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It must result in some serious product returns.  It is so easy to do, especially in the dark.  Samsung's user experience is so bankrupt 
What a weak 'Cons' list. Two of three will be solved by software updates shortly And, are u too poor to afford $149 to redefine your TV experience?
Queens. Does not surprise me at all it happened in this pit hole
I hope TC is buying back massive amount of stock.  Including upcoming earnings announcement, PE ratio is going to drop to 11.75    It is a joke.  The only way to take advantage of it is to remove large blocks of the stock from the market.   Mr. Market is going to turn around one day, and 50% of Apple will have been "privatized" vs. 2010 levels.  The long term implications if Apple can pull it off are profound, in terms of materially higher EPS and the ability to...
Apple will need the same type of deal it has with ARM - full design rights. It cannot be dependent in any way on Intel defining the SoC So what is in the table hopefully here is overall, perpetual IP license + Fab Also, this is highly relevant toAppld Watch and building in LTE directly
So sad. I followed his blog and him on Twitter. He was passionate and great at what he did
The A10 is going to be a beast. The Apple chip development team is on Fire. Its shocking how quickly they are catching up to Intel in raw performance
I'm pretty sure that would include stock options, not "salary" But confirming this very basic detail goes beyond the capabilities here
This sucks. I use the optical port to play music throughout my house, with the HDMI connected to my home theater sys Now, Apple TV can't send audio to two sources at the same time Do I have this right?
And please, get that massive Slack banner off your mobile site home page It's embarrassing
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