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I hope that Apple will strive to treat all countries equally. Plenty of us in the US are already enjoying our iPhone 6 Pluses and those 22 other countries deserve a chance to stand on line and online to get theirs too!
IBM just went from Big Brother to just plain brother.
spamsandwich 06/10/2014 05:13 PM And now a thirty second video of paint drying... That's funny!
It covers about 4/5ths of the screen.
It's interesting to see how Microsoft wants apps like Twitter and Facebook to conform strictly to the Metro UI at the expense of individuality and control. Apple curates, but MS goes overboard.
  How much hardware do you think Apple would sell if there was no iTunes?
...and the more players or shipments, the more promotion for the the particular tablet concept invented with the iPad, which helps Apple.
...since the iPad is just a toy, you know. /s
  Go to Settings -> Restrictions, tap Enable Restrictions, enter a code that only controls restriction settings and add your parental controls.
Quote Phone-UI-Guy: Making a 7" tablet isn't really hard or particularly innovative. The hard part is making one a success. Bagging on Apple for keeping the 4" displays to maintain application usability and compatibility is ignorant. Their methodical selection of displays and careful adaptations for changes is one of the reasons they have been so successful. Android has suffered immensely as an ecosystem due to differentiation among devices and manufacturers. In some...
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