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  Really well. My Galaxy III is my favorite phone to date.
I think it's a smart position for them to take. Their money is better spent on investing in their infrastructure. The cost of entry to carry iPhone on a subsidized basis is very high. And the competition is getting better. As a long time iPhone owner, I was pleasantly surprised by how good the Galaxy III is, and to have it on MetroPCS for all you can eat at $55.00, I don't expect to switch back to iPhone anytime soon. Could happen, I just don't see it.
Thanks for not turning it on, douchebag.
I really don't give a rat's ass if my macbook passes some ecological standard. Wait, oh yes I do! Because all of the processes and procedures, licensing, special decals, blah, blah, blah of all the crap I don't give a rat's ass about adds to the cost of my macbook. Jackwads. Truly retarded move.
First test in 15 years? Your tax dollars at work.
  Would you purchase a $32,999.999 metalflake purple car with 2" wheels? Nah, you probably wouldn't like that.
  Yes, I'll suffer PCs if I have to look at something all day long that I don't like.
  Yes I did, and I also didn't own one until it came with the black bezel. $1700 is not an unsubstantial purchase. If I don't care for the looks of it, I won't buy it. The black bezel helps it blend into the background better, making the transition more appealing and the screen seem larger. The metal bezel looks large in comparison, and my personal opinion (which I believe I am entitled to) is that it looks like crap.
If they replace the sexy black display bezel on the 15" with that horrible metal color, like the ones on the 11" and 13" Macbook Airs, I'm gonna vomit.
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