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  Steady on there!  
Man, people.   You reckon this shit is bad?   I recently had to bootcamp into Windows to use a Windows specific program.   Unpleasant?   I have the Goddamn scar tissue to prove it.   Logging back into OS X was like coming home to dinner, dessert, a massage, hot bath, and hours of 'affection' from a loved one.   Apple, f*cking thank you!
Sheesh.   Apple needs to treat their government department with the respect that they deserve.   Pay 'em, f*ck 'em, then kick 'em out of your bed, Apple.  
Where can I get one of those giant Apple banners for my car window?  
You spelt your username wrong.It's spelt LOBOTOMY.
Damn it.You beat me!
Just a little Easter egg I threw in.Well spotted!
  Love it!
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