in different parts of the world just to know when something is going to be released?
That entire article is about Samsung paying trolls.Where does it mention anybody else?Your quote gives the impression that Apple is also paying trolls, etc...
This is an interesting quote.Obviously, if you are 'sure' about this, then you have some information about Apple that most of us are not aware of.Care to share?
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