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Ugh. How cumbersome, and short-sighted. If I have wifi, why shouldn't I be able to pay a cable subscription fee and just download the shows directly - why do I have to use a cable box? And why do I have to be at home - do these bozos not understand that the future is untethered, that I should be able to access content (to which I have rights) anywhere?
For goddess's sake, it was an eff-ing joke. Are you that disconnected from social interaction that you can't get that it was an effort an a humorous remark?
good one
Because all your posts are critical and argumentative (and frequently slashed to shreds in responses)?
all I can do is laugh; not even worth getting annoyed over such inanity.
And in fact, on Oct. 3rd it says there are no events scheduled that day, and that they next day with events is Oct. 4th. But on Oct. 4th, no special events are listed!
Hmm, "October 5" = "10-5" (in American nomenclature), which looks just like "iOS". I'm off to the Vatican to find the next clue!
I never said *I* don't turn off my phone. In fact, I hate self-absorbed and/or self-righteous people who think they're above the rules. My point was simply that regardless of the rule and regardless of 99.99% of us abiding by it ... every day 1000s of flights are successfully taking off and landing with at least one active phone on board. I was merely addressing technological interference claims, not passenger attention spans.See above, same response applies in toto. ...
OMG that's too funny. I sometimes think that they sit around in Redmond trying to think of stupid things to do.
I'd much rather have a large(-ish) screen that I can hold at any angle than sit in an awkward position staring at a 4" or 5" monitor in the back of the seat in front of me (which may, at any time, be reclined back into my lap by the person in front of me).
New Posts  All Forums: