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Why would Apple want to buy a telco and suddenly have millions of people complaining about "my *Apple* service" and "my *Apple* coverage" every time they had a problem with their phone? What company (that already has a stellar, clean reputation) would want to take on that nightmare?
What are you even talking about - did you read the article, where it says the other major carriers already have this fee structure? As for your silly comments about Google -- whatever. The "real name" debacle on Google+ -- deleting people's Gmail, Picasa, etc accounts just because they *think* (without even bothering to prove it) that someone's not using their real name on Google+ -- shows how Google's just another my-way-or-the-highway megacorp.
Consumers don't care about OS. Repeat as necessary until that sticks. Consumers just want a product that works - and ideally "the" product that's currently #1 / a hit / being seen and used everywhere. (And lets be clear, the people posting on AI are not a representative sample of consumers!) I don't know of a single non-geek friend who looks at the tablet market and says "Hmm, I like the flexibility of webOS and it seems to have great growth potential." They say "Hmm,...
I think these are both interesting analogies that help illuminate the complex (and multiple) issues at play here. The first analogy makes a lot of sense - if one thinks of an app on an Apple device as comparable to going to to a mall or big-box store. The second analogy makes sense if using an app is (or should be) no different than visiting a comparable website. My view tends towards the latter. I don't understand why using FT (or Amazon, or Hulu, etc) via an app should...
+1 and thank you. I'm so tired of the "Apple's not in it for market share" response. Apple may not be in it for every iota of market share, but they damn well better be in it for a stable piece of the market, at a minimum -- or their profits (and piggy bank) will eventually go bye-bye.
A guy with 5 posts assumes a guy with 188 posts is a troll. *After* the latter person had already clarified that he was being sarcastic [which was kinda obvious to begin with, if you ask me]. And makes a glaring typo while doing so.Priceless.
Given how similar they are in appearance (see: Samsung lawsuit, etc.) you probably just haven't noticed. I'm regularly surprised (do you hear me, Apple patent lawyers) how similar and even confusingly identical Android phones are to iPhones. Sometimes it's only by closing looking at the screen (which is a bit rude...) that I can finally tell it's not an iPhone.
What a hateful, uninformed statement. Giving up a child for adoption is a helluva big distance away from "throw[ing] their babies in the trash can". In fact, it's pretty much the opposite. It's bringing a life into being, but giving that living thing, your own child, to someone else because you know you can't raise it. To me that's a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, and *selfless* decision.
I'm thinking that the angled top & bottom on the back of the camera would make it a lot easier to slip into pockets (or protectors). On the other hand, does that really leave enough space for the camera and flash components at the top of the phone? It doesn't look like it, and the pix on YouTube aren't quality enough to see how 'they' (Apple, or the fakers) handled the lens/back interface.
What a jerkish comment. If they're an American company that wants to succeed, they'll focus on the rest of the world -- such as the booming growth in China -- and that happens to be exactly what Apple's doing. Any U.S. company that focuses only on the U.S. is doomed, and will soon be eclipsed by competitors who know better.
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