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Odd place for a datacenter Even odder if significant bandwidth is going through Venezuela or Columbia
Samsung is a corrupt, soulless corporation. And, one that is incapable of doing software My bet is they have already peaked
$1.1 billion in loses and counting
Clicking on buy on the Beats site now takes user to the Apple Store.   It is good to see there is a highly coordinated launch and integration plan    What is odd is that it takes the user to the "iPad Accessories" section of the Apple Store.  Also, when I go to "Shop Accessories" on Apple Store, there is not clear organization for Beats, you have to hunt to 'Filter' and then select 'Beats'.  It's early, but all of this needs to be addressed 
Well, no more Bose purchases for me. And, I've bought several in the past including LifeStyle 535 and SoundTouch 20 What strikes me is how awful these products are. My LifeStyle535, their top-of-the-line TV surround system, does not even have WiFi built in. Crazy. And my SoundTouch came with the absolute worst Mac app I've ever used. The company is incapable of doing software Bose is in a very bad place. And suing what is effectively Apple is going to make things...
With all this denying, Swatch is going to be the Blackberry of watches
"Timely last pay checks". LOL. What, it took an extra two weeks to process your last f****** paycheck?
I love AppleInsider, but stop with the misleading headlines. Apple lost 5.6% points of share vs. last year. Their share did not grow That said, 78% is very impressive
Right. Because Apple does not do strategic sourcing and mfg arrangements. Silly me
I'd like to see Apple using this effort to create a competitive moat. It is not clear from this that they are. If not, Foxconn will just flip the switch on for all vendors
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