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I imagine that drones will have a constant GPS feedback, so if they're shot down (or otherwise fail / fall), the retailer will know the location and come looking for it.   (To be clear, I'm not defending the use of drones, which I think is stupid, but I'm just saying that all the "I can shoot it with impunity" chatter is misplaced.)
Agreed - I do not want this, and when I say that I don't mean that I don't personally want a drone delivering a package to me; I mean that I don't want dozens or hundreds of drones buzzzzzzzzzzing their way across every city - not just the urban core, but pretty much by definition quieter residential areas, and hence parks too.
Agreed - ours is now a few years old and starting to be balky (have to restart it once every 3 days or so), but I have no interest in simply purchasing a new cheaper version of the same old product - I'd rather they kept the price point at $99 and updated the hardware.
 My first thought when I saw the event logo was of the old NBC Peacock - so I'm crossing my fingers that there is indeed going to be something AppleTV related...
+1.    I couldn't care less about the Watch, but would love a completely redesigned AppleTV and/or an iPad Pro.  I'd buy either of those without hesitation - the Watch - meh, maybe Christmas 2016, if people still seem to like it then...
Amazing the number of people that lack sarcasm and humor genes.
Yup - my reaction was "oh good, I get to go home and reorganize my AppleTV menu *again*".
 The guy doesn't look too comfortable - doesn't seem like there's a lot of food-pad area, the feet aren't fully supported - not sure why that's the place that they'd cut corners (no pun intended).
Thanks, I needed a laugh.
Good.  I couldn't care less if ignorant bigots who think they're channeling some sky-creature get to use Apple products or not.
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