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This is nothing compared to what's happening in the iPad Mini camp! http://verynicewebsite.net/2013/04/spot-the-error/
I fink he insalted us!Giv me a weak to confirm if he did or not, then I'll get bac 2 u.
I saw a problem with this article in the first two words: Conventional wisdom.
Amazing!Turning that thing off would have been like killing one of your kids.Mind you, it'd be a teenage kid, so that would take a bit of the sting out of it...
  I'd certainly have the blinders on!   The difference is, when Apple gets into a position of power, they tend to use that power to effect change. Industry wide change.   Most other companies that find themselves in positions of power just try extract money from wallets.   I'm surprised that many people on this forum are regularly unable to discern this.
  Did you mean the first time today, Fornecedor de Mentiras?
Apple doom. @Just_Me
Perhaps you should just add this to your signature to save time from now on?
  You mean Asian people don't actually look like that with their clothes off?   (Oh, and could you warn us before you link to this filth?)  
  Oh, come on.   Do you really think God 'rested' on the seventh day?   There's always been porn!
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