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Yukari will look like a bigger fool than she does now when Apple let's loose a barrage of new products at WWDC in 90 days. Her writing career is going to be toast Isaacson's reputation is shi* for putting that recommendation on the cover. Incredible that someone with so much access to Apple and time spend with Steve could be so off the rails
An unexpected, masterful move. Apple just locked down the full size tablet market. Samsung is pretty fu**** here I eventually see them bringing the 5c color concept to the mini $299 price point and a larger iPad Pro over the next 2-3 years. Then it's game, set, match in tablet space
Apple is doomed. Especially in China
Dropbox's valuation and potential IPO price just collapsed... Serves the VC's right for chasing the latest shiney object without thinking two moves ahead
Steve tried to convince Dropbox that file storage was a feature and not a standalone product.  Dropbox is going to learn that lesson the hard way as storage goes towards free over time   I would not be surprised if Apple doubles free iCloud storage to 10GB at WWDC  
The Mercedes implementation is ugly. I thought at first it was a beta mock or a joke. Horrible
Looks sweet. In the market for new car later this year, going to take a close look at Volvo
Any reasonable person would consider this a new 2014 product category.
OMG - they just bought back over 27 million shares. Highly aggressive move Great to see Apple on the offensive
Samsung is a very sick company. I hope Apple is able to move all part sourcing from it in the next 2-3 years I also can't wait for Apple to put a bullet in Samsung's head when it finally releases a 5" phone
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