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Try $170 by end of 2015. $1,200 pre-split Horace is right, it's 80% market psychology. But eventually the market is a weighing machine... And eventually it will catch-up
Nope.. not kidding.  I guess the answer is that model sales are HIGHLY fragmented... a.k.a : there is a long long list of models all of which have small % share  
Awesome performance.  It will only get better over the next 2 to 4 months as the full impact of iPhone 6/6+ is realized.  And, availability improves    Achieving a sustainable 25% share in EU5 would be a major win     So happy to see Windows Mobile die on the vine.   Unprofitable + Declining ASP + Declining Market Share = No Chance.  And, now Nokia is going to compete with them on the device side w/ Android - who at Microsoft cut that FU deal? 
 Due to the launch of DoCoMo last year and pent up demand.  48% is phenomenal performance 
How can Apple make up 4 of the top 5 selling phones in the US and only hit 41.5% unit market share? It makes no sense
Interesting thoughts on 6c positioning. Note Apple uses small letters in iPhone naming
Agreed. Apple has to keep pushing the envelopeHopefully there was production sample signoff before Apple inked the deal
Apple comes across as a fair partner here. But, surprisingly, made a very poor vendor choice
  You are an running amok on these message boards.  Is there anyone monitoring here at AI.com? 
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