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iFixit scores are worthless for Apple products. If you have an issue with an Apple product, you take it to an Apple Store or authorized repair center. What is so difficult about that? If it was an issues, it would be impacting Apple sales and market share. Which it clearly is not
I agree Re: DuckDuckGo. I am amazed how good it is. It covers 85% of my search needs. There is messiness though in the mechanics. Look at Europe privacy laws and "right to be forgotten" rulesApple is going to be the portal soon to 30-40% of ALL US searches. How can it extract as much pain on Google while maintaining or improving the user experienceI will tell you from recent Goigle meetings that they do know what the f*** they are doing in mobile advertising, including...
Google is at war with it's hardware OEMs. They are just too stupid and/or incompetent to understand that. Sergey explicitly said mobile phones should cost $50 Look at just happened the last week with payments by Samsung and Google. Android is a clusterf*** So begins the hollowing out of these manufactures. Less profits will feed less investment. In five years or less, we'll have a complete repeat of what happened in PCs
I did - on-going over the the last few years. What is your specific point?
Jobs should have locked Corning into a 10 year exclusive deal in return for saving their company Corning immediately went and sold the Apple inspired product (aka Gorilla Glass) to the Android crowd So pathetic
OMG    Congrats to the Apple team who worked so hard over many years to make this happen  
These are seismic shifts. It is only going to grow when Kantor reports Decenber. Now 23% share across EU5 Windows looks done Looks like achieving sustainable 20% WW share is still realm of possibility
Microsoft is dead in the water. You can lose the U.S. or Chinese market. But you can't lose both
I thought from Ford's announcement that Apple CarPlay is NOT currently supported in this new launch and their is no firm date If so, I that this is a major miss by Ford. Also, the design of the new Sync system is beyond aweful
Lawyer clowns
New Posts  All Forums: