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Samsung is a very sick company. I hope Apple is able to move all part sourcing from it in the next 2-3 years I also can't wait for Apple to put a bullet in Samsung's head when it finally releases a 5" phone
So, it comes down to the same plastic flagship phone. But bigger Oh yeah, and a fingerprint sensor that is not going to work. I bet you won't even be able to use it to make purchases from the Google Play store. And I bet security experts are going to have a field day with the implementation
Also note the ASP Apple reports is less $10 to $20 of deferred revenue... Which is effectively all profit. And will start hitting the income statement in a couple of years. That will give some tailwinds to margins
If you do the math, at the lowest possible price for each model, the overall ASP comes to $460. We are going to see a very nice ASP lift this past quarter
Now I have to take out and replace my two Nest units. What a waste of my time, energy, and hope No way I would EVER allow Google to monitor my home activities
I just installed two in my house.  And I will now look for replacements.  There is no way I'm having Google own my home automation.  No way    Nest could have been huge on its own.   They took the easy way out  
 Great analysis  Samsung makes VERY good flash 'hard' drives.  It also is a primary supplier for flash drives in Apple's laptops.  No doubt finding a replacement would be a big challenge for Apple.  But it has to move off of Samsung.   That is the goal, and it needs to work backwards to make that happen 
Regardless of the outcome of this mediation, I think it is paramount Apple (in it's own timeframe) drops Samsung as a material parts supplier.   If I was TC, I would make that one of my top goals over the next three to five years    They simply cannot be trusted.  And trust is everything  
What Samsung did still makes me sick. Aweful
What ever happened to that analyst's declaration of substantial shortfall of iPad mini with Retina production for the holiday's? Does everybody remember that freakout 8 weeks ago?
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