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yeah but where's the claw app, for when the nails go in at an angle?  #fail ( /s )
 If multiple people are thinking the question right of the bat, I'd hope that Apple already thought of it too - and it doesn't seem like it would be too hard to implement at least some degree of choice in the menus - e.g. in Settings, put a tab for selecting the various app menus.  I never take selfies, or slo-mo video; and I'd think that for almost everyone the most common use of the camera is to take a photo... so why is "take photo" the 4th & lowest down option?  Seems...
   If you use a Windows-based PC or laptop at home, you can (could?) download purchased content via iTunes.  e.g., not just purchased music, but if I purchased a TV show episode, I could download that to my PC's hard drive.  (In fact, older iTunes used to do this automatically, which was a PITA - why would I want to download every TV episode I've purchased to my laptop hard drive?) Sounds like that function might have been disabled now.  Maybe that's because Apple expects...
Add me to the curmudgeon pile.  Doesn't it take about 10x longer to look up all those emoji than just type the d*mn words?
Quote: Quote: Jeebus people, lighten up.  He's offering an observation of his experience, and simply says "they need to get [a] handle on that".  If anything, to me that sounds exactly like what a beta tester might say as feedback - he didn't come out of the box saying "This is a piece of shite" or "Apple sux", or anything of the kind. The rabid and reflexive reaction to the slightest negative statements on here is really starting to get old.
 Well yes, you can always use your phone as a remote through the app - but of course then you're not using your phone for other purposes / you're having to flip back & forth to the app.
 Agree - I didn't want the new AppleTV to be a game console, I wanted it to be a new and better AppleTV.  And it is. I do wish the remote were a little larger, and I would have liked a keyboard (I know, Apple aesthetics, etc...)   Frankly I was hoping the remote was basically going to be like an iPod - full screen w/keyboard.   Instead, it looks like unless you use Siri (and let's face it, not everyone wants to talk to their devices, and it can be difficult / awkward to do...
 Please for the love of FSM, get rid of Game Center.  If Game Center is a required interface for AppleTV games, then I will not play (i.e., will not purchase, i.e., less revenue).
 Well I'm only a data point of one (er, two, actually, since I'm the sole breadwinner ), but I for one am happy for Apple to call my bluff and produce an iPad Pro - and in the alternative if they don't roll it out, I won't be buying a regular iPad, so at least in my case a Pro would not be cannibalizing other iPad sales. For about 3 years I've been saying I'd love to get a 2nd iPad for the house, if it were a larger screen size.  Easier to read, easier to view and edit...
Given that sometimes the only way I can un-jam my phone is to turn it off, using the physical button, I'm not optimistic about a 100% software-driven interface. 
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