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Christ. They should trot out a starving African child at the end just to show them where all that money spent on clothes could have gone. My opinion only. I recognise a person's right to spend money as they wish.
 Getting used as a floor-tile doesn't count as being used as an educational tool.
No way. Wei.   Best lines in the ad.
No, no.Just your perception does.
Boy, The more we learn about what Apple has been up to in the last nine months or so while they were 'stagnating' from 'lack of innovation' the more I'm impressed. Mavericks, iOS7, the Mac Pro, the mobile 64 bit chop 'n' change, addressing labour issues, bringing jobs back to America, supply chain changes (jobs out of America - thank you, Samsung), and God only knows what software and iPad updates we'll see shortly. They don't muck around...
Woodn't that have been a good idea.
 I'm able to intelligently analyse enough to see that you're just ignorantly defending your opinion on one of the poorest selling devices in the market. And don't even know that different countries use different types of English.  British US apologize or apologise apologize organize or organise organize recognize or recognise recognize  
What's even better, you can use your 5s as a hand-grenade:1. Configure fingerprint access2. Wait 48 hours3. Throw phone at target4. BOOM!!! Phone explodes as it erases your secure fingerprint data for you.A very handy feature!
Did anybody else's brain burp after reading this article? My God, that was a good meal! Kudos to the author for researching, reviewing, and releasing such material rather than just regurgitating like many others have chosen to do. God, I wish there were more like you.
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