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Is that estimate US only?
F U Samesung. If you think things are tough now, wait until the new iPhone launches in 90 days
I can't wait to rip my two Google Nests out of my house. I do not trust Google. There is no way I'm going to give it highly personal info what is going on in my home
Good job Apple. Keep rolling and pushing
F** Up. Makes me want to move out of NYS
Soon to be Apple's highest grossing store
F U Google
Ford Sync with Microsoft was an unmitigated disaster Their lack of commitment to CarPlay removes them from my consideration pool for a 2016 purchase
Totally.   I think these numbers are completely pulled out of the air.  Unless someone shows me some analysis or proof  
Sam, where does the '$9B' projection come from?  And, where is the backup to "tens of billions of dollars" come from?     Is that your assumption or is confirmed from any other sources?  
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