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It's been 6 months already since the announcement came out. It's not a healthy situation for Apple to have this linger for so long. It's time for her to jump in and start
Apple is going to drop the hammer in the 2H.  Great to see.  Get aggressive Mr. Cook!
 Touche mistercrow... Have a good night 
LOL.  You decide to reach back to 2010 to a disproven issue to try to counter me.   What is your IQ, seriously? 
I purchased two Nests (pre-Google).  The thing fucking does not even have a "temperature hold" feature.  It drives me fucking nuts when it changes changes temperatures on its own    $3,200,000,000 for this garbage  
LOL. $3,200,000,000 This is what happens when shareholders have no voting rights. And it is going to get much, much worse
Why, specifically?iOS 7.1 performs flawlessly on it
In five months, the price of 5c will drop to $449, the 4S to $349, and the 4 to $249-$299.  Plus, the 5c 8GB will be $349-$399.   This is before any special incentives, either from Apple or from the carriers     In 18 months, the 5c (16GB) will be $349    Apple is developing a robust lower and mid tier offering without anyone realizing it.   My wife still has the iPhone 4S and it is still a kick-ass phone, especially with iOS 7.1 
New Posts  All Forums: