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I understand and appreciate Apple taking its time to get things right.  But having an 9 month annual quite period and then just releasing an updated version of the iPhone and iPad is not a middle or long term sustainable strategy.   Apple had the whole technology industry back-peddling and in disbelief four years ago.  Not so today.  Everything seems to take extending periods of time, sometimes over the course of years   With the assets Apple has had  (iOS including...
It has been 8 months since Apple released anything substantial (the iPad redesign). It is perfectly valid and reasonable to have questions on the aggressiveness and sense of urgency inside the company. Even for those like myself who are fans of the company.On side note, I've tested Beats Music and it is awesome. Going back to iTunes Music is like going back to DOS. It is scary how badly Apple has managed its music business. This is a red flag for me on Apple's...
Please stop it with the misleading headlines
I am surprised they are releasing this now vs. waiting to WWDC. They must feel very confident on what they will announce then
They are clowns because they could not even properly announce the deal. Posting it on FB before it is announced? How stupid can you beAnd the 'Oh My God' reactions tell me Apple severely overpaidWhat a messed up deal and strategy for Apple. Baffling
It is the first I'm really questioning Tim's judgement It's hard for me to think of a worst fit in terms of company culture, product, and business strategy. It fails in all three
What clowns What a terrible deal by Apple
The music industry is souless http://gizmodo.com/5981823/beat-by-dre-the-inside-story-of-how-monster-lost-the-world
Same here. The worst
Horrible idea. It would be the first time I'm truly concerned by a decision made by Cook The hardware is crap The brand is a joke They are nowhere with music services How does this not fall into the "no to a thousand things" bucket?
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