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I'd much rather have a large(-ish) screen that I can hold at any angle than sit in an awkward position staring at a 4" or 5" monitor in the back of the seat in front of me (which may, at any time, be reclined back into my lap by the person in front of me).
"Grow up" - how mature. Perhaps you should "grow up" and start questioning 'authority'. First, there's zero evidence of phone interference with plane systems. For example, even if only 1/100% of 1% of planes have someone on board who either accidentally or deliberately didn't turn off their phone - and I've seen instances of this myself, and I don't fly that often - then that means each day there are 1000s of planes flying, incident-free, with active phones on...
This is So Stupid! Let's take an incredibly well known name, with incredible customer good will - and destroy it all in a matter of months! As someone said an a Washington Post article today, the only thing left of Netflix 2 years from now will be a Harvard Business School case study in what not to do when you have a successful company!
Whoever suggested MS buy RIM - now *that* made me laugh out loud. A marriage made in (bureaucratic, automaton) hell!
Yawn. I has such tiredness of this!
With due respect (and empathy), I've just found the BB interface and OS incredibly cumbersome and counter-intuitive. Even after almost 2 years (contract's up next month!) I find it annoying, requiring too many menu and sub-menu elections to do the simplest task. Whereas the day I picked up my SO's iPhone 3GS, it all just "made sense" and was incredibly workable. And with Apple now supporting enterprise solutions, I think it's hard to continue to justify the statement...
Ready for your retractions, all you MS-boosters -- you know who you are; the ones who yesterday were saying Win8 was going to kill the iPad - and then who got all defensive in response to the slightest pushback from this forum.
Now that made me laugh out loud. Too bad most of the younger set on here won't get the reference, because the quote's not only funny, but it's the perfect metaphor for this MS effort.
Seriously? This is your complaint, that if you whack it into something or someone it leaves a mark? Maybe you should just hold out for the NerfPad, and in the meantime get some elbow guards.
Sooo..... get the iPad keyboard dock. (And how is that in any way shape or form different than the Win8 tablet dock in the video?) Seriously, people who treat the iPad as a toy simply aren't realizing it's potential and/or are deliberately ignoring solutions to their problems.
New Posts  All Forums: