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Just call her, if you where as good of friends as it sounds like you where in high-school I'm sure she'll be happy to hear from you. Besides, you mentioned that you were too much of a pussy to ask her out then, so don't start out by repeating the same mistakes and hide behind text messaging, just give her a call. Good luck.
Probably the only reason I continue to use Safari over Firefox is the automatic bookmark syncing over dot mac. If Safari did not have this feature I would have switched to Firefox a while ago. Alas I love having my bookmarks synced between my iBook and Powermac far to much to ever lose that feature.
Glad you're enjoying the game. GTA:SA is definitely one of the AAA titles being released this year. Personally I always found the GTA series to be amusing but never captivating enough to draw me in for long periods of game-play. What I am waiting for is Halo 2. Bungie rocks.
Even third-party browsers eventually drop support for older versions of Mac OS X as they incorporate features into the browser that require certain components of the newer OS versions. In other cases, the effort required to continue support of older OS versions is too much (ie. you may end up solving a certain software problem several ways, one for each OS version.) That's actually the case with Camino. The 0.8 release of the Camino browser is the last to support...
Own a PC, at least there is still Linux and you can play games on them like Doom 3. Would you rather be born without genitals or have no sense of touch?
Hands attached to my ankles because it would make climbing trees easier. Would you rather your spouse be beautiful or intelligent?
I have had similar problems with the Finder as well. From time to time the Finder just goes CPU hungry. One time the Finder would immediately suck up 95% of CPU right after boot and login. Nothing else was running, no windows open, nothing. It would just launch and start sucking CPU.
This is pseudo off-topic but does anybody know why Al Jazeera's site wants to get Safari to download a file called "BreakingNews.aspx" and how to get it to stop?
I would love more email space. I am not always checking my mail at one computer and being able to store all my email on a server for universal access would be great. Having every email I've ever sent accessible from any internet terminal would be a dream come true for me. No more, "I need that email from...crap that's on my home machine."
It's not just the amount of iDisk space for web-hosting that bugs me, but the lack of more advanced server side features like web-site logs, PHP, Perl, and MySQL. For the most part these are pretty standard features on most web-hosting packages. While I do not think Apple needs to provide all of these features to be competitive with dot mac, some sort of dynamic page creation technology would be nice.
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