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  So, would you place Sony and Apple in the same league as each other today?
  Agreed. Even Littler Snitch would be welcome on my devices.   Nobody has any further info. on what we have to fear from this app?
  Can you (or anybody else) elaborate on this comment?   I'd like to know more.
I'm sorry, but when I look at Microsoft's percentage of the console market in 2001 then look at it now, the words, "Well done, Sony" don't spring to mind...
Headline one year from now: "PC makers pissed off with Apple when it pre-purchases 10 billion dollars of new touchscreen tech from Fujifilm and corners the market" And the day after that: "PC makers sulk in the corner..."
  Just like the portable music market, eh?   And the BetaMax market?   The eReader market?   The UMD, Minidisc, and Memory Stick markets?   The console games market?   Not exactly dominant in any of these areas now, are they?   You can be first, or the first to do it right.   I know which I prefer.   Ironically, I don't actually believe that Apple intends to make a watch but the example was their to illustrate that Sony are playing catch-up. Big-time.   Here's to hoping...
  LOL!   It's time to jack out of The Matrix, Neo.   Welcome...to the real world...     (Second big  to DaHarder giving him a thumbs up and agreeing with him. It's good to see that DaHarder's inability to discern situations accurately extends across everything)
Congratulations to Sony in getting competitive with smartphones...just as we all swap to glasses and watches.
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