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Good job Apple. Keep rolling and pushing
F** Up. Makes me want to move out of NYS
Soon to be Apple's highest grossing store
F U Google
Ford Sync with Microsoft was an unmitigated disaster Their lack of commitment to CarPlay removes them from my consideration pool for a 2016 purchase
Totally.   I think these numbers are completely pulled out of the air.  Unless someone shows me some analysis or proof  
Sam, where does the '$9B' projection come from?  And, where is the backup to "tens of billions of dollars" come from?     Is that your assumption or is confirmed from any other sources?  
It's naive to believe the rollout of these launch videos is not pre-planned
This article also published a quote from an analyst that fraud was "as high as 8%".   That is BS and was subsequently disproved.  But Bloomberg quoted it    Quality of journalists and major news outlets (Retuers, Bloomberg, USA Today) has become just abysmal.   The superstar writers are either working for startups or successfully creating their own Blog franchise.   The rest just seem to just be pumping out error-prone articles lacking any real insights 
This continuity features requires your iCloud and FaceTime to use the same AppleID. Mine are different, by design. (I use the same AppleID for iTunes, FaceTime and iMessage) I hope this is an issue Apple addresses. It is the first time I've come across that using two IDs locks me out of a major feature
New Posts  All Forums: