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Amazing the number of people that lack sarcasm and humor genes.
Yup - my reaction was "oh good, I get to go home and reorganize my AppleTV menu *again*".
 The guy doesn't look too comfortable - doesn't seem like there's a lot of food-pad area, the feet aren't fully supported - not sure why that's the place that they'd cut corners (no pun intended).
Thanks, I needed a laugh.
Good.  I couldn't care less if ignorant bigots who think they're channeling some sky-creature get to use Apple products or not.
I think the complaint (at least for me) is simply that the interface is not as clean, elegant, and user-friendly as it could be - let alone as I would expect for an Apple product.
Except with every update, Apple insists on putting new channels in the 2nd and 3rd row - I had to re-do the entire layout (again) last night after an upgrade.  If they want to add more channels, great, but have them auto-locate at the bottom of the roster (especially junk like this). But more importantly, it *is* getting to be a cluttered interface.  I still maintain that the "Movies" and "TV Shows" buttons should be umbrellas for all content services - e.g., if I go into...
They absolutely don't need it.  I've used direct-pay on websites several times (such as the property management company to whom I pay rent), and all I've had to give is account number and bank routing number.  And I will *never* give anyone other than an employer my SSN - I refuse to fill it out on other forms (such as medical records).
 It's not "horrible" for your credit rating.  You get a slightly higher credit boost if you carry a small balance but keep your cards current.  But it's quite possible to get an awesome (>800) credit score while paying off all cards in full every month.
Exactly - they're telling me that if I want to buy their product, but my only means of paying is Apple Pay (e.g., i don't have my wallet with me)... then forget it, they don't want the sale?  They'd rather I go to a competitor?  That's insane.
New Posts  All Forums: