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 Criminals also drink water... and I think I saw you drink water, therefore it's appropriate for the police to collect your phone records, interview your colleagues, and put a silent GPS tracker on your car to track your movements.  If you don't like that, you shouldn't drink water.
 Agreed - this situation is no different than you putting files in safe and burying it in your backyard (which you have every right to do).  The government can get a search warrant to search your home, but unless they find the safe they can't force you to tell them where it is.  Even a search warrant is not some magic reveal-all truth scroll.  Even with a warrant, you still have rights.
 Right?  The highest law of them all, the Constitution, guaranties us certain rights, including privacy and freedom from unreasonable warrants.  The people who I'm more concerned about being "above the law" are government goons, not the weird old guy down the street with aluminum foil on his windows.
I'm surprised more people don't use shortcuts.  I turned off auto-correct, which I found incredibly annoying (and inaccurate for my needs), and instead have put in a few dozen shortcuts - "hes" becomes "he's", "iill" becomes "I'll", "sanf" becomes "San Francisco", etc.  Even email addresses - "x[at]y" becomes my Yahoo address, "x[at]g" my Gmail address, etc.  It's a much more functional way of typing than using auto-correct, IMHO.   (The problem is when I'm pounding away...
Who's bringing the drinks?  And I have dibs on the chair, my back hurts.
I have no idea what you just said.
Do you honestly think that that Google image of Warwick and Stratford was cluttered?  In one glance I can see city names, village names, and 3 levels of roadways, with labels.  For someone on the go -- maybe behind the wheel, or rushing to get to a bus stop, etc., that "at-a-glance" versus having to zoom zoom zoom (and therefore also scroll, scroll, scroll to see the same larger area) -- makes a great difference.
  Setting aside the fact that I don't think I should have to be Apple's free cartographer - how does lowly me "fix" Apple's decision not to use different emphasis for the "A" routes versus the "M" routes in the U.K., for example?  Or how do I "fix" Apple's decision not to show building outlines and names on university campuses?  These are not situations where "Oops, you mislabelled one of the most famous towns in the U.K., but no worries I've 'fixed' it for you"; these...
Setting aside my kneejerk "Ugh!" attitude to your praise of crowdsourcing (and why should I be Apple's free cartographer; I just want to *use* the map!), this is not simply about missing or broken data.  For example look at the images of Bowling Green State University on that tumblr link - in the Google image, the building outlines and names are shown, as are footpaths.  One source, all the info I need (were I to ever go to BGSU, that is...).   On the Apple map, all...
My comment here applies to many who have said "just report the problem" or "just wait, in a year or two it will be much better".  I don't want to be Apple's free cartography-checker and beta-tester.  Apple has $100 billion in the bank.  They either should have made a stellar product from the get-go, or not forced iMaps on everyone (who upgrades to iOS 6, which I apparently won't be doing soon) before it was ready.
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