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You're welcome Apple fans.
Nice to hear. When I lost my iPhone in my state, I walked into the police department with my MacBook Pro and a map of where the phone was and they told me to pound salt.
So, the Chinese people want to walk around banging into lamp posts and falling through open manholes while tweeting and texting just like we do?   What a legacy to share with the world.   More people surfing and texting while driving, walking down stairs, and sitting on exercise equipment not exercising.     Just what the world needed.
Finally got mine.   Lucrative holiday season?  In the greatest recession since the great depression?     Guess I'm doing a better job than I thought.
I know how they can increase that share.  Deliver my iPhone 5.  After taking one day to travel from China to Anchorage Alaska, it's been languishing in Kentucky for two days.  
Yeah, go Apple.   I'm still waiting for my iPhone 5 to arrive.     Like normal people would really say, "Gee, I could get a Samsung phone right now, but I would rather wait a month for an iPhone."
I completely agree with you.Until I visit a website with Flash content. Then I completely disagree with you.
Thank you for my check Tim.
He's selling now because he knows I'm coming after him for back taxes.  You can run Scott, but you can't hide!
Apple sidesteps paying billions of dollars?  I can't allow that.  I need that money.  I may have to send a few of the boys from the IRS to pay a visit on Mr. Cook.
New Posts  All Forums: