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Ok, just found my iTunes Match Subscription in my iTunes and App Store account settings. So, I'm paying for both Apple Music and iTunes MatchClusterf****
It is baffling how Apple Music, Cloud Music Library, and iTunes Match work together. Apple has done an especially poor job explaining all this. I still don't understand it even after reading this article I signed up for Apple Music and turned on Cloud Music Library. Am I still paying for iTunes Match? I cannot find it anymore in iOS Settings. It went away when I downloaded 8.4 and subscribed to Apple Music Clusterf****
I can't believe after that disaster and all the years that have passed since... that they wound up creating a 2015 version of Ping.  Some serious issues here    I hope they are all over this and have a set of features and fixes ready to roll out immediately.  Or else Connect is toast  
Connect is awful. Awfull, I dare say, with it's Ping like features. And buggy as hell. I have it on an iPad Air, all software fully updated. It is unstable. Simple links simply don't work The team that designed and built Connect should be embarrassed
Google Android is a cesspool when it comes to this.   All the system type apps in the Top 100 (keyboards, launchers, browsers) all read your device to see what you have installed.  And then target new apps to you based on that info     It is disgusting 
Is that estimate US only?
F U Samesung. If you think things are tough now, wait until the new iPhone launches in 90 days
I can't wait to rip my two Google Nests out of my house. I do not trust Google. There is no way I'm going to give it highly personal info what is going on in my home
Good job Apple. Keep rolling and pushing
F** Up. Makes me want to move out of NYS
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