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Woo-hoo! A month & 2 days until I can say hello to a Sprint iPhone and good-bye and good riddance to my BB!Can you elaborate? Just curious.
Very well said. The new campus is perfect for what it is - a suburban office campus - but I'd like to think that Apple could do more than simply perfect an existing solution; I'd like to think they could come up with something that breaks the mold.
Uh, why? Did this guy single-handedly create L.A.'s car culture? Did he force every Angeleno, decades ago, to vote against public transit and build freeways? Don't be so snide and simple, it just negates anything substantive might you have to say.
Uh, what do you suppose makes up office walls? Every office wall in 99% of the buildings in the world are drywall. (The rest are glass, bamboo or plywood.) Do you think Steve's going to build this out of transparent aluminum?
There's a huge-a$$ parking garage forming a wall hundreds of yards long along Interstate 280. I was much more supportive of the new campus before I began diving into the details, such as the size and location of the parking garage. The more I examined the entire proposal, the less I liked it -- why can't the parking be underground? why not do a 6-story building and obviate the need for campus 3? with all of Apple's money, why not do something even better - a Geery Apple...
Uh, Yes, actually - he's an architecture critic. On the other hand, what's your qualification for criticizing him?
Great 1st post.
I would, and will. Granted, I can't wait to get rid of my BB; I'd buy the iPhone 5 if it were made from water buffalo dung and bird spit. But I like this shape. It looks like a return to a form factor that's been constant across the Apple telecom line *except* for the iPhone 4, and I think it's a more streamlined look. Is it just me, or in the edge-on images of the blue case does it look like the top of the phone is a little thicker than the bottom (much like the...
I was thinking the same - not even any cryptically named events at the S.F. convention center. Seems kinda weird.
Black boxes do broadcast a signal, but if it's under water (as here) and/or the investigators don't know where to look (as seems to be the case here), that doesn't do any good.
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