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Given that sometimes the only way I can un-jam my phone is to turn it off, using the physical button, I'm not optimistic about a 100% software-driven interface. 
Pleeeeeze Apple, upgrade and improve the AppleTV UI before adding still more "channels".  The Apple TV screens are a mess.
Could not care less about emojis.  How about something useful, like letting me turn off vibration on the alarm clock?
 Exactly.  Is she saying that Apple does *not* want all the free marketing that comes from every local news station in the country doing stories about the lines around their local Apple store?
     And even if technically there's no such thing as "First Avenue" in New York City, if you're in Manhattan and searching for "550 First Avenue", the AI algorithms should presume that you mean "550 1st Avenue" [while giving you the chance to force it to some city in Canada or South Africa], rather than just assuming off the bat that you mean a city in Canada or South Africa, and not even give you the NYC choice as an option. i.e., I'm sure that literally thousands of...
 Not true, they're two different things.   Getting rid of 1970s green-screen lines, or the infamous blue-ish box around moving Tie fighters, is completely different than changing the fact that Han shot first.  You can clean up the F/X without changing the story line.
I can see already imagine people complaining about this - "I ran out of detergent and pressed the button, but I *still* can't do laundry!  Fail!"
Occassionally I open up my old iPhone 4 to play some games on it that I never xferred to my 5S (basically, I use it as a game boy).  I never updated iOS past 6, and pretty much every time I open it, I find I prefer the look (and much prefer the bolder, stronger fonts) of iOS 6 over the current interface designs. And just to be clear, I'm not saying "Apple sux" nor trying to impose my views on others; I'm just offering my views.
And what happens when your 3-year-old runs around the house pressing all the buttons?  (Yes, in theory you can cancel via smartphone - but miss that window [such as due to said 3-year-old] and your floating in Tide.
I imagine that drones will have a constant GPS feedback, so if they're shot down (or otherwise fail / fall), the retailer will know the location and come looking for it.   (To be clear, I'm not defending the use of drones, which I think is stupid, but I'm just saying that all the "I can shoot it with impunity" chatter is misplaced.)
New Posts  All Forums: