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  You are an running amok on these message boards.  Is there anyone monitoring here at AI.com? 
No, that is not what I saidThe fact is the 6 is 46% less strong than the 5 based on this CR test. I think this is an enormous gamble by Apple and it will take several months to quantify. It could all mean nothing but has added riskAs heavy user of Apple products and stockholder, I am very disppointed and concerned how the most expensive phone in the market holds up compared to others. I expect more from Apple
The iPhone 6 tested significantly weaker than the iPhone 5. Over 40% weaker. I'm very surprised Apple would do this. I have believe they were 100% on top of this in the design process and knew the compromise they were making I don't see how you can justify 1 mm reduction in thinness for 40% less structural integrity. How is that a good compromise?
Very uncool to call someone out like this. He has contributed significantly to this company for 14 years. And, you have none of the specific details of what happened I'll second it - pretty shirty for you to report this
+U2 AlbumThe live stream was an embarrassment.I have not seen so many Apple missteps in a four week period since TC took over. Each of these things point to a lack of attention to detail in a different part of the company. Put together, that concerns me as a AAPL shareholder and fan of the company. It has nothing to do with "whining" as some of you have put it
Gheeez Apple. Get your sh** together Live stream, iPhone 6 pre-orders, 6 structural issues, iOS 8.01
Funny to watch NPD always never address revenue share or profitability. Always, always laser focus on unit market share. Pretty comical
Ah, Foxconn is only producing 16 million a month right now?
Our patent system is f***** up. This is a woman with her own singular, warped sense of what is right putting forward her own personal opinion over the years It goes on and on and on. The patent system has failed Apple
Odd place for a datacenter Even odder if significant bandwidth is going through Venezuela or Columbia
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