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Three things, 1). WTF is Slack? 2). They just hired their first data scientist. LOL 3). Why is AI reporting this?
Everyone is moving to create their own premium apps - HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Hulu. There will be a lot more It will less and less important in 12 months for Apple to create a bundled servicel. Other than potentially local stations and live/sports programming
The uptake with retailers is too slow Home Depot use to accept it, now it does not. And it fails at least 75% of the time I try to use it at Panera across multiple locations. And Panera was a launch partner Apple Pay needs some big wins. The pending MCX implosion should help
Great pointsI highly doubt the special dividend. I think a massive buyback is more likelyThe $25B has no real benefit. They will simply move it in the balance sheet and it will flow through income statement as a one-time, non-cash adjThe reduction in-going of tax rate to 20% is huge. I did not know Goigle does not accrue and always wondered why their tax rate was so much lower. This would result in $3-$4 billion additional net income per quarter. Apple's PE would plunge
Get your headline right. Cook did not "deny Apple Watch sales collapse"
18M watches a year x $550 ASP x 30% net margin = $3B profit That would be 25% of Google yearly profit. For a new product out for 3 months
A large, successful Apple TV Fall launch would be the icing on the cake to an extraordinary 12 months for the company Apple Watch Apple Pay Apple Music HealthKit HomeKit Swift 2.0 HBO on-boarded CarPlay momentum MacBook IBM Enterprise Push China Mobile Retail Store Accelerated Build-Out Upcoming, iPhone 6S, 6C iPad Pro iOS 9 / OS X El Cap What else am I missing? Apple is firing on all cylinders
I hope Tim and team are aggressively buying back shares at these prices
No access to system level APIs or device hardware = FAIL
Apple only has ~ 35% share of smartphone sales in the U.S. And UK, where spottily operates. Android dominates volumes. Apple does not in any way have a monopoly Spotify customers are free to sign up at the lower price outside Apple's store and reap the free benefits Apple created and runs the whole infrastructure, including the App platform and API that make this all poosible. Invests billions a year in data center which allow the seamless downloads of the Spotify app....
New Posts  All Forums: