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"Google has made its Quickoffice suite free on iOS for users"   Whogle?
 Dude, let's stay with reality here and not wander into the realms of science fiction!
 Oooh! Even cunningnier!
Cunning plan:   Wear a fluorescent jacket next time I want to jump to the front of an Apple queue...
"We're not in the junk business." Yeah, f*ck you Samsung. Standing ovation for Mr Cook.
I would like to officially suggest a Mr Steve Ballmer as a replacement.Mr Ballmer has, as an example of his dedication to Apple, decided to clear his entire schedule in a year or so, so that he may focus on such a position.Seriously, what could possibly go wrong with such an experienced member of the I.T. industry at the helm?
 You need to bootcamp that rubbish off your desk. 
 I know that, and you know that, but it didn't work with the joke so I modified it more than a Samsung Inventory Shipping Officer modifies his figures... 
 Not necessarily. A friend and I got caught in a zombie apocalypse the other day and, when we ran into a building for protection, we used Surfaces to board up the windows. Zombies, it appears, are attracted to windows...
See, if you'd bought a Mac, not only would you be guaranteed access to heaven (the halo effect) but, in the off chance your computer crashed, you'd get the periwinkle pastel blue screen of death.
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