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Thanks, I needed a laugh.
Good.  I couldn't care less if ignorant bigots who think they're channeling some sky-creature get to use Apple products or not.
I think the complaint (at least for me) is simply that the interface is not as clean, elegant, and user-friendly as it could be - let alone as I would expect for an Apple product.
Except with every update, Apple insists on putting new channels in the 2nd and 3rd row - I had to re-do the entire layout (again) last night after an upgrade.  If they want to add more channels, great, but have them auto-locate at the bottom of the roster (especially junk like this). But more importantly, it *is* getting to be a cluttered interface.  I still maintain that the "Movies" and "TV Shows" buttons should be umbrellas for all content services - e.g., if I go into...
They absolutely don't need it.  I've used direct-pay on websites several times (such as the property management company to whom I pay rent), and all I've had to give is account number and bank routing number.  And I will *never* give anyone other than an employer my SSN - I refuse to fill it out on other forms (such as medical records).
 It's not "horrible" for your credit rating.  You get a slightly higher credit boost if you carry a small balance but keep your cards current.  But it's quite possible to get an awesome (>800) credit score while paying off all cards in full every month.
Exactly - they're telling me that if I want to buy their product, but my only means of paying is Apple Pay (e.g., i don't have my wallet with me)... then forget it, they don't want the sale?  They'd rather I go to a competitor?  That's insane.
 Agreed, same logic applies even with credit cards.  I use credit cards - and would use Apple Pay linked to a card - because I want the flexibility to make purchases which might not, er, coincide with my current checking account balance.   Plus, when I use a credit card, I get benefits (miles, rebates, etc.).  Why would I use a cumbersome app that directly deducts from my checking account?
Politely pointed to the side door, is what I'm thinking.  Frankly with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the iPad Mini makes less sense.  I was *this close* (honest, holding fingers close together) to getting an iPad Mini before the new phone rumors appeared to solidify over the summer... gien the new phones, and on the other end the upgraded full-size iPad, it's hard for me to justify getting a Mini. (Now, if they'd done a larger iPad Pro, hoo boy look out, I'm first in that line!)
Sometimes I feel like I need to break out the hand puppets.  The comment to which I was replying (which you deleted) was to the effect that no one carries around an iPad, therefore NFC would be dumb in an iPad.  My response was to observe that clearly Apple *does* intend people to carry around the iPad, otherwise it's silly for them to have upgraded the camera (and spent to much time touting it).  I in no way implied that the camera and NFC are related features or uses.
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